How To Beat The Winter Blahs With Your Wardrobe: Tip #3

How To Beat The Winter Blahs With Your Wardrobe: Tip #3

How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

There’s another arctic storm moving across the country this week, and that means winter is still going strong. If there is no end in sight where you live, but you are ready for the spring feels, I have another tip to help you lift your spirits and banish the winter blahs with your wardrobe. Combining any of these tips will help you feel like spring is coming…right after this blizzard ends.

Before we get into today’s Style Snack, I want to remind you that while winter and too many dark, dull days can give many of us the blahs, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real condition that causes depression during the shortest days of the year, and you can get help. There are a lot of ways to treat it, from light therapy to exercise, and sometimes medication is necessary.

I got help quickly and easily for depression and anxiety through a telehealth company. I was able to get an appointment quickly with a healthcare provider who specializes in prescribing medications. They also have therapists you can meet with, and you meet with them from the comfort of your own home on your phone or computer. You don’t have to suffer this way. If you are having feelings of self harm, please reach out to someone immediately or contact the suicide prevention hotline or text line. You can watch my video about my mental health journey here as well. The company that I used is called GetCerebral and it’s only available in the US, but there are global resources in the post linked above

If you’re interested, GetCerebral has a referral program and if you sign up with my link you can receive your first month of GetCerebral mental health care for $25, and I get up to $200 in credits with them. I’m only sharing this link to help others get the discount, and to make this as easy and accessible as possible to everyone who needs it.

This topic is so important to me, and I’m going to continue to share this as often as I feel called to. 

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Tip #3: Add Lighter Textures

Let’s continue with our series about how to get through the winter blahs by brightening up your wardrobe. First we talked about incorporating the spring feeling through pattern, last week we discussed adding in spring colors and today I have a new tip that will bring in the spring vibe even more.

My third tip is to change the texture of your clothes. Even if you can’t put away the cable-knit, cashmere, and flannels, you can add lighter textures, even in small doses.

Switch from Flannel to Cotton

Switch from flannel button ups to cotton if you can. Honestly, much of what we call flannel is actually more like brushed cotton or polyester, and not any warmer than other cotton shirts. True flannel is made from wool and much warmer. So if you’re wearing any kind of faux flannel, you won’t get hypothermia from doing so.

Flannel has a very definite winter look, feel and texture to it where other cotton tops are smoother and shinier. It’s not shiny, but it is very matte. It absorbs the light and this doesn’t so much. Just that slight change of texture really does say something about the weather that you’re experiencing. You wear flannel when it’s freezing outside, so even if it’s really cold, and I’m always cold, switching these two textures is really not going to change much about how warm I feel.
In cold weather, I’m also going to layer a button up under a sweater of some sort, and that can help keep you warm.

Look for Smooth, Fine Textures

Another example would be instead of big chunky sweaters that are textured, choose a sweater that has a smoother, finer texture. To make sure you are still weather appropriate, choose sweaters made with cashmere and/or wool because they hold in heat, but are moisture-wicking and releasing. They can have very fine weaves and still be extremely effective at keeping you toasty. Cotton is terrible at holding heat or releasing moisture.

So it’s not necessary to have big, bulky sweaters to stay warm. And again, you can layer with a thermal or silk undershirt for added warmth without the bulk.

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Wear Sheer Fabrics

Sheer items even in small details or peeking out from something else can also lighten the feel of your outfit. I love to layer a blouse under a sweater, so a silky, crepe, or even eyelet blouse collar and cuffs poking out from under your thin, smooth wool sweater can add a lightness to your look that says spring is coming.

Try a tissue turtleneck instead of a thicker one, even if you layer over it. The lighter, thinner, sheerer material will still add some insulation to your neck but visually feel less heavy.

Instead of a big, thick scarf, you can try a satin or silk scarf. Silk is an incredible material because it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, so even though it’s finer and thinner, it can be quite warm.

Bring in Some Shine

You can also add some sheen or shine to lighten things up. I have these silver booties that I love, from the 2017 Winter Wardrobe Guide, and I love them. People ask me about them all the time, and they really lighten up my outfit. My silver bag, and silver belt are both fantastic options, not only because they are lighter in color, like I talked about in tip number two, but because of the sheen and shine.

You don’t have to stick to light metallics. Other colors in patent or sheen are great options, and because your bag doesn’t affect how warm you are, you can easily add this in no matter what the temperature is like..

Again, remember that most of us spend the majority of the day inside in a temperature controlled environment, so as long as you are bundled up when you are outside, you can get away with a lot lighter clothing inside. I’m not saying wear shorts and a t-shirt, but we don’t have to dress for a day of skiing if we aren’t actually outside skiing.

I sometimes laugh that we keep our home the same temperature year-round, but I change what I’m wearing in the house based on the weather outside.

You can use each of these tips individually or together to visually lighten your outfit. Even incorporating one of the tips will help. Obviously you have to do what is best for your weather and your day, and as the temperatures get less bitter, you can incorporate more and more of them. You can incorporate any of them or all of them.

2 thoughts on “How To Beat The Winter Blahs With Your Wardrobe: Tip #3”

  1. I am in transition – just retired and letting my hair go fabulously gray. This is a game changer for my colors and style. I use to love loud, large jewelry and find this does not suit the new me but I don’t know how to shop any other way. Feels a little overwhelming. Should I wait till I settle in awhile?

  2. Loved this! Very honest and brave. Thanks so much for sharing openly. I am also on meds (anxiety) and there’s no need for shame. The more we all hear this, the better!
    God Bless you and your family!

    Tina Touliatos

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