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It’s been a wild few weeks. Our crazy time of the year starts with the first day of school and and spins faster and faster until the end of Christmas break. Our family has 4 birthdays in one weekend in October! And there is fall break and Halloween and school field trips and projects and let’s not even talk about driving 6 kids around for their sports. Then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. I know I’m not alone in this. The last quarter of the year is brutal.

We took our triplets on a trip to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade for their 11th birthday, and that was magical. There was a lot of preparation that went into planning the trip and surprising them with it, along with the preparations for childcare of the three that stayed home and working ahead on the blog so my regular posts would continue to arrive in your inbox.

A trip like that with all of the excess stimulation and exhaustion always takes a toll on me. It’s fun and exciting, but draining. Combine all of that with very poor sleep and diving right back in to a hectic life, and it’s an adrenal crash waiting to happen.

I wore this the day before the trip. I would change a lot of things about this outfit. For one, I don’t like the neckline/necklace combo. And the sweater needs to be hemmed. But I do like the color combo. Turquoise goes with everything. It’s a neutral for me. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

Orange moto jacket. Sweater similar here. Jeans here. Necklace similar here. Flats similar hereherehere.

We had an early flight home from Orlando, and the previous night I had one of the worst nights of sleep ever. We switched to an airport hotel, and the fire alarm was malfunctioning. It was going off in different rooms half the night. It went off in our room several times, as well as the hallway. And when the sound wasn’t going, the lights were flashing. We could hear it in the rooms around us, in the hall. It was awful. They finally figured out how to make it stop. I wore flannel, jeans and a jacket because it was not going to be 85 degrees at home. Here is a glimpse of my tragic curly hair after I was rained on.

Jacket dupe here, similar herehere and here.  Jeans here. Flannel similar here. Black snake skin slip on sneakers. Necklace similar here and here. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

It feels so good to be home. I have a mile long to do list, and I’m ready to tackle it. It is a perfect, beautiful fall day, and I’m embracing the fall colors with orange and red. This is my favorite weather of the year. After nailing my everyday makeup look that doesn’t include brown eyeshadow, I’m ready to experiment more! This is a new look I’ve been toying with. It reminds me of an autumn sunset.What do you think? Do you want a video to see how I did it?

Jacket dupe here, similar herehere and here.  Jeans here. Sweater similar here. Necklace similar here. Earrings similar here. Shoes similar hereherehereherehere. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

I pushed too hard and sprinted too far. All of the preparations for the trip and the blog and then being on the trip and poor sleep and diving right back into life has left me adrenal crashed. I may  not post more on the blog this week. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I wish I could spend a few days in bed. Today’s outfit was all about ease and comfort. I wore the yellow and turquoise combo in an effort to boost my energy, but it didn’t. This outfit also has a more spring vibe with this color combination. Even though it was a beautiful day, it didn’t feel right for the season. Overall, I failed. It didn’t boost me, and it didn’t feel like fall. I’ll try wearing it again in March.

Jacket similar here. Tee similar here. Jeans here. Shoes similar here and here. Necklace here. Lipsense Kiss for a Cause.

As soon as I got home picking the kids up at school on Friday, I went to bed for the rest of the weekend. Rest and sleep are the best things for adrenal fatigue, and I have to get over this crash. I don’t typically wear vests. I’ve found I’m very particular about them (shocking, I know), and I’m learning what I do and do not like.

Tee similar here. Vest similar here and here. Jeans here. Boots here. Earrings similar here. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

Saturday we had planned to take the kids to a pumpkin patch and make dinner over the fire pit. I stayed in bed until noon trying to rest and recover. I got up and got ready and…went back to bed. I felt so awful. So we modified the plan and Adam took the kids to buy pumpkins and brought them home to carve. Carve. 6. Pumpkins. It’s a massive undertaking. It was a beautiful afternoon and the kids had a ball. I did sit out there on a chair for part of it.

I was up for about 15 minutes toying with some photography while my husband and the kids were at a soccer game. There is one room in my house with good lighting and a blank section of wall. I need to work on showing my outfits better. You have no idea how dumb I felt experimenting with poses. I need some serious modeling training. #uncomfortabledoesntdescribeit

Jeans here. Boots here. Sweater similar here. Necklace similar here. Bracelet similar here.  Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

Well, after 2.5 days in bed, I’m up. So far it’s going fine, but I’m sitting at my desk working on the blog, so nothing too strenuous. Adrenal fatigue isn’t always about physical stress. Mental and emotional stress cause me to crash far more often. I’m sticking to blue and black, which are neutral, restorative colors for me. I love the look of utility vests, but not the olive color they usually come in. I got this leather one and am deciding how I like it. I definitely prefer it zipped up and close to my body. Next step is to have that collar tab cut and stitched, because, let’s be honest, I’m never going to snap it, and it flaps around uncontrollably, which bugs me.

I’m also learning my preferences for scarves. I remember several years ago when I tried a scarf like this for the first time and having actual panicky heart flutters while trying to wash the dishes. How on earth do you wash dishes or do anything when that scarf is in the way? Whenever I bent over, it flopped in my face. Whenever I looked down, it blocked my view, and if I bent forward to see better, it went with me. Anything I have to scoop, sweep or secure is a no. This one works for me because it’s very substantial, and I have it tied up so it doesn’t hang lower than my breastbone (exactly the range I prefer my necklaces), and the shape of it comes to a point like a V, instead of looping like a U. So basically it’s like my jewelry, and I need to think of it in those parameters.

Overall, I love this outfit. Do you want to see a video of how I tied this scarf? You won’t believe how easy it is.

Tee similar here and here. Vest similar here and here. Scarf similar herehere and here. Jeans here. Boots here.  1x Icicle 1x Kiss for a Cause 1x Icicle Glossy Gloss.

I was so close to staying in bed instead of going to my sister-in-law’s annual Halloween party and trick or treating. I felt that bad. I pulled myself out of bed and we went anyway. It’s always fun, and the kids were so excited to go. Today I still don’t feel great, and didn’t want color. I did put on pink shoes to give me something. After black, white and blue, punch-you-in-the-face pink is my next favorite color.

Blouse here (this is the slim fit, so order up 1 size. I wear a small in this cut and XS in the regular cut). Jeans here. Flats similar hereherehereherehere. Necklaces dupe here and other necklace similar here. Lipsense 1x Purple Reign 1x Blu-red 1x Purple Reign Glossy gloss.

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