Easy Tips To Elevate Your Summer Outfits

Easy Tips To Elevate Your Summer Outfits

get an elevated look all summer long

Ah, summer, we wait for you all year. Warmer temperatures, the sun on our skin and the accompanying vitamin D boost, longer days, outdoor activities, flowers, vacations, beach, pool, lake, fun, fun, and more fun!!!

As much as I look forward to summer fun and sun, I also usually dread it because summer outfits are also the most challenging to put together. Because of how light and small summer clothes are, outfits are inherently very casual, which is a big challenge when you love classic style clothes. We naturally prefer the dressy side of style; I’d wear corporate clothes every day of my life if my lifestyle allowed it. Since pencil skirts and heels don’t work for my everyday wardrobe, it’s important to get enough of those dressy elements to make my outfits feel perfect for me.

How do you do that in the summer? It can be tricky, but I’ve got some great tips for you.

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You also get 100 outfit templates so you don’t have to guess how to wear them! You’ll find new ways to wear old favorites and ideas to wear the special items I’ve included. Every month you get an outfit calendar so you don’t even have to choose your outfit for the day! No one wants to make those kinds of choices at 6 am, so I’ve done it for you!

This season the focus is “Elevated Summer” and I’ve pulled together everything you need to take your summer look to the next level without sacrificing comfort!

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Summer usually means slides and flip flops, which are so comfortable! But they are more casual. Wearing a sandal with a heel strap can be just as comfortable but takes it up a notch in the dressy department.

If you want to go next level, add a heel to your sandal. I don’t mean towering heels you’ll break your neck in or have painful feet all day. Even a one-to-two-inch heel makes a difference in how dressy you look. I wear wedges just about every day in the summer to dress up my outfits. They are also comfortable and easy to walk in. Most of mine are around two and a half inches, which is perfect for me. Just enough height without being dangerous.

I’ve included both flat and heeled sandals in the Guide so you can get the perfect mix for you.

April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a navy top with green shorts.

Skirts or Pants Instead of Shorts

When I say summer outfits, what immediately comes to mind for most of us is shorts, which are very casual. One simple swap can take a casual outfit to the next level. Replace those shorts with a skirt! They instantly dress up any outfit. Summer skirts are so comfortable, breezy, and easy to wear! How breezy are they?

Of course, the comfort level can really depend on the skirt. Lightweight fabrics are the way to go. If you love pencil skirts, make sure it has some stretch. I prefer a slight a-line shape so I can move easily and get down in the floor if I need to. I also prefer my skirts be at least to the top of my knees so I’m not tugging, pulling, and worrying about exposing myself. Miniskirts may be what you love the most, so be aware of what would make you feel comfortable.

Pants? No. I haven’t lost my mind. Not everyone wants to or can wear shorts, and there are plenty of lightweight summer pant options out there, and I’ve included a pair in the Guide. They will always look more polished than shorts.

The Guide includes skirts, shorts, and lightweight pants, with alternative options in the shopping portal to get exactly what you want.

April from Stunning Style wearing a pink top with striped skirt.
April from Stunning Style wearing a black top with patterned skirt.
April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a green top with black ankle pants.
April from Stunning Style wearing a navy top and navy pants.
April from Stunning Style wearing a patterned top with black pants.

Dresses. Done.

In the same vein, I LOVE summer dresses, especially the t-shirt variety. It’s basically like wearing a nightgown. You look so dressed up, but you could also take a nap in it. They are the ultimate one-and-done summer outfit. I’d wear them every day if I had enough of them!

I’ve included three dresses in the Summer Classic Wardrobe Guide, including one that’s perfect for any special occasions this summer. If you have a wedding, graduation, garden party or special night out, I’ve got you covered!

April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a black dress.
April from Stunning Style wearing a summer patterned dress.

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Special Details

After shorts, the next item we imagine in a summer outfit is t-shirts. A t-shirt can look like we are going to clean out the garage or it can be nice enough to pair with a pencil skirt at the office. The same goes for every item of clothing.

One factor that really makes the difference is the details. Special details can elevate an otherwise casual item, making it look more refined and dressed up. Zipper details on a pair of shorts, a textured bag or interesting cutouts on a top can take your summer outfit to the next level.

April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a cobalt top and white shorts.
April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.

That navy top is one of my favorites, I wear it all the time. I noticed when I was pulling example photos that I was wearing it three different times. What really makes me laugh that I did a reel about two very different ways to wear a t-shirt and jeans, and I wore this top in that video too. In the comments of this reel, people were arguing with me over and over that this wasn’t a t-shirt. It’s the exact same material as a Hanes t-shirt, but the crochet detailing makes it look so elevated that it caused an internet war over wether or not it was a t-shirt. It is. Trust me. 

Add Structure

In an effort to keep cool, summer clothes tend to be, well, floppy and loosey-goosey because we don’t want anything touching us!! Structure makes things look dressier, but that doesn’t have to mean you melt. Adding structure to at least one part of your outfit is enough. So if you are wearing a looser tee, wearing more structured bottoms like dressier shorts will make enough difference!

I’m never colder than I am in the summer because all public buildings suddenly become refrigerators, so I take a layer with me everywhere I go. Instead of a cardigan, try adding a structured summer blazer as your layer when you are indoors. I included a white one in the Summer Guide, and the members are so excited about it!

April from Stunning Style wearing a navy top and navy pants.
April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a navy top with green shorts.


Wear at least one accessory and your whole outfit will look more polished. Yes, I know. It’s hot, but you don’t have to skip the accessories to keep cool. They really take an outfit to the next level. Earrings don’t touch hardly any of your skin, and they can make a big impact! A simple, elegant necklace isn’t going to give anyone heat stroke. Your accessories can be small and elegant, or fun and colorful, but they will make a big difference in your outfit. Simple, elevated pieces will always look dressier.

I’ve chosen some perfect accessories for the Classic Summer Guide to take all the guesswork out of it.

April from Stunning Style wearing a chic and elevated summer outfit.
April from Stunning Style wearing a neutral patterned dress.
April from Stunning Style wearing a striped top and red skirt.

Joining the Society will make getting dressed the easiest thing you do all day! I’m so thrilled for Katie and all that she’s learned through the Society! As a long-time member, she’s been a huge supporter in the group and the perfect example of how each season can build on one another and get you to the place you want with your style. The summer season is underway, and we’d love to have you! Don’t miss out on the fun, join us in the Society and come see what it’s all about.

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