What I Wore When I Loved Red, White And Blue

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Red, white, and blue is the official color palette of summer, and I have a whole week’s worth of outfit inspiration for you! Come see what I wore when I loved red, white, and blue outfits.

“You want to go to Hawaii?” my husband asked me a few weeks ago.

“Sure. Sounds fun.”

“Wanna go tomorrow?”

Well ok then! And that is why these red, white and blue outfits were worn the week of July fourth instead of the week before (so I could have gotten them to you BEFORE the holiday). It was a worthy sacrifice. #sorrynotsorry #hawaiiwasworthit

Don’t worry, red, white, and blue is the official color palette of summer. It kicks off the season with Memorial Day, brings us through the middle of summer for the fourth of July, and finishes the season with Labor Day. It’s appropriate any day during the hot months, so there are more lots more opportunities to show your patriotism and wear red, white, and blue this year.

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I recently wore this dress for family pictures and paired it with turquoise accessories. It’s like a perfect blank canvas to wear any accent color.

DressSimilar shoesSimilar purseSimilar earrings.

This skirt is definitely more orangey, but it’s perfectly breezy and comfortable in this heat. I love the metallic beaded trim on this top so I don’t need a necklace.

Skirt (I got petite and cut off the buttons and stitched the pockets shut). Similar purse. Similar earrings. Links to shirt and similar sandals in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

You know I love summer dresses! I feel instantly put together and comfortable.

Similar earrings. Similar sandals. Links to similar dress and purse in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

This was my July 4th outfit. It just seems like a cut off denim kind of day. We had fun with a cookout and fireworks with the cousins.

Similar tee. These shorts are jeans I cut off myself. Similar sandals. Similar purse.

I used to be scared to wear this much white, but now I wear it and use my bleach pen when needed.

Similar tee, shorts, and purse available in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

It’s hard to see in the pictures, but these shorts are navy. I decided to let the metallic silver sandals and triangle pattern in my shirt be my white.

Similar purse.Similar tee, shorts, sandals and jewelry in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

Anyone else getting Three’s Company flashbacks from this outfit? Except Chrissy’s platform wedges were about 5 inches higher than mine!

Similar tee (though it’s on the orange side of red). Similar skirt. Similar purse, sandals and jewelry in the Stunning Style Summer Wardrobe Guide.

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