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I love to kill time by prowling new outfit ideas on Pinterest while waiting for my kids after sports, in line at the store, and instead of folding laundry. I see so many inspirational pins and am constantly filling my Pinterest boards with new ideas. If you scan through my boards, you may look at a lot of outfits and think, “That doesn’t look like April’s style at all! She doesn’t wear brown, blush, or boho. Why would she pin that?”

Well friends, it’s because I RARELY copy an outfit outright. Not because I’m against it. If I find an amazing outfit that’s just my style, and I have the pieces, I will copycat in a heartbeat. There just aren’t that many Pinterest outfits that match my style exactly, so instead I take inspiration from the photos and make it my own. Sometimes I love the combination of the pieces and change it to bold colors instead. Sometimes I change out lighter elements like polkadots and insert my own stabby, edgy details. Maybe it’s the color combo I like, or the silhouette.

Hopefully this post shows you how you can get inspiration from outfits you see and learn how to take what you love about it and make it your own. I shopped my own closet for all of these outfits.

The inspiration photo (credit here), is so great! I love the layered look. Button ups, sweaters, destroyed jeans and flats are my fall uniform. If you know me at all, you know I don’t love polka dots, gold or leopard (ok, that’s a lie. I LOVE leopard and think about incorporating it back into my wardrobe on a regular basis. Leopard flats tempt me constantly). Instead of polka dots I layered with my favorite striped button-up. I chose a faux stack silver bracelet instead of the gold watch, and went with these red flats patterned flats in lieu of leopard. Since I can’t see what she has on for jewelry up top, I imagined no necklace and bold earrings. I would love to find a pair of jeans that saturated and destroyed, but I went for what I had on hand, which is ripped out knees. If I could find some neutral snake skin flats, those would be the perfect substitute.

Sweater similar herehere. Shirt similar here. Shoes similar hereherehereherehere. Bracelet similar here.

I loved this inspiration photo (credit here) right away. A cobalt blue tee, jeans and booties? Sign me up. Since I don’t wear brown, I substituted for silver booties and a black bag with silver hardware. My top is scoop neck, so instead of a long pendant, I went with a bold silver statement necklace. If I had a crewneck top like hers, I would have worn a pendant. Because I chose a more substantial necklace, I skipped the stacked bracelets. I can only do one bold jewelry piece at a time. I wish I had worn destroyed jeans instead, but they were in the wash. Yes, all of them. I do have a black tote that I could have worn in the photo, but I never carry it as a purse, so I showed you the purse I really used.

Tee from inspiration photo here, similar here. Jeans here. Bootie similar here. Necklace here (my one complaint about this necklace is it is noisy).

I have a thing for masculine-inspired clothing pieces, and utility vests fit right in. I don’t wear olive green, so I found this black leather version as a substitute last winter. I love all things gingham, the vest, destroyed jeans and booties in the inspiration photo (credit here). I swapped out the vest and the boots for colors that fit my wardrobe. Also, no belt. Belts are one of those things I keep buying…and not wearing. I love them! I love to buy them! I don’t wear them. I like the idea of wearing them. It’s time to stop.

Gingham shirt here. Jeans here. Vest similar here and here. Booties similar here. Earrings here.

I love everything about this inspiration photo (credit here)! Orange is one of my favorite colors, especially in the fall, and especially paired with turquoise. And a navy corduroy skirt with an exposed silver zipper? I’m dying. Why does it have to be a mini skirt though? No minis for me. I swapped the mini for a super saturated denim skirt that doesn’t get nearly enough wear in my life. Since my sweater is a v-neck, I went with bold turquoise earrings instead and a simple silver necklace. Once again those beautiful leopard flats are currently not in my wardrobe, so I wore silver flats. This is more casual than I usually go for church, but it was what I needed that day.

Sweater similar here. Denim skirt similar here (LOVE this one!). Flats similar hereherehere. Earrings similar here and here. Necklace dupe here.

Deborah is one of my personal style heroes. She looks perfect in everything. When I saw this picture pop up on her Essentially Deborah Facebook page, I knew I was going to copy cat like crazy. I substituted a leather moto jacket because my style is edgier than hers. Because of the chevron pattern in my sweater, I skipped a necklace and went for a bold earring instead. I was also feeling more casual that day, so I went for my super comfy moccasins. I could wear this every day. Every. Day.

Did you see our Facebook Live interview a month or so ago?

Sweater similar here and here. Jeans here. Shoes similar here and here. Jacket similar herehere.

If there were ever an outfit to make me want to got back to brown leather, it’s this one. I acturally have a green sweater, but I don’t have a scarf that goes with it, so I went for purple instead. I got this gorgeous scarf in Edinburgh. I went into every. single. shop on the Royal Mile looking for the perfect one. Most of them have muted colors, and I wanted one I would wear, so I was beyond thrilled when I found this one. Anyway. back on topic. I chose a purple scarf and sweater, and paired it with black leather instead of brown.

Jeans here. Jacket similar herehere. Sweater similar here. Scarf similar here. Boots here.  Purse similar here, here, here.

This is the kind of Pinterest outfit that makes me scream a little. Stripes on stripes? And I own nearly identical pieces already? Is there anything better? (The picture is from a NY Post article that is no longer online, but I originally found it here). I believe I’m wearing the exact same shirt from J. Crew! Since it’s the rare Wednesday you’ll find me in 4-inch heels, I swapped out for pink mocs. I chose a chevron necklace and layered it with another necklace that is slightly shorter. The picture doesn’t show her outerwear, but I grabbed my leather moto jacket when I left this morning. I skipped the bracelets because, for me, this is plenty going on.

Jacket similar herehere. Shirt similar here.  Jeans here. Mocassins here. Necklaces similar here.

How do you get inspired by Pinterest? What kinds of trades do you make when making it fit your personal style. How would you have styled these outfits? How do you kill time when you should be folding laundry?

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