What I Wore When Burgundy Was My Favorite

NEW WIW Burgundy Favorite

If you know me at all, you know that blue is my favorite color, especially turquoise. Any blue is a neutral to me, and I will pair it with anything. It’s also home base. I find it as soothing as black when I’m stressed, tired, or overwhelmed.

I can honestly say that turquoise has a new competitor. Last year I finally figured out the right range of burgundies for my cool Winter skin tone, and I’ve been obsessively collecting it ever since. I love it so much that I included it in both the most recent Fall and the current Winter Wardrobe Guides (of course I included it in the Rich and Warm Winter Guide as well). I have been wearing this color every.single.day. No exaggeration. Every. Day. I crave it.

It feels soothing and comforting. The fact that I wore it constantly during launch season speaks volumes. When I’m stressed I tend to wear black. Just black. But I can’t stop with this color! Last year I wrote a post about how to identify pure burgundy with some visual tricks, and included a color scale to show you how it can go from the red end of the spectrum to the purple end.

I even did a burgundy makeup look last month (and it’s what I’m wearing in the video below).

In the Society we talk about how to get different seasonal feelings by pairing it with different colors.

Do you love burgundy as much as I do?

I absolutely love this sweater. I enjoy layering a striped tee underneath for a little added interest. The button up sides of this sweater allow me to showcase it a little more than usual. A similar sweater (without the buttons) is included in the Winter Guide.

You can’t have too many burgundy sweaters. This one is not only v-neck, but lighter weight for fall and was included in the Fall and Winter Guides. Also, can you even believe these flats? Studded. Burgundy. Leopard. Flats. The studs are that light gold color. I haven’t decided if they bother me enough to paint them.

Burgundy and red is a great fall color combo. I love this jacket. It’s the perfect weight for fall and spring. I kept everything else neutral with dark wash jeans and a navy bag. I’ll continue to wear this shirt in the winter and pair it with other colors to make it feel like winter.

These corduroys are on the far red end of the burgundy spectrum. They are included in the Winter Guide, and they have been a huge hit with the Society members! They come in both boot cut and skinny. The wale is so fine it almost looks and feels like velvet. They are perfect for both fall and winter.

This shirt was such a find! It’s the perfect color, and I love it with these brown boots and bag.

This sweater is on the red end again, and I really love it. I painted the hardware from brass to silver.

I have been hunting a burgundy jacket for AGES. This trench was the find of the season! I have worn it over and over and over and over all month. It’s perfect, and I will wear it for years. I know I said burgundy might replace turquoise, but my true favorite is wearing them TOGETHER. It has become my favorite color combination.

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