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Sweet summertime is here. And if you are like me, this is your favorite time of the year.  Somehow we expect things to slow down, the kids are out of school after all. Not! We know better, this is when things really pick up, at least around my house.  

With all the running around for 6 kids and their summer activities, summer fun, vacations, barbecues, weddings, and more, finding something to wear that is not only comfortable, but that looks good and is weather-appropriate can be a struggle sometimes.  

And isn’t it almost a “rule” to wear red, white or blue on the Fourth of July?

Maybe. Maybe Not! I rarely decorate or dress up for holidays. I decorate for Christmas but actively avoid dressing overtly Christmas-y outfits. But for the Fourth? I love to wear a red, white, and blue outfit! 

To help out, I have put together some easy outfit ideas to help you look festive on the Fourth, while still keeping it classy.  I just love each of these looks! I shared more red, white and blue outfits here.

Dresses Galore!

I love dresses. Love, love, love, and I love them the most in the summer because they are easy one-and-done outfits. You look instantly chic and put together in what is basically a nightgown. They are cool, breezy, versatile, classic, comfortable, figure flattering, I could go on and on. I would wear any of these to just about any July fourth activity. Wedges dress them up a little, but flat sandals, sneakers, or flip flops can make them feel more casual and comfortable if that is the vibe you are after. 

Who wears Short-Shorts?

Definitely not me! And I know I’m not the only one. If you love them, rock them! If you prefer a longer inseam on your shorts, you know they can be tricky to style. I wrote a post about how to style Bermuda shorts so they aren’t frumpy. You can check out all of my tips here to make them work for you.

If your day will be full of parks, boats, lakes, parades, hikes, picnics and other recreational activities, shorts are the way to go! You can do anything comfortably and still look put together and festive while staying as cool as possible. These destroyed cut off denim Bermuda shorts are fitted all the way down, so I paired them with a looser tee for balance. A wedge would have been more flattering and would have dressed up the whole look, but this was a busy day, and these flat red sandals were perfect for all the walking we did and were more appropriate for my day. I elevated the look with a my bag and accessories.

This denim shirt is a 4-season shirt for me. I love the dark saturated color and the tailored fit. Paired with red shorts and silver (instead of white) accessories, it’s a perfect July fourth outfit. It’s not often I feel comfortable in pants this color, but shorts are no problem. 

Rompers come in many lengths, from very short to cropped pant length, but not a whole lot in between, which is what I would need. This cropped length is breezy and comfortable, and a great substitute for shorts if you don’t want to show a lot of leg but still want to be summery. It’s as convenient as a dress, but less limiting movement-wise.

Don't Forget the shoes

Summer Shoes

Shoes can make or break a day like today, so you really need to consider your activities and the vibe you’re going for. For me, comfort and function always come first. If you are going to be walking a lot, on your feet a lot, carrying coolers or kids, you will be happiest and most comfortable in a flat sandal or sneaker. Dig into that Sporty Classic side (even if you don’t really have one) because it’s appropriate for the activity. Nothing will ruin your holiday faster than blisters, painful soles, or tripping and busting your knees.  

Your flat shoes can still make a statement and elevate your look. Think metallic, like my sandals, go for a bold splash of color like red, or maybe something with blingy accents. Even sneakers are fancy these days. I have metallic sneakers that are anything but boring. Comfort is king on a day like today, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to have it.

If you are going to something more laid back where you can sit more and wear a less sensible shoe, and you want to elevate your look a bit, go for a wedge! They are my favorite summer shoe, but not at the cost of my comfort or safety. Wedges come in a variety of heights, and even a 1-inch wedge adds some length to your legs and a chicer vibe. Wedges can even dress up destroyed jean shorts a little.


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