Favorite Things For My Bags

Favorite Things For My Bags

My favorite tips for all things handbags

My Function First Mentality

Today I’m sharing some favorite things that I use in my bags to keep them not only fashionable, but functional. As a passionate bag lover, I change bags often and along the way I’ve found a system that works best for me. These items are incredibly useful in terms of organization and handiness, and I hope they help you as well!

When you’re out and about, your bag is your office, your closet, your home away from home. Whether it’s a little bag or a big bag, you are carrying necessities around and you need it to work for you. Not only is it great for your bag to be beautiful and part of your outfit (which we all love!), it also has to be functional. I am a function first kinda girl. If it doesn’t function, no matter how beautiful it is, I’ll pass. 

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Clés Holder

The first thing I want to show you is my key holder. They go by a variety of names, mine is called a clés which means “key” in French. It holds my keys, and my car key fob and the number one thing I love about it is the silence. I never hear my keys jingling because they are all held in place inside. The second reason I love it is that I can put my keys in my pocket and it will always be one smooth shape instead of a bunchy mess of metal. It keeps everything nice and compact and in a regular shape. It also fits perfectly inside a bag while protecting the inside from scratches. 

Links for Clés Holders:

A key holder to keep your bag organized.
A key holder to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.

Small Pouch

The next favorite thing I want to share is pouches. I typically only carry one pouch in my bags, but it holds all of my miscellaneous things. It keeps them from getting lost and rolling around in my bag. Mine holds my lip gloss, gum, my mask, a pen, a tiny brush and mirror compact, and 

This is what makes it so easy for me to switch bags, because I’m really only moving a couple of things. I wrote a post about how to switch purses in under a minute in case you want to check that out. 

Links for Pouches:


Links for Travel Sized Brushes:

A small pouch to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.
A key holder to keep your bag organized.
A travel sized hairbrush can be so handy.

Mini Phone Charger

The next thing I want to show you also goes in my pouch. I carry a little phone charger with a charging cord. I’ve used this many times when I run out of battery on my phone, especially when traveling. I also keep a short recharging cord with it so I can recharge it in my car or hotel. 

Links for Mini Phone Chargers:

A portable charger, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.
A portable charger.

Tiny Measuring Tape

The next thing I want to share is a tiny measuring tape. The one I carry with me can measure up to 6 feet, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled this out when I want to measure something. It’s come in handy for furniture, shelving, inseam lengths on pants, you name it. I keep one in my desk and my bag, and upstairs in my bathroom. This also goes in my small pouch, and I’ve carried one for years.

Links for Tiny Measuring Tape:

A mini measuring tape, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.

Card Holder

I used to carry around a full sized zipper wallet that could fit a check book. It was nearly the size of a clutch, and they can take up most of your bag. Several years ago I switched to a card case. I keep my credit cards, ID, cash and a few little card sized things that I want to have on me. It holds everything I need, and I can even fit it into my pouch if I really want to condense. 

Links to Card Holders: 

A card holder to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.
A card holder to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.

Bag Insert Organizer

The last item I want to show you has been a huge game changer for me. It is a bag insert organizer, and I have several of them. There are so many benefits to these. First, they help you stay organized with the extra pockets for my sunglasses, a water bottle, and my pouch, keys and wallet. 

Not only does it keep things organized, it also keeps the interior of my bag clean. You can pull it out to clean it more easily, and you won’t be devastated if it gets stained or dirty like you would if it were one of your bags. 

The third reason I love these inserts is that they can add so much structure to a bag. I cannot carry a structureless bag, but this organizer holds it all up. I will give you a bit of advice, don’t get a black one. It’s like diving into a black hole. Unless there is great lighting, I have to use my phone flashlight sometimes to find things. 

You can buy custom sized organizers from a great shop on Etsy. The shop owner Seda is so communicative, her pricing is very reasonable, the shipping is so fast and she is so easy to work with. I’ve been so happy with all of my organizers! She was also so generous to offer a discount code for my audience. For the next two months you can use the code April21 for 10% off your purchase.

If you are interested in a bag organizer, I cannot recommend Seda’s shop enough. I love supporting small businesses and female owned businesses, so definitely check out her shop if this is a purchase you’ve been considering.

A felt insert to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.
A felt insert to keep your bag organized, one of April from Stunning Style's handbag tips.
A felt insert to keep your bag organized.

More of My Favorite Things

11 thoughts on “Favorite Things For My Bags”

    1. Oh Rachel, I can count on you to up the ante! Now I need scissors. I have a little pair I hide in my bathroom drawer, another pair in my nightstand. Not Me loves to take scissors too. Including the ones in my desk.

  1. I remember my dad having a key holder like the one you show back in the 50’s. I recently gave up my wallet for 2 smaller ID cases – one for my DL & credit cards and one for gift & insurance cards. I have had a simple purse organizer with slots to insert clip on sunglasses, small hand santizer, key fob, nail file, lip gloss and pens for years – great investment!

  2. I use Thirty-One small zipper pouches in my bags. So easy since they come in fun patterns! Switch pouches, wallet, keys. Done. And they’re inexpensive.

  3. I’ve been carryng my grandmother’s retractable tape measure from the 1940s. The metal case is in great shape but the tape is disintegrating. Glad to have the links so I can replace it!

  4. Totally agree with the bad organizer! They make them to custom fit your designer bag. I have one for all of mine. I’ll check Seda out. I just bought a vintage Chanel Classic flap!

  5. Nice ideas here, including the fact that changing bags needs to be quick & easy! I also use different bags all the time and usually empty the previous one & put it away after coming home. I would add that living in a big city and moving around by public transport and walking, I always try to balance accessibility & safety, ie. being able to grab my phone easily enough when needed, while not keeping it easily accessible for pickpockets (those zipped inside pockets in larger bags come in handy!), travelcard quickly accessible when entering & exiting stations, and something less valuable but much-needed like tissues can be in an outer pocket, etc.

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