8 Easy Tips To Update Your Wardrobe Each Season

8 Easy Tips to Update Your Wardrobe Each Season

keep your style fresh without spending a fortune

Is a capsule closet forever?

A lot of women seem to think, or perhaps they have a hope, that once they find their style and do the work to pull together their capsule wardrobe that they’ll be done with it forever.  The curated ease of a capsule wardrobe immediately drew a lot of us in, and especially since Classic Style is so timeless, we start with an endpoint in mind. The truth is, once you get your capsule wardrobe pulled together most of the work is done, but each season it will require a quick review to see what still works and what needs to be replaced.

Sometimes your style can change over time, and for a long while I knew exactly what I did and didn’t like. But, suddenly my personal billboard didn’t feel like me anymore. In the last year my style has been shifting, and it’s because I’ve changed as a person throughout my journey of healing, personal growth and searching for the best version of myself. As I’ve been healing and uncovering hidden parts of myself, that honestly hadn’t felt safe to reveal for most of my life, they are now asking to be acknowledged in every way. It started with my thoughts and feelings, then moved to my behavior, and now it’s in my style.

After trying to ignore the changes happening, I have accepted them and I’ve slowly begun incorporating some new elements into my wardrobe while removing some old elements that I had previously loved. And guess what? It’s normal. This happens to all of us at some point because we all grow, change and develop. Our lives and circumstances shift. What was perfect before isn’t quite right anymore. In fact, many of you have found me because you were experiencing a major crisis or a life transition. If you’ve experienced this, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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Whether you already have a capsule closet that needs updating or you’re creating your capsule wardrobe for the first time, here are my top 8 tips for how to update yours from year to year without spending a fortune or a lot of time. To keep your classic capsule wardrobe fresh, current and looking pristine, you’ll still need to do some minor updating from season to season. While you’ll likely want to keep most of last year’s pieces, swapping out a few old pieces for new ones can catapult last year’s classic wardrobe straight into the present.

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Keep the foundation of your capsule wardrobe classic

Capsule wardrobes are perfect for classic style women. They’re a curated collection of beautiful, quality pieces that go together perfectly. Simplicity at its finest. And most importantly, they’re the best way to hone your own unique Classic Style Twist and dress your best – every. single. day. You can take the quiz below to learn what your Twists are.

Most of my wardrobe consists of timeless pieces. Classic style women prefer clothing that’s chic, flattering, and stylish, rather than trendy clothes that look tired after a season or two, and that is the foundation of my wardrobe. While I definitely add my own personality to my wardrobe and think everyone should, I favor clothing that’s classic and timeless for the majority of my closet.

Having your staple items in place is critical for the foundation of your wardrobe, so be sure to ask yourself if you have the basics that you need at this point in your life, whether you’re transitioning in your workplace, where you live, or into a new stage of life. Making sure that you have what you need to support your whole wardrobe is the first step, no matter why your wardrobe is changing.

REview what you have in your capsule closet

Review each item and see if it’s still in good shape. Is it faded, pilling, torn, stretched or ill-fitting? I can’t believe how many times I’ve pulled out last year’s clothes to find out someone shrank them! Or maybe I indulged a little more over the holidays than I realized. Regardless, sometimes I find out that what fit like a glove last year fits more like a sausage casing this year. 

Even high-quality pieces eventually wear out over time, and last winter I had to retire a beloved sweater because I’ve worn a tiny hole in the hem where it rubbed on my jeans over the years. I found a replacement in the same color, and I snatched it up!

Hole in the hem of a sweater in my capsule closet

Do you still love every item? Tastes change, and what you used to wear on repeat may feel tired this year. Trends also change, and while most of my capsule closet is classic in style, what keeps it current is the modern details and trends that I choose to incorporate into my wardrobe because they feel like me. Do you still love that trendy top that was so much fun two years ago? If you do, keep it! If it feels dated, let it go. The whole point of your wardrobe is to have a collection of clothes you love to wear and that reflect your personal style. What you loved last year might have changed this year, and that’s okay! 

REmove everything you don't love anymore

I know you have them. Those sad clothes that sit in your closet untouched, unloved, unworn. (And some of them still have the tags on them after all this time). Some were impulse purchases. Others were clearance rack deals that were too good to pass up. They could have been gifts. And then there are the items you admired on someone else, but they don’t really suit you. 

