How to Dress Minimal Classic Style

Minimal style isn't boring. It's chic, timeless, tailored, elegant, and the most sought-after style in the fashion world when the details are right

How to dress Minimal Classic

You’ve seen this woman before. She is elegant, authoritative, sophisticated, serious, effective, hard to get to know, and always looks dressed up with somewhere to go…even in a jeans and tee. Her minimal style reflects everything about her.

If you’ve been following along with the classic closet style series, first we covered How to Dress Classic Without Looking Dated. Next, we covered Edgy Classic, which is my style, then Cute Classic, Soft Classic, Sporty Classic, and this is the sixth installment.

I recommend you read all of the versions because sometimes wearing the wrong details is as big as wearing the right details. Take the Classic Style Twist quiz to learn your Twist.

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What a minimal style says about you

A minimal classic woman is fuss-free. Your classic style is universally appealing, but not overly embellished. Your clothes are as tailored as your preferences. Your look is timeless, and you have pieces in your wardrobe from decades ago, but no one would guess it. You’re an analytical thinker, and your wardrobe reflects your serious side. People often ask why you are so dressed up, even if you are in a t-shirt and jeans. You love order, and having a compact, coordinated, minimalist style is valuable in your lifestyle. For you, a capsule wardrobe isn’t a new concept. It’s just what you do. Your keywords are clean and bold.

Minimal Style: When people asked why you are so dressed up

Classic details in your clothes

If you want your outfit to say minimal style, it’s the details that will tell the story. Look for quality fabrics and construction, solid colors, tailored lines, neutral colors, wardrobe basics, modest cuts, bold color, timeless pieces, monochromatic color palette, and pops of color. That sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? The truth is, you don’t actually care, and sometimes boring is your favorite. But keep reading. I’ll show you how to make it perfect for you.

Quality fabrics and construction matter to you because you are a perfectionist and a critical thinker. You will be uncomfortable in a top with stripes that don’t line up or crooked seams. You are a precision person, and if your clothes don’t have precision as well, it sends the wrong message. You value the time and expertise that goes into a job well done, and you recognize that in the clothes you buy. You are more likely to choose investment pieces that will last for years, and that is one reason you have a minimal style. What others would call limited, you call efficient and high quality. You are willing to pay full price for the perfect item.

Solid colors are easy to mix and match, provide a streamlined look, and can be repeated often without drawing attention to your limited wardrobe. Wearing solid colors also limits the stimulation in your environment. When you can’t control the chaos around you, you can control the chaos on your body and in your closet by wearing solid colors.

Dress Minimal Classic
Dress Minimal Classic
Dress Minimal Classic
Dress Minimal Classic
Dress Minimal Classic
Dress Minimal Classic

Tailored lines in your clothing reflect the tailored life you live or desire (sometimes that is out of your control, like when you have kids. Or a spouse. Or a job). Having to secure your clothes when you move distracts from your tasks. Once you put your clothes on, you don’t want to think about them again or have them draw your attention. Anything that interrupts your thoughts is too high maintenance. That’s also your definition of comfort, it doesn’t draw your attention.

To pull off this look, FIT IS EVERYTHING. It’s your number one accessory. Otherwise, you’ll look and feel boring. If you are going to do this, take the time to go to the tailor and make each piece look like it was custom made for you. I actually learned some basic tailoring skills in high school because nothing fit me.

Neutral colors are home base for you, especially black and navy, which feel perfect for any situation. But also white, denim, and for some of you, camel and cognac.  No one loves an all-black look like a classic minimal style woman. Photo credit one, two, three, four.

Most of your minimal style consists of what many would call basic or foundational pieces, like a white tee, dark wash jeans, pencil skirts, button-up blouses, blazer, denim jacket, trench coat, ballet flats, black purse, black jacket, black anything, really! When buying a basic item, especially an investment piece, you tend to avoid any trendy details that will date that item.

If you’re anything like me you don’t care about the latest trends. You buy what flatters you, makes you feel stunning, and leaves you feeling confident. You know the difference between classic and fad clothing items.

