What I Wore When I Was Chained To My Desk

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So this is couple of weeks late, but I it was for a worthy cause. While I was working on my new ebook, The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide – A Curated Seasonal Collection, I was basically chained to my desk. I got up EARLY (like 4:47 early), worked all day while the kids were at school, then I left to pick them up and drive them around to their various sports for 4 hours every afternoon, fed them, put them to bed and went back to work. I was a slave to my computer. And exhausted. And brain fried.

I was mostly concerned about getting the book out in time for Christmas shopping, and making it perfect. Half the days I forgot to take pictures of my outfits until very late. I was a woman consumed by a project. I do that. I fixate on the task at hand, and when the task is as big as this one, well, that means I don’t come up for air until I’m finished. I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. For better or worse. And when I wasn’t working on it, I was thinking about it, making notes about it, dreaming about it (literally. Every night I worked on it while I slept), talking about it, driving everyone around me crazy about it. My brain would. not. stop. talking to me. It evolved as I worked on it into something quite a bit bigger (and even better) than what I started out to do.

This week, though, comfort was key. Warmth was essential. My sanity depended on it. I could not be distracted by what I was wearing, but I still had to get up and get dressed every day, just like I always do, do it in 20 minutes or less because I didn’t have time to waste, because I still had a life to live in between. I had places to go, things to do, people to see, and HUGE things to accomplish! Let’s see what I wore.

This t-shirt and jeans combo are so comfortable and easy to wear, but still very chic and put together. I added the bold turquoise necklace for a punch of color, but I’m still wearing black, white and blue, my favorite color base. This is my uniform year round. Striped top and jeans. I could wear it every day (ok, I practically do).

Tee here, similar herehere. Jeans. Jacket similar herehere. Boots similar hereherehere. Necklace similar here.

Even though I was feverish with excitement about my project, since it was Saturday, I worked on the big blog surprise (aka the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide) until lunch, and then I spent the rest of the day with the family. This was the last day of this freakishly nice weather. Winter comes in the morning. I took this green sweater from fall to winter by pairing it with black instead of navy. You can see how I wore it this fall here and here. Pairing it with black changed it to a more winter look.

Sweater similar here, here, here. Jacket similar herehere. Jeans. Boots similar hereherehere. Necklace similar here.

This nasty cold has been slowly working its way through our family the last 6 weeks. This week it’s been my husband’s turn. He rarely gets sick, but this one has him down, so it was just the kids and me at church today. An all knit outfit makes it easy and comfortable to wrangle 6 kids.

Sweater similar here. Skirt similar here. Heels similar here, here. Necklace. Earrings similar here.

I’m dressed for a party…at my desk. First snow of the year, and I look festive. Black velvet jeans, white cable knit turtleneck and a bold red coat with shiny black quilted boots. This could be my Santa costume.

Sweater similar here, here. Coat similar here, here. Pants. Boots here, similar here.

The color of this sweater is what burgundy dreams are made of. I didn’t really like how color blocky this outfit ended up, but I didn’t have time to change. I wore the boots at home to try them out. Not sure if they are keepers. The color is a little off, and they aren’t super comfortable. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about them. I’m also unsure of this jacket. The navy seems too light to me, but it could be the sheen. What do you think? That night I had dinner with my husband’s co-workers at a nicer restaurant so I changed to black jeans and my moto to dress it up a bit, but not too much because they are a super casual crowd for the most part.

Sweater. Jacket. Jeans. Boots. Necklace similar here. Sunglasses similar here.

I am working my TAIL off trying to get this big thing launched on my blog. I live, eat and sleep at my desk and then I drive my kids all over. I’m waiting on my youngest at dress rehearsal and stepped into this super harsh light to grab a very unflattering picture, but this is real life folks. Harsh and unflattering, squeezed in when I can. If I ever make it home I will try to take a better picture. The yellow boosted my mood and energy today. It was just what I needed.

Jacket similar herehere. Boots similar hereherehereSweater. Jeans.

Just hanging at the arcade with my son way past my bedtime. We are on a mommy son date. We went to dinner and now I’m standing in line for us at the air hockey table where I will CRUSH HIM. He’s playing another game until it’s our turn. Update: He’s 11, and when I skunked him he said, “Mom, I really thought I’d beat you!” Kid, you never stood a chance. We had one of these tables in our house when I was younger. Mama has been doing this for a long time. Keep practicing.

Let’s talk about this shirt. Ordinarily I wouldn’t wear a pattern this small because from not too great a distance the colors blend. If the checks were black and white, it would read gray. In this case, the two bold colors blend and read another bold color: burgundy. My unicorn color. That makes this a definite yes from me. If you’re starting to wonder if I wear the same boots every day, the answer is yes. I heart them very much.

Jacket similar herehere. Shirt. Jeans. Boots similar hereherehere.

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