Quick and Easy Natural Summer Makeup for Cool Skin Tones

 Everything about summer is lighter, including the makeup. If you are a winter or DYT Type 4, a natural makeup look is challenging. Bold black and white makeup feels harsh in the summer. This is a quick and easy natural summer makeup look for cool skin tones that will leave you looking fresh and as stunning as ever. 

Everything about summer is lighter. Clothes get smaller, the fabrics get thinner, hair goes up, and makeup gets a makeover. Triple digit heat demands it. The dramatic looks we love in the cold months suddenly feel like way too much when the temperatures rise.

If you have a cool skin tone, follow the winter color analysis or any other color theory clothing program that recommends bold colors, the (literally) black and white ideas behind makeup can feel so harsh and excessive when it’s so hot.

Even though I love bold colors, especially on my lips, sometimes less is more in the makeup department. I’ve searched for a few years to find a natural looking summer makeup look that would still flatter me while giving me a more natural look. YEARS, ladies. This took me years. I’ve stumbled across each of these items one at a time, and it’s finally come together.

It works great with the more natural lip color I am wearing in the video, and with a bold lip. This is a great year-round, quick and easy, every day look when you want some definition on your face but don’t want to wear something more dramatic, but I especially love it in the summer.

I’ve worn this every day this summer, so if you’ve seen my makeup in the other videos and photos, this is what I’ve had on. If you are a soft classic or a cute classic, you may especially enjoy this lighter makeup look for every day.

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Have you been looking for a summer makeup makeover?

Lipsense Violette (contact a Senegence rep to purchase)

Shadowsense Pink Opal Shimmer (contact a Senegence rep to purchase)

MAC Blackberry

Urban Decay Rockstar Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Rockstar 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner

Urban Decay Subversion

Too Faced Mascara

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost (I wrote a Lash Boost Q&A here).

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6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Natural Summer Makeup for Cool Skin Tones”

  1. I love that you’ve found a lighter neutral makeup look that doesn’t look muddy brown or too ‘pastel’. Thanks sharing it, can’t wait to get the correct shadows and eye liner to try it myself!

    1. Thanks Maggie! I tested it for about 6 weeks before sharing. I love how it looks in pictures and in the mirror, and how it FEELS. I’ve experimented a lot, and several looks have been wrong. They made my look sallow or ruddy. I’ve loved this one and feel perfect for summer in it.

  2. This is such a pretty look!! Thanks for sharing the wisdom you’ve acquired! I’ve been looking at your eye makeup tutorials over the past couple of days and really enjoying them. In this video you mentioned color theory, and I was wondering if I could ask you a bit about that. So according to the free Dressing Your Truth quiz, I’m a type 4, which is hues. But I have either a warm or neutral skin tone, which somehow doesn’t seem to fit with that palette, unless I’m misunderstanding something. And according to the free Color Me Beautiful quiz online, I am an Autumn palette. Haha. So I’m a little confused. Do you know women with warm skin tones who look good in hues? I feel good when I wear them and I think they look really good on me…but the makeup element always throws me off. I feel like whenever I try to do "type 4" makeup it ends up being too harsh. Anyway – any input you have on figuring out what color palette looks good on a person would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Rachel. I’m so glad you like the tutorial! I have a few more neutral looks coming soon!

      As for coloring and color palettes, I’m afraid I’m no help. I have no training or expertise in color analysis. I’m a fan of the process of elimination. Do autumn or winter colors look good on you? Autumn colors make me look ill. but I’ve always been complimented when I wear winter colors. Always. I would go for that first.

      As for makeup, I can do a bold look for special occasions, but for my everyday looks I can only do bold lips OR bold eyes. Not both. And some days, many days, I want a neutral look all over. If the bold makeup doesn’t make you feel comfortable, choose something neutral. I hope this helps.

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