You probably have items in your closet from last decade that are just as stylish now as then. And they are in impeccable condition because you chose a quality item, and you take excellent care of your belongings.

Your preference for modest cuts in clothing doesn’t really have to do with personal beliefs, but more in a tendency not to be flashy, and showing a lot of skin can feel flashy. If you do choose an item that shows more skin, you tend to pair it with items that offer more coverage or have a looser fit. If you wear a spaghetti strap tank with a low cut, you likely won’t pair it with a mini skirt because that would draw too much attention and make you feel uncomfortable.

Dress Minimal Classic

You may or may not love wearing black but you can’t ignore the fact that fashion’s favorite shade never goes out of style, and it tends to be the foundation of a minimal style wardrobe.

When you do wear color, it’s BOLD, and it tends to come in small doses as a pop of color like a bold lip, colorful bag or shoe, or maybe a cardigan or sweater paired with an otherwise neutral outfit. Photo credit one, two, three.

Your favorite pants are probably navy or black jeans or trousers with an excellent fit, comfortable but structured, easy to care for, and classic in style.

Your tops are tailored, structured, skim your body, but aren’t so tight you can see the outline of what you had for lunch. If it’s a tee it is a fairly substantial fabric that holds its shape. Nothing floppy, drapey, flimsy, or in any way sloppy looking, especially a collar.

Your jackets are usually blazers, classic leather jackets, trenches, or denim jackets.

Your favorite pattern is solids, but if you do choose an actual pattern, your top choices will be stripes, windowpane, or a large plaid with only two colors in it. If you are feeling really wild, you might go for a large houndstooth. You probably prefer small doses of pattern, and may go longer periods of time wearing solids before you reach for another pattern. Photo credit one, two, three.

You love dressy clothes and formal looks, but your casual look is always perceived as dressier because of your color palette, quality, structure and tailored fit of your clothes.

The best fabrics will be natural fabrics that are structured and hold their shape. Their posture is as excellent as yours. Broadcloth cotton (not the really thin, light cottons), linen (though the wrinkles will make you batty. This one is a love/hate item), denim, chambray, wool, cashmere, Dupioni silk, leather. When you go for knits you love thicker, heavier versions like ponte knits because they are thick and structured.

You may not like layers because they feel fussy, excessive, and restrictive. Did your mom have to fight you to wear a coat as a kid? Do you shiver instead of adding a jacket? Does the idea of layering a sweater over another shirt feel smothering?

Minimal Style classic accessories

Simple accessories are your staples if you accessorize at all. For some minimal style classic women, any accessories can feel fussy, but for those who do wear them, you are more likely to choose stud earrings, delicate chain necklaces, and probably no bracelets unless you can find one that stays put on your arm. Instead of a bracelet, you might like a shiny metal watch that is fitted to your wrist so it never moves. You also like simple accessories you can sleep, shower, swim, and run in because the process of taking them on and off every day feels excessive. If you are married, you may even favor a plain, thin wedding band.

Diamond stud earrings, a white gold chain with a small pendant that has significant meaning, a plain anniversary band, a watch are excellent everyday choices. You like shiny metals, nothing dull, etched, hammered or dingy. You love sunglasses because they make you feel invisible and able to observe the world around you without having to acknowledge eye contact.

Dress Minimal Classic

For purses you gravitate toward black, shiny leather with minimal embellishment and it will always be stylish. A great bag is something you are often willing to invest in if you can afford it, because it will go with everything, and you will keep it forever. It will be structured, hold its shape when empty, and stand on its own.

Your shoes are ballet flats, pumps, sneakers, t-strap sandals, loafers, etc., but they will be simple in style, with little embellishment, often neutral, high quality, and nothing trendy about them like an extended toe box, a funky heel shape, or a weird vamp.

Makeup is simple and elegant. Truthfully you may not like makeup. If you do you may love a bold lip, or a nice neutral (often referred to as an MLBB – my lip but better – that enhances your natural lip). For everyday you will either prefer a natural, neutral look, or a bold look. Photo credit one, two, three.

