What I Wore For My Spring Uniform

NEW spring uniform

Spring is back, hopefully for good, and when the weather is nice, I typically wear my spring uniform. Tee or button up, jeans, sandals/flats, necklace. Done. If the weather is cool, I love to add a jacket. Outerwear is my favorite. A tee and jeans can be a very put together look when you choose cute, appropriately fitting ones, and is definitely comfortable and ready for whatever the day brings. 

I’m going to start giving you a summary of what I did each day so you can see how my outfits fit into my life as a busy stay-at-home-mom of six kids. It’s not going to get any less busy once we start summer break, so comfortable, easy and washable is my daily requirement.

It was 35 degrees when I woke up. This is not ok. Wednesdays are always super busy. It’s early out for the kids, we go straight to swim lessons lately, then take the girls back and forth to dance (at different times of course, because having them at the same time would be too easy) and my son to swim team. I start the driving back and forth at 1:30 and end at 7:30. This sweater, jeans, sneakers and hooded trench were perfect because it SNOWED today. P.S. this is my favorite turquoise and I love it and it loves me. It’s not exactly sweater season for most people, so I found this long sleeve tee that is very similar. Trench similar here for under $100 and here for under $50.  Jeans. Sneakers (similar herehere and here). Necklace similar here.


First let’s talk about this jacket. I have been trying on leather jackets for a couple of years, trying to find THE ONE. I love edgy details, but I don’t like the typical doublebreasted moto jackets with the lapel. I’m not a rebel with or without a cause, and that is not the look that is right for me. I also dislike all the extra leather flapping in front of me when it is unzipped. Since I rarely zip jackets like this, I need it to look perfect undone. I found this one in February and have been pining for it ever since. I was waiting for the price to go down since this was definitely an investment piece. I got the last one in my size at my local store, and it was on sale! Happy Mother’s Day to me! I love the band collar, the silver zippers and the straight but off center zipper. The weather is less awful today. It’s not raining or snowing so I’m wearing the fabulous leather moto jacket I got for Mother’s Day. 

On Thursdays we have swim lessons, soccer and swim team. Here’s how it goes. I drop my 3-year-old at swim lessons, run to pick up the other kids from school, come back for them to have lessons. One son has swim team at that time, so off he goes. After my other two boys finish their lessons, I run them to soccer with my youngest, then we run back to get the other two girls who were having lessons, get them all dried off and in the car, wait for my son to finish swim team then go pick up the other two at soccer. I got lucky this year that their practices are at the same time and in the same place. That won’t happen next year. Today was different though. We also had summer swim team try outs for four of my other kids. Two made it on the first try, the third made it after a second attempt, the 7-year-old didn’t make it, but that was expected by everyone but her. She had to know 3 strokes, and there just wasn’t enough time for her to learn that. She nailed her back stroke and freestyle, but breast stroke is hard, and she can’t do it the full length of the pool. She was so sad, but I’m so proud of how hard she worked and all that she learned the last two months. This means 4 of my kids will be in summer swim team. They are excited.

Jacket (similar vegan version under $100 here, and just over $100 here. A killer deal on this Cole Haan version here and a Barbour one here.). BlouseJeans. Flats (similar hereherehere and here).

I go through style binges. For months and months all I wanted to wear was destroyed jeans. Now I only want my super dark wash perfect jeans. I worked on packing our family for this trip and photographing food for blog posts during the school day. Along with switching schools we are switching dance studios for the girls, so after school I took the girls back and forth to try outs at the new studio while packing the boys for a father/son campout. Then I ended up having smoothie for dinner because of that beauty right up there. My house smelled like a forest fire. That’s my pizza soup. I keep batches frozen for me to eat on Pizza Fridays so I’m not (as) tempted by their pizza. Warming up my soup in the middle of all of that turned out to be one too many balls in the air. Oops. Jacket (similar vegan version under $100 here, and just over $100 here. A killer deal on this Cole Haan version here and a Barbour one here.). Blouse similar hereJeansFlats (also similar here anhere). Necklace.

I took these pictures at bedtime yesterday. We had a long day of dance company try outs in the morning, an afternoon shopping trip with 6 kids, dropping one son at a birthday party, and prepping for an upcoming trip. I was so exhausted, and was coming down with something. The next morning (Sunday) I woke up with huge lymph nodes, a very sore throat, congestion and a low-grade fever, so I tried to spend as much of the day in bed as possible. These are dark wash denim jeans, not black, and the shirt is pink. Tee similar here and hereJeansFlats (also similar here and here). Necklace (similar here and here).

This morning I wrote a blog post, went to the doctor and confirmed it’s not strep, just a virus. I ran some errands until it was time to pick up my kids at school, raced home, got three of them changed into their sports clothes and a snack, dropped one at swim team, one at dance and raced to get the third to soccer team try outs. All of them started at the exact same time. Turns out, soccer try outs are TOMORROW for boys. Today was for the girls. I wrote it down wrong on my calendar. I sort of hate my phone calendar. Things get messed up a lot. I never had this trouble with paper calendars, and I might go back to having one. Anyway, long, busy day today and I want to crash right now, but I’m making dinner. Tee, jeans, sandals, necklace, done. My spring uniform. Tee similar hereherehere, and here.  Jeans. Sandals similar herehere and hereNecklaceEarrings. 

Today I’m working frantically to write at least three blog posts because we are going on a trip soon. After school we have soccer try outs and swim team. And more packing. My youngest was supposed to be at preschool this morning, but she has the cold that I’ve had, so she’s here, and glued to my back. Love her. And my back hurts. Blouse (similar herehere, and here). Jeans (similar herehere).  Sandals. Necklace similar here.

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