What I Wore For The Summer To Fall Transition Challenge! Week 2

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Summer to fall transition outfits

This is week 2 of the Summer to Fall Transition Challenge, and it was perfect for the cool mornings and the warm afternoons. Not sure what to sear during that awkward bumper season? I’ve got you covered!

Welcome to week two of the Summer to Fall Transition Challenge. In the Society, along with the 100 outfits I created for the Fall Wardrobe Guide, I created an additional 14 transitional outfits to get us through this bumper season when it’s too hot for sweaters all day, and we may need a jacket in the morning and evening. We postponed the Fall Get Up and Get Stunning Challenge until it was cooler weather, and we did this one in the meantime.

I combined items from the Summer and Fall Guides, and these stunning ladies got to work customizing each outfit for their Classic Style Twists. We had so much fun, and I’m excited that the Fall Challenge starts next Monday! You don’t want to miss it!

If you missed week one, you can find that here.

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STyle inspiration

I’m still crushing on these sandals and bag, so I’m wearing them every chance I get!

“Meeting this morning so have to get stunning. Black and turquoise is a fave.”

— Julie B.

The only way I was able to get out the door without wearing those metallic magenta sandals AGAIN was by bribing myself with this red jacket. Too hot to wear outside but needed inside at the appts I have today. #edgyclassic

“I wasn’t feeling like red again today, except lips. Also, I don’t like denim jackets much. I pulled out one from my giveaway bag and tried, but no. Now we have Back-to-School night so I changed into more comfy shoes (the others are new). Vans are a classic and a staple for Californians. And minimal jewelry make it more casual. #softclassic #minimalclassic

— Anita S.

This is the skirt from the fall guide. I got the petite and I still think I’m going to hem it. I have long legs, and it still hits just below the knee at unflattering spot. But the color and cut are perfect for me, so a little tailoring is worth it. The shirt is one I already had but identical in color to the one from the summer guide. The sandals are from the spring guide because snake skin.

“I came very close today as I got the shirt from Boden just my skirt is a black pencil skirt ????”

— Barbara R.L.

I have a love hate relationship with this shirt. The color and pattern are so excellent. The fit is not, even after taking it to a tailor. But the color is really hard to come by, so I keep it and make do. I rolled my sleeves and cuffed my pants for the warmer afternoon, but the temps have dropped quite suddenly overnight, and I could wear a jacket most of the day! I chose silver sandals and bag because sandal season is quickly coming to an end and my new sandals are too fabulous to wait all year. They took forever to arrive!

“I got stunning after my morning self-care routine. I lean “edgy” classic most days:)”

— Stephanie G.

I have wanted a dress EXACTLY like this for years, and a friend had one for sale! We live a decent distance from each other, so we met in the middle so I could try it on. Unfortunately hers was a size too small. So I found this one on Etsy! It balances my proportions perfectly with the slight a-line shape, but doesn’t flare so much I feel Cute Classic. It’s warmer today than yesterday so I decided to wear this dress instead of the shirt and jeans. The moto jacket and accessories bring in my  #edgyclassic

“I substituted red for orange and got to try my new lipstick “She’s Apples”! #getupgetstunning #share”

— Debra J.

Date night with my husband and some of his friends. My red is only coming in with my lips. Black and silver is about all I can handle. I’m carrying my silver bag as well.

“Date night! I love boho classic.”

— Ri K.

Church is skirts and dresses where I attend, so I wasn’t sure how to wear today’s outfit. I walked into my closet and saw this dress! I own exactly 3 maxi dresses and they are all straight. I’ve very seriously considered hemming this one to be knee length. I like it the way it is, but I think I’d wear it a lot more if it were shorter. What do you think? To cut or not to cut? Also, I’m really loving these earrings. A lot.

“Loving this shirt and shoes. Thanks April. Wore them yesterday with a black skirt. I like it better with the white.”

— Cristi T.

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