What I Wore When Mother Nature Was In A Bad Mood

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So the weather is not good. It’s all over the place. From 85 degrees down to 35 degrees in a matter of days. It’s mid-May, Mother Nature. Stop it already. Fortunately it was nice on Sunday for Mother’s Day, and I had a lovely day.

I was supposed to have a hair appointment this morning, but my stylist cancelled last minute. Kid crisis. Anyway, I didn’t do my hair because of swim. I just pinned it back in anticipation of my appointment. Now I’m stuck with it like this the rest of the day. I don’t have time to redo it. I’ll spare you the full shot. I love the exposed silver zipper on this tee. Tee (similar here). Jeans. Necklace similar here and here). Sandals.

I went on the third grade field trip ALL DAY then straight to driving kids back and forth everywhere. I feel like garbage today bc of my whacky hormones. I feel like I’m walking through mud. I wore orange because that is my third grader’s favorite color. I was very comfortable, if cranky. Tee (similar here). Jeans. Sneakers (similar herehere and here). Necklace (similar here).

I left the house at 8:15 and got home 10 hours later. I’m so exhausted and still feeling rotten. I love day dresses because they are so easy to wear, look so put together and are so comfortable. I have this dress in three colors and plan to buy two more. I finally got my hair done and feel so much better. Dress. Necklace. Sandals.

I always plant on Mother’s Day, so my husband got up and went to buy about 30 tomatoes and peppers for me this morning. I planted those then got my girls ready for their performances of Coppelia today, got myself ready and the whole family went off to watch them. I decided to wear heels to dress this up. It’s a cold, windy day. Trench (similar herehere herehere and here). Blouse (similar here). Jeans. Heels (similar here, and here). Necklace (similar herehere, and here).

This dress may be my greatest find ever. Cobalt and black color blocking and leather trim. I’ve wanted a cobalt dress for years, and this is THE ONE. So Happy Mother’s Day to this fierce mama! Knowing my true nature helps me be a better mother and forgive myself for not being light and playful. I have other great qualities that make me a great mom. There isn’t only one kind of great mom. I also have more time to play with eye makeup on Sunday mornings, so I did a purple and navy eyeshadow combo. Dress (similar here, here, here and here). Heels (similar here). Necklace (similar here).

As the end of the year winds up, time speeds up. On top of everything with sports and school and our upcoming trip, I’m trying to find a new school for our kids. It’s a huge decision and a huge commitment. It is taking a lot of my time. I don’t want to make the wrong choice. Anyway, today is another busy day while I try to do it all. I decided to pin my bangs back for a fuss-free style today. Not my favorite bc you can see all the baby hairs growing in, but I need easy. Tee (similar here). Pants similar here and hereSandals.

I love comments and questions and requests, so leave me some comments below. What did you like? Are you inspired to try anything new? Is there something you want me to write about on the blog?

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