Myth Busting – You CAN Get Ready in 20 Minutes

Mythbusting 1 - you can get ready in 20

Looking Put Together makes your day so much better

You can look put together in just 20 minutes a day!

“I don’t know you have time to get ready everyday. How do you manage to be so put together this early in the morning?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation, and every single time I say, “It only takes me 20 minutes!” There are some tips and tricks to make it happen, but today I’m busting the myth that it takes too long to get ready every day! 

I am so passionate about the benefits getting up and getting dressed has on my life and the effect it can have on your life that some of the very first posts I wrote for Stunning Style when I started over three years ago were 12 Important Reasons Getting Dressed Every Day Makes My Life Better and 10 Tips For Getting Ready for Work in 20 Minutes + A Video Of My Actual Routine

If you found this valuable and you want to dive deeper with me into this topic, I am launching the brand new Classic Style Academy, and the first course is ready. It’s called:

Perfectly Put Together: The Quick and Easy Way to Get Dressed by Shopping Your Closet for Comfortable Outfits that Fit Your Lifestyle. Learn more here!

My goal with this course is to make it quick and easy for you to look put together every day, and teach you how to shop your closet for outfits you will love and want to wear. We will go through the how and the why so you can create your own outfits, which if the first and most important step in getting dressed each day. Look for an announcement from me this Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “Myth Busting – You CAN Get Ready in 20 Minutes”

  1. You’re so right about this. I’ve usually done the “get dressed” thing in the morning, but there were times when I run to the store without makeup, or in yoga pants. There is no doubt I feel better when I feel more confident and put together. It is a different mindset that says, “This is important to me, this is self-care” vs. “It’s more righteous not to self-obsess, and that includes all aspects of how you look.” I have had feedback (not often, but at times) that I am intimidating. I’m not sure what was meant by that, perhaps the red lips are off-putting. I don’t see many other ladies with red lips. Especially over 50. But I am also told I am striking. And I don’t think it’s focusing too much on self to spend 20 minutes to get ready for your day. This seems like a healthy mental habit to me. Rock on, April. May your message reach many in this world of yoga pants, athleisure and lack of respect for everything, including self.

  2. Oh, my gosh, the sports bra wrestling match! I have nightmares about the day I honestly thought someone would have to get a scissors and cut me out of it!

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