They might occasionally leave the hanger for a quick try on, and then you promptly take them off. There is something about them you don’t love. What is it? It could be the color, the style, the fit, but there is something off about them. It’s time to let them go. Let go of the shoulds. If you are keeping them because you think you should, I give you permission to stop. You are never going to wear them. The guilt of purging your closet is real, but it is so freeing when you finally do.

Make a shopping list

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the grocery store without a list, I come home with lots of ice cream, a huge bill, and not a lot of meals. And the same goes for clothes shopping! Once you’ve decided what stays and what goes, make a list of everything else you’ll need to round out your capsule closet. Here are my suggestions for the capsule wardrobe essentials every woman needs. 

Not sure what to look for? Don’t worry! I’ve made putting together your capsule closet effortless with my Stunning Style Capsule Wardrobe Guides. These seasonal Guides feature a curated classic collection of 30+ pieces catered to your Style Twist, along with 100+ outfit ideas for every single day of the season. I even include multiple shopping links to each piece! 

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Shop your closet

Next, shop the rest of your clothes. Who knows? Maybe something you bought for a winter capsule in the past will work for your fall capsule this year. Or maybe you’re craving a color that you hadn’t thought of last season. Go through your whole closet, piece by piece — I bet you’ll find clothes you love that you completely had forgotten about! You may even think of new ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe to fill a need. I find that my tops cross over from spring to summer to fall more easily, and my bottoms crossover from fall to winter to spring more easily. There could be even more crossover when you consider layering. 

Think outside the season when shopping your closet and you might be surprised at what you already have.

Invest in quality, long-lasting foundational pieces

If you want to avoid having to replace everything in your capsule wardrobe from year to year, seek out durable, classic, high-quality foundational pieces you genuinely love. You’ll find they’re worth the investment. If you need to replace an important piece like a coat or a great pair of jeans, look for something that will last a long time. After all, buying a new $50 coat each year is more expensive than buying a $200 coat that’s timeless & will last you forever.

When shopping, I tend to spend the most on shoes, bags and outerwear. The quality in these items really shows, and it elevates every outfit every time. They also tend to be made of more durable materials, so they can last forever. Most clothing items are more likely to get a hole in them or fade with repeated wear and washing, no matter how high the quality. The one clothing item that is worth spending money on is a fantastic pair of jeans. Worth. Every. Penny.

I spend the least on trendy items. I enjoy them for a season or two, and by the time they wear out, I’m usually done with that trend anyway. 

Shop smart for trends

When it comes to trendier pieces, look at them for what they are. Accept the fact that they may only be stylish for a few seasons, and spend accordingly. Shop around for deals online. Opt for less expensive trendy pieces, like a necklace or t-shirt rather than a coat or a designer bag. Comb your local thrift store (some of the women in the Stunning Style Society swear by that!). I do my thrifting online, and I love finding exactly what I want on Poshmark or Ebay for less than retail price. If you’re not sure how much you should spend on your capsule wardrobe I shared my tips here. 

When it comes to updating a classic wardrobe, it’s all in the details. Pairing a classic shirt dress with a trendy pair of shoes can make you look like you just walked out of a magazine… even if your dress is 10+ years old. Adding in just one or two updated elements to an otherwise classic outfit can make all the difference.

Learn from your shopping mistakes

Shopping mistakes are only mistakes if we repeat them. Figure out what you don’t love about each item so you don’t spend your money on another item with the same qualities you don’t love. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean all your purchases are perfect, and it’s easier to see where you went wrong from year to year. This seasonal review can really help you refine your style. I shared my own closet purges and why I got rid of certain items here.

You don’t have to buy all new clothes every single year in order to keep your capsule wardrobe looking fresh and updated. If you stay true to your own classic style, shop your closet, invest in quality foundational pieces, and look for deals on trendy pieces, you’ll be able to keep your capsule wardrobe looking brand new each and every year. (And you won’t even go broke doing it!)

Looking for more inspiration for this coming season’s capsule wardrobe? My detailed Wardrobe Guides feature a curated capsule collection of 30+ pieces (along with shopping links!) catered to your Style Twist and 100 outfit ideas. Updating your capsule wardrobe has never been so easy! Click here to learn more about the Stunning Style Society and join the waitlist for the upcoming season.

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  1. It’s freeing to hear you share your style journey. Until I read your post, I wasn’t able to identify why I no longer want to wear some of the tailored blouses in my closet anymore, even though they used to be some of my favorite items. The vertical stripes and small prints don’t quite feel like me anymore. Thanks for opening up a space for me to continue exploring this more on my own.

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