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The weather here is crazy. It snowed off and on several days this week. IT SNOWED. In late April!! That is just not ok. I’m not made for this kind of crazy weather.

We took our three youngest to Disneyland for the first time for their birthday trip. It was nice and hot, and I did something completely out of character for me: I decided to try Disneybounding. I had never heard of this before, but Disneybounding is when you dress in a modern-day outfit inspired by a Disney character. I am notoriously no fun. Work is my idea of fun. Accomplishing things. Doing projects. I’ve always known this about myself. Before Dressing Your Truth one of the things I beat myself up over is not being a fun mom. We are taking our youngest three to Disneyland for the first time, and I’ve never been into Disney anything. I can’t believe I did it. I’ve lost my mind.

I love this woven stripe sweater. It’s subtle and just woven in. I also shortened this necklace a lot. It came down to my tummy before, but the chain is so delicate it just snapped the first wear, and it also seemed to get lost, visually. It’s not substantial enough to be that long. This length is perfect. Sweater similar herehere,  and here

I’ve been hunting for the perfect dark wash denim shirt for over a year, and here it is! I have so much to do the next two days before we leave on our trip that my fierce side came to the rescue to give me the push I need. Much edginess today. This amazing leather cuff is my perfect bracelet because it is lightweight and doesn’t move a lot. Love it. Add some super stabby earrings, snake skin jeans and strappy ankle booties, and I’m rocking this day. Dark wash denim/chambray shirt, snake skin jeans similar here, booties (similar here), leather cuff (similar here)

It snowed last night. It is freaking cold here. Yesterday was crazy busy. Along with all the normal stuff we had our anniversary date last night. We went to a cooking class to learn to make arepas. They were divine. Today is even busier. I have to pack us for Disneyland, write 2 blog posts, and still run the kids to all their sports. I need a clone. Seriously. Tee (short sleeve version here, similar here). Turquoise leather jacket similar here and hereJeans. Moccasins (similar here and here). Necklace similar here

Disney outfit number 1. As a hardcore shoe lover, this is a statement I can support. I wore the sweatshirt to the airport and on the plane. I’m not the kind of person who wears Disney paraphernalia, but I can attempt to wear it at the park, not my normal life. Sweatshirt is old, but you can buy a similar (and much cuter) Sweatshirt at Mindy Mae’s Market. JeansTravel Purse.

I was disneybounding for real today. Can you guess who I am? Hopefully my accessories are clues. Tee similar herehere and hereShortsShoes.

I’m Elastigirl!! A.K.A myself. I feel like I am Elastigirl/ Mrs. Incredible most days. Aren’t we all?

Disney bounding day three. Can you guess which character I am? P.S. In case you can’t tell it by the look on my face, there is such thing as too much fun. Small doses of fun are all I can handle, and I’ve had more than my fill. I’m plastering on a happy face for the kids, because they are having a ball! So I’m The Beast today. I really am not the princess type. Tee similar here and hereShortsSandalsTravel Purse.

I’m literally on the verge of tears as we start day 4 of Disney. I just hate being jostled, bumped, touched, cut off, and zoomed past. I hate crowds and having to weave through them. As much as I dislike loud noises and all the excessive sensory stimulation, I hate those other things more. I had a different Disney outfit planned for today, but I can’t. So who am I today? Pick a villain, any villain. Maleficent, Annikan Skywalker. While we were in line a lady near me said, “You could pass for the evil queen in Snow White. You’re so beautiful and you have the dark hair and those red lips.” So I could be her too. Or Ursula. Or Mother Gothel. I don’t care. I have to last 7 hours and then we head to the airport. Tee similar hereShortsShoes.

I know not loving all things Disney makes me practically Voldemort, but it’s just not my scene. I can handle it in small doses, but when I pay for plane tickets and a hotel on top of the park entrance fee, I feel obligated to spend as much time there as possible having “fun”. I burn out quickly. Do you dream of Disney vacations? Have you gone Disneybounding?

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