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As a mom, when I think Black Friday deals, I’m usually thinking about my kids or my husband. I want to get them that thing that will make their head spin with excitement, and I want to get the most for my Christmas dollars. Then my husband will ask what I want. “Wha?” Oh, right. What DO I want? I’m here to help you with that.

I am a deal shopper. I have no shame in that. It gives me a rash to pay retail. I partly blame the retailers for training me to be this way. Remember when sales were a big deal? They happened on major holidays and you waited until then to make big purchases. Not the case anymore.There is one sale weekend I do wait for, and that’s Black Friday. In college I did get up and join the masses. I was broke. I wanted new clothes and shoes. And there was no internet shopping. You join the throng or you miss out.

Here’s How I Shop Black Friday

I’m a very intentional shopper, meaning that I keep a list of things I’m looking for to fill gaps in my wardrobe. It really helps with impulse purchases and that urge to buy things just because they are on sale. When I shop Black Friday, I gather the things I’m interested in before the sales start, and then go check if they went on sale. I do still check the ads in case there is something I missed, but mostly I’m watching the things I already know I want.

I do have some things on my list that I’ve been eyeballing. For a much more comprehensive shopping list, check out my Shop My Finds page for the fantastic stuff I find while I’m putting together my What I Wore posts. This post is a more focused roundup. If there is stuff that is normally out of your budget, this is the weekend to look for it. You might get it for a killer deal. Two categories immediately come to mind: bags and boots. If I’m going to splurge on something, it will be those two. They make every outfit look more expensive. Even in you exclusively shop at Target (which has some fantastic stuff on a regular basis), nice shoes and bag make your outfit look more high end. I tend to buy classics that I can carry or wear for years, and I always buy on sale. Just like I shop for my kids’ Christmas presents, I prefer quality over quantity. One amazing bag, one killer pair of boots over several cheap ones.

Some of these are already on sale. The others may or may not go on sale, but now that we know what we want, when the sales start, we can go directly to the link and buy. This way it’s not a race, trying to dig through everything, hoping things don’t disappear from your cart. Do be aware that a lot of retailers will clear out your cart when the sale starts, but not to worry! When the sale starts, come back here (or the Shop My Finds page), click, click, buy. Go eat your pie. Done. Easiest shopping ever.

I found you some basic bags, and some that are a little more fun. I like my basic bags to have a special detail that makes them less basic. 

I have been on the hunt for a navy bootie, because I tend to prefer it over black for fall. I’ve rounded up some navy and black booties, because there is a place for both in my wardrobe.

This sale already started, and I rounded up my favorites for you.

This is our gift-giving strategy for our kids.

This is about giving experiences instead of gifts.

And this is the 30 best non-tech toys your kids will love.

Which are your favorites? What are you looking for this Friday? What is your Black Friday strategy?

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