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We had two birthdays this week along with extra activities and sports, so it was BUSY(er). We are still having true spring weather, so I get to wear all my jackets, which I LOVE. I’m a true outerwear junkie. When spring throws you a curveball (or a snowball) in late April, you make those layers work for you. Here’s how I adapted to the cold weather while embracing the season it should be.The only thing I don’t love about summer and hot weather (because I’m always, always cold) is that it’s too hot to layer or wear jackets. Otherwise, I’d love to live on the surface of the sun.

Today is my son’s birthday. I always wear my kids’ favorite color combined with my favorite color. It might sound silly, but colors are a big deal in our family. My kids have had an assigned color since birth, and they take it very seriously. It’s a small nod to them on their special day that means a lot. Blouse similar hereherehere. Turquoise leather jacket similar here and hereJeans (on sale!! I just ordered another pair because I wear these so much). Necklace similar here. Flats similar here.

The day is nearly over and I finally took my picture. I’ve been rained on a few times today and had a wet 3-year-old in my lap for 45 minutes bc she wanted out of the pool before the others’ lessons were done. I’m a cold, wet, wrinkled mess (instead of a hot mess), but we all got where we needed to go. Everything I wear is machine washable, get wet-able, and occupied lap-able, so while I looked like I peed my pants from having her wet tooshy on my lap, nothing is ruined. It’s all kid friendly. This jacket has a hood so at least my hair was protected. I love this rain jacket. It’s chic but keeps me dry. Jacket. Shirt (similar here). JeansBoots. Necklace duplicate here.

It’s another busy day (as if any of us have un-busy days), but I’m preppy and comfortable. This gingham shirt may be the most worn item in my closet. I’ve had it for 4 years. It is so classic, versatile and comfortable. When it finally wears out I will get another one. I love the exposed zipper on the back of this sweater. Shirt. Sweater (similar here). Jeans. Shoes (similar here and here). Jacket (this one is nearly identical to mine and very affordable! And this one has a hood. This one has a hood and silver hardware and is the navy version of the rain jacket I’m wearing above).

Tonight is date night with my husband. He has traveled the last two weeks, so we need some time together. Sushi and a movie and maybe a quick trip to Costco are on the agenda. Are we the only ones who consider going to Costco on date nights? I love the pattern and colors of this top but it is too blousy for me, so I added the cardigan to give it structure. I plan to take it in on the sides and the sleeves so I can wear it alone as well. Blouse similar hereJeansCardigan. Wedges (similar herehere and here). Necklace.

Off to church. I’ve been getting so much wear out of this navy skirt and these navy heels. As much as I love black, navy is what I prefer in spring and summer. Sweater (similar here). Skirt similar here. Turquoise leather jacket similar here and here. Heels similar here and here. Necklace similar here.

It’s cold and rainy, and I want comfort and stillness. I have picked up and put down this sweater so many times in the store because I just wasn’t sure the turquoise was right. Finally it was $6 on clearance and figured I’d risk it, so it came home with me :). I I love the texture of the sleeves and back of the sweater and felt great in it all day, so I think the color is right. I love these earrings, but when I wear them I can’t wear a necklace. It feels like too much. I always wear studs with a statement necklace. I see other people wear both and I love the look on them, but I feel overwhelmed by both. Maybe because I have such short hair and they are so on display? I threw on a larger necklace just for demonstration…and then I took it off. Too much. Sweater (similar here and here). Jeans (super saturated. I love them). Earrings (similar here and here). Moccasins (similar here and here). Necklace.

It’s colder and rainier and even snowing on the benches today, but that gives me an excuse to wear this sweater again. It buttons up the back, which I love. I would rather be wearing my blue moccasins but the rain would ruin them, so rain boots it is. And head to toe blue, which always makes me happy. Sweater (still available in red and navy), similar blue sweater hereherehere and hereJeans (super saturated. I love them). Boots. Scarf (similar here and here). Earrings.

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