How To make Getting dressed Quick and painless

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Getting dressed shouldn't use up your mental space. Make it easy with these tips.

I'm not a morning person

Looking and feeling great in our outfits sounds like a great idea until the alarm goes off, when hitting the snooze button sounds like a better idea. A few smacks to the clock later, and we are left with just enough time to throw on one of our usual (but not necessarily favorite) outfits as we scurry and dash to get out the door.

Let’s be honest, 6 a.m. is not the time to make decisions. I’m not quite awake, but the kids are DEFINITELY awake…and hungry. Everyone in the household needs to be showered, fed, dressed, and shuffled off to their various locations: school, work, sports. There are so many decisions to make, and I’m not ready to make them when my eyes are still half-closed.

As a plan-ahead kind of girl, I relieve that kind of stress by planning and making choices ahead of time. Whether it’s menu planning, calendaring our lives a year at a time, or outfit planning, I try to have a plan in place BEFORE the moment arrives. It saves me so much time and stress.

Have a routine

My husband says my routines are sexy. Structure, order, and routine make me efficient, and they are most important to me at times like this because I don’t want to stop and think, “What’s next?” Honestly, I don’t want to stop or think about anything. Each morning, I do everything in the same order so I can do it without thinking at all. I go through the movements seamlessly.

First thing in the morning, I need all the mental space I can get. Atomic Habits is such a great book, if you haven’t checked it out. I’ve read it three times.

Shower the night before

If I say I’m going to take a quick shower, I’m lying. I mean it in the moment, my intentions are pure, but once I get in that hot water, time loses all meaning, and my motivation to be fast melts away with the stream of hot water pouring down over me. I love luxuriating in the hot water, taking my time, enjoying the water and the quiet, and I can’t do that in the morning. Well, I could if I got up extra early, but I won’t do that either.

Showering at night is a great way to decompress and wash away the day. I like to imagine all the stress going down the drain. When I had a gaggle of toddlers/infants (I had triplets + 2 more in 3 years), it was often the only moment of solitude in my entire day. At night, I can take my time and enjoy my shower, and when I wake up, the first thing I do is put on my clothes. Within two minutes I’m ready from the neck down.

Organize your things so they are easy to grab

Digging through drawers, hunting for this or that takes time and brain power, neither of which are abundant in the early a.m. hours. Keeping things handy in one spot makes getting ready efficient.

I love having all of my things in this basket. It’s easy to pull out and put away, which saves so much time. Clearing my bathroom counter is a breeze! I have another basket with stuff I use occasionally, but this is my everyday basket of items I use most often.

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Plan Your Outfits

Have you ever stood in your closet and just stared at the racks and wondered what on earth to wear? What day is it? Where am I going? You start to get dressed and realize the top you were going to wear is actually dirty. Ugh. Plan B (but you didn’t actually have a plan A). Plan B is…what was plan B again? After trying on more outfits than you have time for, you settle for the thing you don’t hate as much because you’ve got to go!

Do you enjoy that scenario? Me neither. I did it for YEARS, and it was so stressful. Invariably I ended up wearing something I didn’t like, that didn’t suit the day or the weather, and rushed out the door not liking how I looked, with a pile of discarded clothes waiting for me to clean up…later.

Instead of that painful daily ritual, planning your outfits the night or the week before relieves that stress. On Sunday look at your calendar for the week and see what is coming up and check the weather. Once you know how your week looks, plan your outfits for the next seven days.

Pull each outfit together, hang them together and put that at the front of your closet in the order you plan to wear them. If doing it a whole week at a time is too much, you can even do this the night before.

How To Make Getting Dressed Quick and Painless

Regardless of how you choose to do it, getting up and being able to put your clothes on without thinking is positively luxurious. It becomes part of that automated routine that requires no thought at a time of day when thinking is a little slow, and it eliminates all that stress.

Because you pulled the items out in advance, you know they’re clean and ready to put on, you have time to give it a little more thought to your outfits and accessories, and you won’t leave the house wearing one black and one navy shoe (I can’t be the only one who has done that…)

One of the member-favorite perks of the Stunning Style Society is the monthly wardrobe calendars. Not only do they get the Classic Wardrobe Guide with a curated wardrobe of 30+ pieces, an online shopping portal to buy anything they need, and 100 outfit templates to make putting together outfits effortless, they also don’t have to choose their outfit each day because I’ve done it for them.

Short of having a lady’s maid to dress you like a toddler, it doesn’t get any easier than this! The waiting list for the Fall Wardrobe Guide is open, and by joining, you will be the first to know when it’s available.

How To Make Getting Dressed Quick and Painless - header - Fall wardrobe example

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  1. Great post, April, thanks! I don’t have my beauty products as organized as you do but for years at the beginning of each season, I would make a list of potential outfits that I could use in the wee hours in the morning to help me pick an outfit without having to remember what is clean and ready to go! I mark each with the emoji of the week so I know what has been worn when and it’s easy to spot my favorite outfits! The lists are on my tablet so are easy to re-use the next season. Thank you for all the great advice & fashion insights; I’ve learned a lot!

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