4 Essentials For A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

4 Essentials for a Stylish Fall Wardrobe

FAll fashion is more than booties, flannels and sweaters

Fall Wardrobe Staples

Bumper seasons are the favorites because we get the most beautiful weather and scenery. In the fall we have crisp mornings that segue to amber afternoons, the leaves turn the most glorious colors and then shower us in reds, golds, oranges, and burgundies as they fall to the ground. The harvest is in and we get to eat the best BLTs, carve pumpkins, pick apples, and decorate our porches with bales of hay.

Of all the seasons, I look forward to fall the most. Not only for all the reasons listed above, but it’s also my favorite wardrobe of the year. Nothing is out of bounds! I can wear jeans, skirts, tees, sweaters, jackets, long sleeves, short sleeves, half sleeves, even shorts for a while. So much variety in the weather means variety in our wardrobes too. We get to wear it all!

It is officially the last half of August, and fall is already knocking on some of your doors. It might be a month or more off for others, but now is the time we are all thinking about our fall wardrobes, so let’s talk about some fall wardrobe essentials.

This article and the video below are taken from the Stunning Style Weekly Style Snack! Join us Wednesdays at 1pm ET on the Stunning Style Facebook page or the FREE Capsule Wardrobes for Classic Style Facebook Group.

Transitional items

Raise your hand if you are ready for cozy sweaters, booties, and flannel. Me too. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t ready, whether we are or not, so one of the tricks to dressing for fall before the temperatures dip is wearing transitional items.

In September I combine my summer and fall wardrobes to create transitional outfits that look and feel like fall without making me look and feel like a sweaty mess. I start pulling out my lightest summer tops to pair with shorts or wear my summer tops with jeans and flats.

With the Stunning Style Society membership, not only do you get the Classic Wardrobe Guide with a curated collection of 30+ pieces and 100 outfit combinations, you also get a monthly outfit calendar. September’s outfit calendar is full of transitional outfits to get us through the last sweltering days while still getting our fall fashion on. Yesterday I wore a three quarter sleeve sweater with my cyan shorts and summer wedges. 

Every week I walk members of the Society through a new Style Step to help them curate their seasonal wardrobes, and they vary from season to season, based on the specific challenge. For fall we are talking all about how to dress for transitional weather and still get the vibe you are looking for.

April from Stunning Style wearing fall wardrobe essentials, a sweater and shorts.

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All the things that make fall weather glorious also make it tricky to dress for. Unlike summer and winter when the weather is pretty consistently hot or cold, in the fall the weather can be all over the place. Those crisp mornings beg for a jacket or sweater, but they can leave you a dripping mess during the amber afternoons.

It could be sunny and mid 80s today and rainy and low 40s tomorrow. So what’s a girl to do? LAYER. Wear all the layers in the morning and evening when it’s chilly, and peel them off as the day goes on. I can throw on a cardigan in any season because I’m always cold in the air conditioning, but they are absolutely a fall wardrobe essential.

One of the Style Steps we will be covering in the Society this season is all about layering, because there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

April from Stunning Style wearing fall wardrobe essentials, a cardigan and shorts.


While I love summer sunshine and fun, one of the many things about the return of autumn is the return of my beloved jeans. They are my favorite type of bottoms, and definitely a fall wardrobe staple. Even if you dress up for work, the evenings and weekends are all about jeans!

Like we talked about with the transitional items, pairing that summer top with a pair of jeans automatically brings it closer to looking like a fall outfit.

A great pair of jeans can be dressed up or down, be comfortable and chic, and be one of the most versatile and worn items in your arsenal. Mine certainly are.

Shopping for jeans is enough to bring the strongest woman to her knees. There are just so. Many. And now that silhouettes are changing from skinny jeans to bootcut jeans, you might be even more perplexed.

When I shop for the Wardrobe Guides, I order about $10k worth of clothes to try on and check for quality, fit, and color (I return it all after), and I order a ton of jeans. And I try them all on. In the shopping portal I include links to all my favorites so you don’t have to go through the same process! I’ve narrowed it down for you.

April from Stunning Style wearing fall wardrobe essentials, jeans and sandals.

Seasonal Trends

The tricky part about loving classic style is sometimes it can feel boring, dated, and off-trend. The trick to loving your classic style no matter what’s trending is to include some trends, the ones that work for you.

Some of the new fall trends are easier to wear like bomber jackets and 80s prep, but some of them aren’t as obviously easy to incorporate like ones that aren’t seasons, they are hear to stay for a good long while.

After more than a decade of skinny jeans do you look at those wide leg pants and think, “How would I ever wear that trend??” and dismiss it out of hand? You don’t have to. The entire silhouette of our outfits is changing, and if you don’t want to figure that out, I do it for you. I’ve incorporated some seasonal trends in the wardrobe and the outfits, and we also cover trends to try and how to wear them as one of the Style Snacks in the Society.

Wide leg pants are fall wardrobe essentials.
Wide leg pants are fall wardrobe essentials.
Wide leg pants are fall wardrobe essentials.

Done-for-you fall fashion

I do all the work for you in the Stunning Style Classic Wardrobe Guide, shopping portal and outfit calendars. You get a whole month of transitional outfits, and all of the fall wardrobe essentials curated into a cohesive wardrobe, I’ve tried on all the jeans, and I’ve got your fall trends picked out in very wearable ways so your classic style can be modern and fresh and perfectly you!

Join the waitlist for the Society today and get ready for the best fall wardrobe you’ve ever had! The doors are opening soon, so don’t miss out! 

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