What I Wore From The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide

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In honor of launching my new eBook Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide – A Curated Seasonal Collection. 31 Pieces. 100 Outfits, I’m wearing outfits from the guide all week. Does this mean I’ll only wear outfits from the guide the rest of the winter? No. I have my seasons of enjoying a capsule wardrobe, and I have seasons when I want to wear other items in my wardrobe. But the book still serves me a lot!

The Wardrobe Guide is multi-purpose. It can be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe, a packing guide for trips, or a wardrobe foundation. The pieces are so classic that many women will have the majority in their closets already. By adding a few fresh pieces, you can get a lot of new looks and even more inspiration to use what you already have. 

I use this wardrobe as my foundation. I actually created it by going through and picking the core pieces from my existing wardrobe. My workhorses. The ones I wear over. and over. and over. and over. My very favorites. Then I looked back over the last 2 winters to see how I wore them, and created outfits from there. I love to mix them with the other pieces in my closet as well, and I’ll show you how over the next few months. This week I’m demonstrating the capsule wardrobe side of it.

This is the weekend I finished the book! I was feeling extra festive for church on the heels of my victory. Love my little photo bomber. After church I usually change into loungewear and chill with the family, but we had a family Christmas party, so I put on black jeans instead. The skirt is an example of how the Wardrobe Guide can be adapted for a dressier work wardrobe. One simple swap takes it to the office.  It would be outfit #97 with red jeans.The black jeans is outfit #24.

Sweater similar hereShirt. Skirt similar hereJeansBoots. Heels similar here. Necklace similar here. Purse similar here.

This is outfit #84 from the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide. In the Stunning Style Society Facebook group I share some special styling tips about wearing these amazing silver booties. This group and the special bonus style tutorials are available exclusively as part of your purchase of the Wardrobe Guide.

Sweater. Tee (3 great similar options here).  Jeans. Boots. Necklace similar here. Purse similar here.

Outfit #45 from the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Winter 2017. I’m wearing this leather moto jacket instead of the velvet trucker jacket, and bootcut jeans instead of skinnies. I chose a choker with statement earrings and booties bc you can’t see riding boots under my jeans anyway. My version is edgy. What would your version look like? I already owned everything here.

Jacket similar herehere. Shirt similar hereJeans. Boots similar hereherehere. Earrings similar here. Necklace similar here.

Outfit #44 from the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide. Getting dressed has never been easier. In the Stunning Style Society Facebook Group, I shared some extra tips about styling this outfit in a way that is personalized to me and a bonus tip about accessories. Access to this exclusive group is one of the many perks of purchasing the guide. 

Jacket similar herehere. Sweater similar here, hereCorduroys. Boots similar hereherehere. Necklace similar here


Here is my version of outfit #61. Turtlenecks are a love ’em or hate ’em item. I love them. This t-shirt turtleneck is so lightweight I don’t even feel it on my neck. I’m wearing this to show a variation on the striped tee in the Wardrobe Guide.

Shirt (this year’s version here). Jeans. Boots similar hereherehere. Necklace similar here. 


Outfit #62 from the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Winter Edition. It warmed up today, so I didn’t bother with a jacket. Black and white was just right. It’s been an insanely busy few weeks, and I didn’t feel like color today. 

Shirt similar hereCorduroys.  Boots similar hereherehere.


Last night we had a company Christmas party for my husband, and I was hands down, by far the most dressed up person there. But I didn’t care. I love my sparkly pants.

SweaterPants. Heels similar here. Brooch here. Earrings similar here and here


What I Wore From The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide

And finally, check out my new manicure! It goes perfectly with the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide! It’s festive without being too Christmasy. I would choose this manicure at any point in the winter season.



This is Lori from the Stunning Style Society Facebook group, an exclusive community for those who purchase the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide. She shared 3 version of the same outfit based on the weather.

1. What I’d like to be wearing.
2. Even this option would be nice.
3. My reality…


If you live in a cold winter climate, I’m sure you can relate! 

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