Hair styles need to be out of your face, fuss-free, smooth, sleek, and shiny. Your ponytail is sleek and smooth, you probably don’t do messy top knots. You like a defined hairstyle, usually a blunt cut somewhere on your head, like in the bangs or the length of your hair.

classic Minimal style brands

There are some brands that were made for you, and you tend to love the luxury brands because they represent what you are and what you value: timeless, quality, precise, bold, classic, stylish, exclusive. You can find those same qualities in less expensive brands as well. Ann Taylor, Clarks, Loft, Chanel, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Chaps, White House Black Market, Burberry, Dana Buchman, New York & Company, The Limited, Sam Edelman, Sperry, French Connection, Lane Bryant, J. Crew, Talbots, Stuart Weitzman, Tommy Hilfiger, Vineyard Vines, J. Jill, Christopher and Banks, Boden, Charter Club, Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, La Coste, Coach, Worthington, Kendra Scott, Izod, Tiffany & Co., Sonoma, Louis Vuitton. My favorite jeans are from Express because they are stretchy but hold their shape, flattering, and so comfortable. See my favorite ones here.

wait a second, where is the personality?

The minimal classic style wardrobe can come across as old, dated, stodgy, and boring if you’re not careful. I wrote about how to dress classic without looking dated to share how to keep a classic look modern and updated. If you feel mostly classic, but want to add a little personality to it, I’ve written the other posts to share how to bring in a little something extra, Edgy Classic, which is my style, then Cute Classic, Soft Classic, Sporty Classic. However, some women really, truly prefer a purely classic wardrobe. It feels true and correct for them. And even for these other classic style types, at their core, they are minimal classics, and this post is about how to find that foundation because, without it, the rest of it will feel like too much.

it's all about balance

I just listed a whole lot of options for wearing a Minimal Style Classic Wardrobe. If you want to add a little something more, it may be the tiniest detail. It might be a neat structured bow on your ballet flat or your purse, and that is all the cute your classic wants. It might be a triangle stud earring, and that is all the edginess you need to show. The trick is to pick and choose one or two small and simple details to add in, and it might only feel right on certain days. If it feels false or costumey or silly at all, you’ve gone too far with the extra details and you can take it off and see if you feel relief. You might be happiest in strict Minimal Style Classic, and that’s perfect for you. But be aware that you might want a little something extra sometimes.

Only you will know the perfect balance. Do you feel too silly? Do you feel too aggressive? Is the drape distracting? Would you rather read a book than go on a hike? Start with one extra detail in your outfit and see if you want more. Some women feel better in more, some can only take so much, and some don’t want or need any at all. It’s very personal. Also, don’t forget the bold hues and tailored fit. Those say you mean business.

Let's see it all in action

I think the biggest misconception about a Minimal Classic Wardrobe is that it’s boring. In fact, most women in the world aspire to it. It’s what the French style aesthetic is all about. It’s what most couture fashion houses design. It’s what the fashion industry has built as the standard. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Amal Clooney, and Victoria Beckham all represent that classic wardrobe aesthetic.

For this one, I specifically chose outfits made of only neutral basics, and mostly solids, and I’m going to explain why the outfits are so stunning, despite their lack of color, pattern (mostly), pomp, and circumstance. It boils down to the smallest details.

Outfit #1:  A white tee, black jeans, black accessories. Sounds like it could be zzzzzzz, and yet she looks so casually stylish and sophisticated. Why? First, the fit of her clothes is impeccable.

Second, she has on four simple accessories, 2 thin bracelets, a belt, and a bag. All of them are very simple on their own, and two of them are very functional, but they add dimension to her outfit without being too fussy. The black bag is simple in color and design, but it’s also shiny, and it matches the sheen of her loafers, which have a tassel detail. Finally, she has that sweater casually draped around her shoulders, which is a layer, but still functional, and not getting in her way. Photo credit.

Outfit #2: She is wearing white, black and dark denim as her neutrals. The oversized menswear shirt is crisp and structured. She has accessorized with a simple black crossbody bag, earrings, and loafers with metal detail. Her turned-up cuff is also acting as a point of interest. Even though the shirt looks like she borrowed it from her boyfriend, I guarantee it’s a woman’s shirt and it was designed to fit a woman perfectly while suggesting it came from a man’s closet. Photo credit.

