How I Regrew My Eyebrows And 3 Tips To Make Them Look Fuller

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I’ve always envied those women with bold eyebrows that could be plucked and molded into any dramatic shape. Eyebrows frame the face, and I remember the very moment that I realized that. I saw my high school senior homecoming picture and my face looked like a blank page. I realized it was because my eyebrows were missing. Actually they were just extra blonde from the summer and blended into my face from that distance. But still, that was the moment I realized that eyebrows matter. A lot.

I’ve never had enough that I could justify plucking, so I had to make the most of what I was born with. After that picture I started filling them in with pencil or powder. A few years ago I was getting ready for the day when my husband asked me a question. “Have you been plucking your eyebrows?” Um, no. Why? “Well, it just looks like you’ve been plucking and maybe it got…out of hand.”

I looked in the mirror again and realized that slowly my eyebrows had thinned A LOT. I mean, I was surprised that my husband was even aware I had eyebrows, and here he had noticed they were much sparser. That’s bad, folks. Like, disastrously bad. How was I going to regrow my eyebrows naturally? It was obviously a symptom of a something going wrong with my body.

That same week I was in a health food store and happened to get in a conversation about eyebrows with the woman who worked there. She mentioned that thinning eyebrows is a symptom of low iodine, so I bought a bottle. Ok, I bought two. Turns out she was right!

I started taking iodine every day and my eyebrows came back! A year later, I was seeing a new doctor, and he checked my eyebrows. So, why do my eyebrows interest you, sir? He explained that thinning eyebrows can be a symptom of low thyroid, but mine weren’t too bad. I told him I was taking iodine, and he said that explained it! Turns out I do have low thyroid. He increased my iodine by a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. My eyebrows got fuller yet. I’d say I’ve reached maximum capacity for my eyebrows, though I still would love to have more. It’s just not in my DNA.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I’ve been to have my eyebrows back the last couple of years. Some women are very masterful at drawing their eyebrows on. I am not artistic enough. Also, I have visions of wiping a hand across my forehead and smearing one. Can you imagine? I can. So for as long as I can, I’ll take what I can grow naturally.

I use this brand of iodine, as recommended by my doctor. Another doctor had me using this liquid brand that you put under your tongue for 30 seconds, but it was staining my lower teeth. It’s less expensive and just as effective as the other, but I didn’t like looking like I chew tobacco. Please consult with your doctor before supplementing, because I am not a doctor. He or she can guide you in dosing.

I tried to find a picture of how sparse my eyebrows were, but I was using brow powder to fill them in everyday, so I don’t have a before to show you. I did make this collage of my eyebrows before, during and after filling them in every day (see tips below), and an extremely blurry and awkward closeup.

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Once I figured out how to regrow my eyebrows naturally, I wanted to maximize them even more. I have a few tricks to make my eyebrows look fuller than they are. First, I dye them once a month because they are blonde (though in these pictures I haven’t dyed them in 2 months, so that’s my natural eyebrow color). On top of that, I use mascara to give the eyebrow hairs more volume and substance. I use a light hand and only one coat. You don’t want them to look like eyelashes.  I like to use the tube that has gotten too dried out for my eyelashes. It deposits just enough color without being goopy. I also use waterproof mascara in the summer.

The third thing I started doing a year ago is I brush them UP instead of across as I apply the mascara. I noticed this look on the J. Crew models last year and started trying it myself. At first it looked weird to me, but they look so much fuller. I even found an article about it here.

The truth is, whenever you enhance your eyebrows it will look weird to you because you’ve changed something major on your face. However, it will look so much better and soon you will wonder how you did without.

Have you found any tricks to regrow eyebrows naturally?

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