14 Chic Black And White Outfit Ideas

Chic Black and White Outfit Ideas

Chic and stylish Black and white outfit ideas for any day of the week

Is black and white boring?

I walked into my room after a day of classes and found my roommate starting into my closet. I broke her trance when I dropped my backpack on my desk. “Have you ever noticed that most of your clothes are black, white, and blue?”

No. I had never noticed that, even though I have always kept my closet in color order. But she had a point. Most of my clothes WERE black, white, and blue. 

“Don’t you get bored without more color?”

“No. I don’t get bored.” But I started to worry. Maybe I didn’t have enough color. So I methodically purchased 1 shirt in each color of the rainbow…and while I liked them, they didn’t get nearly as much wear as my favorite neutrals.


We don’t need to say how many years ago I had this conversation, but it’s still true. Most of my wardrobe is neutral…and I love it that way. For me it’s perfect.

Neutral colors are so timeless, chic and elegant, but it can also be boring if it’s not done right. How to Dress Minimal Classic is a post I wrote all about classic minimal style, and shared all the details to make each outfit perfect. If you love to dress in neutral colors, I’ve got 14 black and white outfit ideas that will help you look perfect any day of the week. There are casual and dressy options, so you can get inspiration no matter what your lifestyle is.

I learned all about dressing minimal classic from my mom, and she wore a lot of neutrals, and a lot of black and white outfits. It’s an aesthetic I’ve always been drawn to. I hope these outfits give you inspiration!

You may notice that the details I’m adding in these Minimal Classic outfits are Edgy Classic or Sporty Classic, but if you prefer more of a Soft Classic or a Cute Classic Style Twist, you can learn all about how to add the perfect details to your outfit to let your personal style shine.

Do you know your Classic Style Twist? Are you a Minimal Classic? Take the quiz below to find out now!

Dress it up with black and white outfit ideas

Nothing is as chic for a dressy occasion as a black and white outfit. A dress is my favorite one and done option, whether it’s dressed up for work, a night out, or an important meeting. The color blocking in this dress adds plenty of interest on its own, but the texture in the bag, the cut outs in the shoes, and the delicate jewelry all add up to chic.

I love stripes, and the bold stripes on this pencil skirt make this outfit special. When pairing separates, you can choose one special piece to elevate the whole outfit. The metal chain trim on the tee and the statement necklace add a little more dazzle without being over the top. As much as I love dresses, I also love separates because I love the infinite possibilities to mix and match.

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The stripes on this dress are unique because of their pattern of clustering and separating. The black stripe down the sides and the zipper that runs up one side are also details that make this dress a showstopper. I mean, I literally get stopped every time I wear it. Repeating the stripes with the straps in my shoes makes the outfit cohesive.

Dress it down with Black and white outfit ideas

The white pattern in the top pairs perfectly with the white jeans, and adds plenty of detail to what could be a snoozer of an outfit. The studs on the bag, the high shine silver wedges, and the accessories all come together to make this outfit casual, but chic.

The leather trim and chain detail on this knit top are unique. The moto detailing on the shorts and the studded wedges add subtle details too make this black and white outfit anything but boring. You can see how I styled this top for the office here

Stripes in my shirt and repeating those stripes with these strappy sandals makes a subtle impact. The high shine silver with my bag and shoes are like white with the high beams on. A delicate necklace and earrings add the finishing touches.

The high shine silver accessories and details make this black and white outfit shine. The trim on the tee, the silver belt, the jewelry, the silver hardware on the bag, and the silver wedges all add something special to a basic tee and jeans.

Black and white outfit ideas with a pop of color

A great pattern for a black and white outfit is leopard. This leopard is special because it has a little icy gray shadowing in there to make the pattern 3-dimensional. If the pattern is just black and white it can look flat and more like polka dots. This tee was definitely the hit of the Summer Wardrobe Guide. 

The studded bag (can you tell it’s my current favorite?), the studded wedges and the statement earrings make this outfit a winner, even without the pop of red belt, but I confess, I love that detail.

I have a weakness for gingham, but this black and white diagonal gingham stole my heart! The criss cross pattern in my sandals, the statement earrings, and the studded bag are plenty of interest without the pop of color in the blue belt. A black belt would also work.

This one blue stripe is all that was needed to add something special to a black and white outfit. Even without the blue stripe, the outfit would be classic, and the leather details on the trench and the sheen on the loafers add a change of texture. The high shine earrings with the diamond pattern, the delicate necklace, and the studs on the bag also add subtle details to the outfit.

The crochet cut out in this tee and the leopard sneakers are plenty of pattern to make this outfit pop, but the hint of red in the belt and the earrings are a little something special that takes this black and white outfit to the next level. 

Black and white outfit ideas with animal print

Ok so the leopard pattern in my shoes has tan in it, but that’s basically skin color, so it doesn’t count against me. Adding a neutral animal print is another way to make a black and white outfit fabulous. If you don’t love traditional leopard, go for a black and white leopard like the tee I shared above, or any other neutral animal print like zebra.

A plain white tee and black shorts could be meh, but the silver foil snake skin pattern on this tee, and the snake skin pattern repeated in my sandals are subtle, but make an impact. You can see how I styled a pair of black shorts and white tee 8 different ways here and 8 more ways here!

The silver hardware and the quilting on my jacket, the silver jewelry, and the leopard sneakers take a basic black sweater and white jeans make this Sporty Edgy Classic outfit a 10.

If your wardrobe is mostly black and white, your outfits don’t have to be boring! With the right details, your neutral outfits can be perfectly chic, and perfectly you!

If you love the Minimal Classic style of neutral outfits with pops of bold color, you will love the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides. A curated seasonal capsule wardrobe collection of 30+ pieces, 100 outfit combinations, shopping links labeled by Style Twist, and an outfit calendar to tell you exactly which outfit to wear. No more deciding what to wear, or wasted shopping excursions! You will have a cohesive wardrobe right at your finger tips. 


Discuss capsule wardrobes and classic style with a fun community of like-minded women in the Capsule Wardrobes for Classic StyleFacebook group

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