Outfit #3: Another black and white outfit. She accessorized with sunglasses, a purse with a chain strap, and a jacket tossed over her shoulder. Her patent loafers add contrast with her pants. The texture of the sweater, the red lip, and the patent loafers add additional dimension, and the fit is spot on. Photo credit.

Outfit #4: She has 4 neutrals: white, navy, denim, and cognac. She’s added sunglasses, stud earrings, two delicate bracelets, a jacket and a bag to make this outfit stand out. She has also neatly rolled her sleeves. The destroyed jeans are an edgy classic detail, but even if that weren’t there, the outfit still has plenty going on to make this an otherwise perfect classic outfit. Photo credit.

Outfit #5:  Black and white go more office-appropriate with white trousers, a black top, coat, and heels, but if you swap in jeans and flats, this outfit would be a perfect casual outfit. Her only accessories are the sunglasses and purse. She has the jacket layer, the contrast between her shoes and pant color, and the hardware on her bag adding an extra dimension. Photo credit.

Outfit #6: A basic white tee and dark wash jeans get a dose of interesting from the cognac sandals, a simple medallion necklace and wedding band, sunglasses, and a hat. Photo credit.

Outfit #7: This is the most complex outfit I chose. She has layered a striped button-up under a white textured sweater. She has on four chunky bracelets and a watch paired with rolled sleeves. Her shiny black bag is structured, and let’s assume it is the same as her shoes, which we can’t see. All of this interest is balanced by simple black pants and a tailored fit. Add a pair of sunglasses, and she has an outstanding classic outfit. Photo credit.

Outfit #8: Black and tan are the only colors in this outfit (though I desperately want to Photoshop those stripes to be white). She has her striped top, trench coat as a layer, sunglasses, zipper details, and bag to bring interest to her black pixie pants and ballet flats. Photo credit.

Outfit #9: Black and dark denim are the only colors in this outfit. It looks like she is wearing a black turtleneck (probably) sweater paired with dark wash jeans. She has cuffed the pants, which adds interest. The gold buttons and the coat also add flavor. The sheen of her black Chelsea boots contrasts with the color of the cuff, and she finishes the outfit with the requisite sunglasses. Photo credit.

Do these minimal classic outfits bore you or inspire you? Are you dying to spice them up or put them on?As important as it is to add the classic elements you want, it’s equally important to avoid certain elements if you DON’T want that Edgy Classic, Cute Classic,  Soft Classic, or Sporty Classic look. Learning about all of them will help you avoid the details that will take away from your minimal classic look.

What's not minimal classic?

As important as it is to add the classic elements you want, it’s equally important to avoid certain elements if you DON’T want that Edgy Classic, Cute Classic,  Soft Classic, or Sporty Classic look. Learning about all of them will help you avoid the details that will take away from your minimal classic look.

In the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide, everything is strictly classic, but in the shopping links, I provide as many style options as I can find.  You’ll find Edgy, Cute, Sporty and Soft options for many of the items so you can customize the wardrobe to your personal style and 100 outfit options for inspiration!

Are you Minimal Classic? Are you trying to refine and perfect your minimal style? How do you show that in your classic outfits? If you are not sure what your style is yet, please take our Classic Style Twist quiz above, and then read about the different Twists here to learn how to bring your own personality type through while still embracing classic style.
Classic Minimal Style outfit


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25 thoughts on “How to Dress Minimal Classic Style”

  1. I fell in love with this post and increased my love for myself. You described me perfectly. Here I thousand that I was edgy classic. I’m not. This is me. Can’t wait to perfect my closet!

  2. Paulette that’s wonderful! You may still occasionally want a small dose of edgy classic on certain days, though you will likely prefer to limit it to your accessories. It really can vary from day to day what you need from your wardrobe.

  3. I definitely feel this way most of the time. And then I get to a point where I crave color and details. And then I’m back to minimal. Thanks for the lovely post! I’m off to look for a silver watch!

