What I Wore When Winter Was Late

NEW WIW Winter Was Late

First: I hate cold weather. These Southern bones weren’t made for single digits.

Second: it has been unnaturally warm this fall. The first big snow storm of the year often happens the week of Thanksgiving, and this year it was 63 degrees on Thanksgiving. Sixty. three. degrees. That’s not natural. As much as I love warm weather, it’s also unsettling. The following Sunday was 67 degrees!

Third: my husband says I have an unnatural obsession with the weather. I check it every day, and talk about it. A lot. He says I think of weather.com as God’s own personal website. If it says so on there, it will be.

Fourth: For me Thanksgiving is the last day of fall, and winter starts the day after. I’m ready for cozy sweaters, boots and coats. So what do I do when winter has started, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature?

We always put up the Christmas tree and get out the decorations. It’s the only holiday I decorate for. For the first time we decided to get a real tree, so we took the kids to this tree farm and got a beauty!! The weather was spectacular, but I still wanted to look and feel festive, so I wore this bold blue and red windowpane button up, dark wash jeans and duck boots because goat and chicken caca. I didn’t want to get any of my nice boots dusty and dirty either, and these can get a scrub down in the sink. My sleeves were rolled up, but when the wind picked up and we were in the shade, I rolled them down.

Shirt similar here. JeansBoots. Necklace similar here. Sunglasses similar here.

We took the kids to see the movie Wonder today, and it was so, so good. We thought it was important for our kids to see for so many reasons. It sparked a lot of important conversations that continue. If you want to embrace winter and it’s not that cold, you can never go wrong wearing red and candy cane stripes. True confessions: I usually forget to take my outfit pictures on Saturdays because we are doing the family thing, so I have been racking my brain ALL DAY until I finally remembered what I wore, ran upstairs, put it on, took a picture and changed again. All this to say…I wore red lipstick on Saturday. Not plum.

Jacket similar herehere and here. Tee hereJeans. Shoes similar hereherehereherehere. Necklace similar here.

67 degrees and sunny. Nearly shorts weather. I wore this 3-season denim shirt dress and added the burgundy cardigan, tights, and boots to winterize it.

Dress similar here. Boots similar hereherehere. Cardigan here. Tights similar here, here and here. Choker similar here.

On Monday when the kids went back to school, I was ready for a mental and physical break. Since that didn’t happen I went with a color break. Black soothes me. When it was cooler in the morning and evening I wore the jacket, and when it warmed up I was able to take it off. Also, the whole world was orange that morning. I walked outside and took that picture.

Jacket similar herehere and here. Tee similar here. Jeans here. Flats less intense here and here, strappy version here. Necklace similar here.

Cobalt blue, black, boots and Buffalo check are a very wintery combination to me, but this shirt is lighter than flannel, so I didn’t overheat when the day warmed up.

Coat similar here and here. Shirt here. Jeans here. Boots similar hereherehere. Choker similar here.

I didn’t realize how EMO I looked until I took my picture, but navy and black and leather and zippers and chokers and stripes are a girl’s best friend. Or at least this girl. The black and navy combo still say winter, but the top is a tee, and the jacket is a trench, so not as heavy as a coat.

Tee similar here, here. Jeans here. Boots similar hereherehere. Choker similar here. Trench similar here. Sunglasses similar here.

Is winter late at your house? What did you wear?

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