Six Ways Retail Shopping Has Changed

Six Ways Clothing Shopping Has Changed and How I Can Fix It For You

Knowing how shopping has changed can be so helpful!

If you are struggling to find what you need for your fall wardrobe, you’re not alone. I’ve helped thousands of women find their style and build closets they love. Because…I basically shop for a living, and I’ve noticed how the world of retail has changed significantly in the past year and a half as retailers have adapted to the new normal, just like the rest of us.

Let’s talk about six major ways the retail business has changed…and how you can still find the clothes you love with minimal effort.

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Six Ways Clothing Shopping Has Changed

  1. Retailers are releasing fewer collections. Until the last year and a half, retailers generally released new collections every two to three weeks. Now, most of them are doing fewer releases – monthly or even seasonally.
  2. Brands are releasing smaller collections than before, and department stores have reduced the number of brands they carry. This means there are fewer options available.
  3. Seasonal transitions are happening later. Previously, clothing retailers functioned much like other stores, filling up their aisles with seasonal/holiday goods and music months before the season (sweaters in July, anyone?). However, with worker shortages, factory closures, and a changing retail landscape, most retailers pushed the first fall clothing releases from July/August to September.
  4. Inventory shortages are happening among all retailers because there aren’t enough workers at the docks to unload the cargo. You may see a lot of backordered notifications on new items. They aren’t sold out, brands aren’t receiving their inventory when expected.
  5. We are shopping online more than ever because so many brick and mortar stores have closed, fitting rooms are closed, and in-store inventory is more limited.
  6. As we’ve come to rely even more on online shopping to buy what we need, shipping companies are struggling to catch up to the demand, so processing and shipping times have extended.

So how do you shop successfully for your classic style in this new world?

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Shop Your Closet Challenge Giveaway

The Fall 2021 Shop Your Closet Challenge was so spectacular, and so much fun! Here are some quick statistics so you can really see the supportive impact this challenge had on our community.

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  • Winner #1 – Susan P.
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