  4. Deesha I feel the same. Most of the time I wear black, white, and blue, especially in the colder months. I might wear a colorful accessory. And once a week or so iI will wear something more colorful. I’ve been wearing more color this summer because smaller clothes means smaller amounts of color.

  5. I have loved the Classic Closet Style Series! It has made me feel like a bit of a chameleon though (better said than indecisive). With each installment I see preferences and details that totally speak to me in different ways (angled jewelry/accessories/patterns instead of round/swirly that is balanced by soft/simple/subtle which leads to minimal/basic/foundational)… In the end, I’m never fully committed towards one overall look – all of these preferences and details feel most correct for me when worn in a minimal way. I never have to remind myself to take at least one thing off before I leave the house (à la Coco Chanel) because I can’t even bring myself to put too much on in the first place! I have found the perfect balance for myself. Thanks for helping me realize that what I like is just right for me!

  6. I’ve looked at all these options but end up back here….think I’ve found my place. Particularly the limited pattern, which is so me.

  7. I totally agree. That would be fantastic. However, I’m not a photographer, agency, or magazine, and the only resources available to me are what I can find on the Internet. I spent weeks finding these examples to illustrate my point, which happens to be about the outfits, and not the bodies wearing them.

  8. Thank you for this website. I have been learning classic ladies’ styling as a creative outlet for two years. These ideas will assist in helping me maintain classic styling for years.

  9. kyle Jones Sherman

    This is such an excellent post, I just read it after I read the sporty classic and I think this narrows it down for me even more. However, I must admit I dont like black as much as I like navy. Black makes me feel depressed if I wear it to often.
    I am still discovering my taste! I actually like all of the twist but this one is also speaking to me and I always come up with this one when I do the test!!
    I am looking forward to discovering even more.

  10. Thanks! Another great post that makes me think critically about what’s in my (bursting) wardrobe & what should go.

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad! Editing your wardrobe once you understand what you love and what you don’t can be so powerful. That’s when every outfit is an effortless 10.

  11. OMG I finally understand what’s missing – the fit! I have acquired a lot of clothes in a more or less random fashion over the last few years, and now I’m working on paring down my closet. Mostly what I decide NOT to wear each morning is something that doesn’t quite fit – a touch too tight, not really fitted enough, pants that are the wrong length. So I’ll keep what I love and tweak where I need to. Thanks!

    1. Dee Dee that’s great! Fit is so important and often overlooked. It can keep an outfit from really looking great, and it can take a simple outfit to the next level. This gradual purge sounds like a great method to clean up your closet. Don’t forget some things can be fixed by a tailor. Most clothes don’t fit most women right off the rack.

  12. This post and blog feed my soul! Thank you!

    As much as I am loving that striped turtleneck, given that I am large in the bust area, those stripes would collide. Or, am I wrong? Thoughts?

    1. Wear what makes you feel great. If wearing stripes on your bust makes you feel uncomfortable, skip them. Instead, look for a striped top that only has the stripes at your waist instead. I have a few like that. Or that is solid up top and the stripes below.

    2. Hi! I’m quite busty with my 32E cup. But I love orizzontal striped t-shirts and I also think they flatter me. Go on and try…you’ll know wether you feel comfy or not.

  13. April, you have put a lot of work into writing these summaries of the different style twists. Thank you so much as it breaks it down for easy study and understanding.

    One of comments above was about preferring navy over black. What shoe color would work best with the navy as a replacement for black clothing.

  14. I finally feel seen! I was starting to think I was delusion in liking what I wear. It confuses family, and store associates find me difficult. Do you have a Classic Minimalist Instagram, or blog, you would recommend that I can look at for more inspiration in this particular style? Thanks!

  15. Hello! Thank you for putting this together. I don’t think many of these outfits work in summer. What would this style look like when it’s hot out? Especially looking for recommendations that aren’t shorts. Well fitting dresses? Denim skirt with white or black tops? What about simple dresses that are looser — would those fit this category or is that more cute? I feel like I probably fit here best but love romantic, feminine details like ruffles and bows and like to throw in some color sometimes.

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