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Spring time is when our level of busyness ramps up and just continues until the end of the year. Spring soccer has started, the new swim team year has started, along with a schedule change (apparently), the girls have extra rehearsals for their upcoming recital. We also have four birthdays, end of the school year activities, try outs, and more. It’s the beginning of the crazy. I know I’m not alone in this.

Today is a better day. I really struggled yesterday with the anniversary of a friend’s death. I was able to lift myself up and out of that today somewhat. Tee (similar here and here), jeans (and they are on sale!!), flats (similar here,  herehere and here).  Purse Kate Spade, necklace Stella and Dot

This outfit is a slight departure from my usual style. My secondary three likes certain elements of the boho style, but it’s usually too flowy and loose and all the wrong colors for me. I’ve wanted a top like this for ages but had never had luck finding one that was Type 4 until now. It’s pure white, not too flowy, has straight lines and an angular pattern set in parallel lines. Is it me? Or is this one of those looks best admired on someone else? Well, it lasted 3 hours. I felt like I was playing dress up. I think something about it is still too soft. I was making another recipe video that morning and as I did a test video all I could focus on was the pattern on the sleeves (which was all you could see of my outfit) it was so distracting to me. So I changed for the video and felt SO MUCH BETTER. There was a tightness in my chest that released. I don’t know if it needed something like a cardigan to give it more structure, or some edgier accessories to make it tougher, but I was back in stripes by mid-morning. Maybe I’ll try again later? It seemed like a fun spring/summer top, but maybe it’s not me. I confess I feel disappointed. I want to love it on me! Boho Shirtjeans (on sale!! I just ordered another pair because I wear these so much), sandals. Similar tee hereherehere. Purse similar herehere and here.

I’m dressing like it’s spring even though the temps dipped again. Also, I’ve decided to stop saving my white jeans for when I’m kid-free because that rarely happens. They’ll get dirty, and they wash. I honestly used to be so stressed all day when I wore white pants or shorts, but I’ve decided to let it go. Sweater. Jacket – this one is nearly identical to mine and very affordable! And this one has a hood. This one has a hood and silver hardware.  Jeans  (and they are on sale!!). Mocs similar here. Purse similar herehere and here.

We had brunch and an egg hunt with the Easter bunny, swim lessons, a soccer game and a birthday dinner for my son all on one day. I need a nap. Also I solved the Kiss for a Cause problem. 1 coat of purple reign to give it the saturation and opacity + 2 coats kiss for a cause to get the right color. They are similar colors and that base layer is perfect. Pink sweater available here and here,  jeans (on sale!! I just ordered another pair because I wear these so much). Mocs similar here. Earrings similar here. Purse similar herehere and here.

Happy Easter y’all! This is the coral dress I chose for my Easter dress. Clearly I took the pictures after church bc my dress is wrinkled from sitting and having kids in my lap. I love the coral with the cobalt blue. I received compliment after compliment at church. I love that both my necklace and my shoes are suede. I finally got the perfect coral lip color after years of searching. It’s 2 coats of Electric Tangerine and 1 coat Kiss for a Cause from Lipsense. It matches my dress perfectly. Dress here. Heels similar here, and here. Necklace House of Harlow, similar here and here. Purse similar herehere and here.

This outfit is easy and comfortable. My husband is in London all week, so I’m going into survival mode. Also, my kids are all high on sugar and are suffering from withdrawals like drug addicts. It’s insane.  *Help me* . Cardigan similar here and here. Tee similar here. Necklace House of Harlow, similar here and here Jeans (and they are on sale!!). Necklace House of Harlow, similar here and here. Mocs similar here.

I met a friend for lunch today, and brought along my favorite photo bomber. This is the Portofino blouse from Express. I have an absurd number of them, but I love them. They are always coming out with new colors and styles.  I currently want this one.  Jeans (on sale!! I just ordered another pair because I wear these so much). Flats (similar here,  herehere and here), necklace Stella and Dot. Purse similar herehere and here.

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