5 Ways to Avoid a Boring Summer Wardrobe

5 Ways to Avoid a Boring Summer Wardrobe

Keeping Classic Style Interesting in the Summer

Summer outfits are so tricky, as we talked about yesterday. It’s hard to keep them interesting because we don’t have all the things we usually rely on for spicing it up. The clothes and shoes are smaller, lighter, and we don’t often wear layers. So how do you keep it interesting, especially when you love classic style and prefer to keep it simple?

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I love neutrals with all my heart and soul, but in the summer, for many of us it’s time to add more color! Some days it feels right to wear a fiesta on our clothes. Try one bold colored item or get really wild and crazy and pair two!

It’s easiest for a classic style woman to wear more color and color combinations in the summer because the clothes are smaller. It’s not such a punch to the eyeballs when you pair a colorful short sleeve or sleeveless top with shorts as it is when you wear a long-sleeve top and pants. Experiment with how much color you feel comfortable with.


Adding a patterned item is an easy way to add interest to your summer outfit. Again, summer can be the easiest time to wear pattern BECAUSE the clothes are smaller. If you love classic style clothes like I do, too much pattern can feel overwhelming, but I’m far more likely to wear a pattern in the summer because there is less of it.

It can be as simple as a tone-on-tone pattern, the middle ground would be a two-color pattern, or you can try something more colorful. If wearing it in your top or bottoms feels like too much, think about adding it in your accessories.


Some days we do want to keep the colors neutral and soothing, and we may not be in the mood for a pattern, so you can avoid the boring look by wearing different textures to bring interest to your summer outfits. Texture can even add some subtle pattern to your clothes.


Even small accessories make an outfit feel complete and polished, and it’s a great place to bring in a small dose of color or pattern if that’s all you can handle. Statement earrings are really trending right now, and they don’t really touch your skin, so it’s an easy place to bring interest without overheating.

Special Details

Even wardrobe basics can look more interesting when there are special details. It can be anything from a notched collar to trim on the neckline.

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