14 Reasons I Loved My Stronger U Experience! A Special Discount and a Giveaway!

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New year, stronger U

This summer I had a wake up call about the weight that had crept on (and I share that super embarrassing moment in the video), and my choices were to buy a whole new wardrobe, or lose the weight I had put on. I decided to suck it up, put down the corndog and get back in tune with what my body needs to look and feel my best!

I signed up with Stronger U last September, and lost 13 pounds in 13 weeks (and now I’ve lost 15 as I work toward lifestyle mode). Stronger U is a nutrition coaching program. They educate you about nutrition and how to create sustainable eating practices and long-term habit changes so you’ll never diet again. I had an amazing experience with them! You can see my before and after below the video.


You know what I didn’t expect? I didn’t realize that going through their maintenance and lifestyle mode would teach me how to eat like the elusive French Woman – she eats all the decadent foods and still maintains her slim figure. Now I understand exactly how they do it, and I am enjoying all the foods I love while staying slim and trim. No gimmicks, no tricks, just normal food and normal eating.


This is about the time of year when those New Year’s weight loss goals are starting to slide, and Stronger U can get you exactly where you want to be, and teach you how to stay there! Today I’m sharing the 14 reasons I loved my stronger U experience (#14 is the very best reason!), and you don’t want to miss the very embarrassing situation that let me know just how tight my clothes had become.

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Now for the giveaway! Everyone who signs up for a session with Stronger U through this promotion and subscribes to my YouTube channel will be entered into the drawing for a free second session! One lucky person will get that second session free! You can subscribe to my channel here, and all it means is you will be notified when I upload a new video.

The giveaway is open for a month from January17 – February 14, 2019.


Please know how hard it is to share my before and after pictures. When I took these pictures, it was for me and my coach to evaluate my progress. I had no intention of writing a post or sharing these pictures with the world. To say I feel exposed (see what I did there?) sharing this is an understatement, but I want to really show you the difference Stronger U has made in my body so you can understand the real value of their program. 

My next step is to get fit! I’ve worked my way up from yoga once a week last September to three times a week as of the New Year, and I’m so excited about getting strong again!

Picture 1 is from a vacation early in the summer. Excuse the pasty glare. The top row was about halfway through my journey, and the bottom row was this morning.

Stronger U

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12 thoughts on “14 Reasons I Loved My Stronger U Experience! A Special Discount and a Giveaway!”

  1. April, thank you for sharing this with us. I was not aware of Stronger U, but will check it out. And I admire your courage in sharing your pictures. 🙂 I am really glad you are getting answers for your health issues and becoming stronger and healthier.

  2. You look great, well done! Thank you for being brave enough to post these photos. Also, thanks for wearing the same clothes before and after. Many people do not do this and it makes it harder to see the difference.

    1. Thanks Laura! It was pretty horrifying to share. I completely agree that wearing the same outfit for before and after makes a big difference, which is why I sucked it up and wore the same one. If I had known I would be sharing this with the world, I would have chosen a different before outfit. The swim suit I wore in that first before picture is no longer with me. After that trip it went in the garbage bc it had lived its useful life.

  3. Way to keep it real, April! Your honesty and candidness is appreciated. This aging Momma wants to cultivate my best self and your well-thought out resources help me in my journey.

  4. I joined Stronger U after your recommendation and tomorrow marks my first 4 weeks. I am down 7.5 pounds since December and 5.5 pounds since starting Stronger U (maybe more, the scale will tell me tomorrow). I love tracking my food and pre-planning my days. It gives me the structure I need (i.e., when to stop carbs, when to stop eating, etc.), but the freedom to choose the foods I love which are very different from most people I know. No food is off limits, I just have to account for it. (And most foods are not worth the macros…I love to eat and make better choices so that I can eat all day.) I love it! Cannot wait to see where I am end of April (my 45th birthday) and by summer. If someone is doing the Stronger U program and choosing whole foods 90% of the time, it’s a very sound, long-term way of sustainable eating. -a holistic health coach

  5. Jen, this is awesome! I love hearing that you are having an amazing experience! I love all the same things about it. Nothing is off limits. It’s just about learning balance, which is one of my favorite words. I’m always seeking balance in my life. I finally have it in my daily diet.

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