7 Leopard Print Outfits From My Classic Style Capsule Wardrobe

leopard print outfits from my fall capsule wardrobe

7 leopard print outfit ideas from my classic style fall capsule wardrobe

leopard print outfits are everywhere this season

I heart leopard print with all the heart eyes. After giving up leopard for a few years (because all the color systems out there say I can’t wear it with my bold pure hue (Winter) color palette), I decided to find the perfect leopard for me, and boy did I. Now I wear leopard print outfits just about everyday, and I’ve never felt more content in my personal style.

Jenna Lyons declared it a classic pattern, and she’s right. Always in style, always a chic choice, this year, it’s HUGE, and I’m taking full advantage of all the options. I even found some pieces to include in the Stunning Style Fall Wardrobe Guide, and the members of the Society love it as much as I do!

My heart is so captivated by leopard print, it has won a prominent place in my capsule wardrobe year round. It’s catching up to all the stripes in my closet, and that’s saying something.

If you love classic style and want to know how to create your signature look, take the Classic Style Twist quiz below and learn more about the perfect elements to add to your wardrobe (and it can always include leopard)!

The leopard print Outfits i can't get enough of

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Leopard skirt black moto jacket
Leopard skirt black moto jacket
Leopard skirt black moto jacket

When I saw another woman wearing this skirt last winter, I shamelessly walked right up to her and asked her wear she got it.  and ordered it right there on my phone. The tan color has a rosy undertone instead of a yellow undertone, and that’s why it’s perfect with my color palette. This could be my favorite leopard print outfit EVER, so plan to see it again.

Paired with these burgundy flats and earrings, it has the perfect fall vibe. I shopped my closet for the sweater, jacket, bag, and skirt. The flats are linked in the Fall Guide, and I shopped my closet for everything else.

Leopard Purse Left
Leopard Purse Center
Leopard Puse Right

I don’t always want to make a big statement with pattern, so I have a robust collection of accessories to fill out my leopard print outfits. After searching for about a year, I found the perfect leopard wedges and bag. The tortoise earrings remind me of leopard print, so naturally I love them. 

Leopard Pink Left
Leopard Pink Center
Leapord Pink Right

Burgundy and black studded leopard print flats? Oh yes. After my hiatus, they were my first leopard purchase. I love everything about them, and since I have so much burgundy and punch-you-in-the-face pink in my wardrobe, I wear these often. They can go with either color, and take a simple outfit from nice to wow.

I shopped my closet for everything in this outfit, and the sweater is from last year’s Winter Wardrobe Guide.

Leapord Shoes Left
Leapord Shoe Center
Leapord Shoe Right

A great compromise as we transition from summer to fall weather is to wear something light on my feet, like these leopard print wedges, with something a little heavier, like this 3/4 sleeve sweater. 

The sweater is linked in the Fall Wardrobe Guide, and I shopped my closet for everything else.

Leapord Shoes Left
Leapord Shoes Center
Leapord Shoes Right

One of my favorite color combinations for leopard print outfits is neutrals with burgundy or red. Something about it is just perfect to me. 

I wore this on a field trip to the zoo with my youngest. When herding a bunch of 6-year-olds through a big, crowded space, I always wear a bold colored top and tell them to look for my red sweater if they can’t find me. It works! No one else was wearing red, and my little friends were able to easily spot me.

I also choose shoes I can outrun them in, just in case. The leopard print in this outfit came courtesy of my sneakers, and I shopped my closet for everything.

Leapord Shirt Left
Leapord Shirt Center
Leapord Shirt Right

What makes this blouse so perfect it made it into the Fall Wardrobe Guide? The background is eggshell, the pattern is black, and the shadows are a cool, ashy taupe color. It looks authentic without being warm or golden and without being stark white leopard. Hands down, this has been the hit of the Fall Wardrobe Guide, and once I launched, sizes went fast. 

The blouse and flats are linked in the Guide, and I shopped my closet for everything else.

Red Dress Left
Red Dress Center
Red Dress Right

This has become my very most favorite go-to dress, and I wear it every chance I get. It’s one of my capsule wardrobe essentials, and I’m adding it to the list of things I want to be buried in. So far I have a trench coat (that would be fabulous with this!). Let’s go ahead and add the shoes while we are at it because they are P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

With the bold statement this red sheath dress makes, I decided to keep the leopard print minimal, but it’s just enough. I shopped my closet for everything in this leopard print outfit.

Which leopard print outfit is your favorite? Has it won a place in your wardrobe?

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