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Doing the two What I Wore posts for our trips has put me behind on the other days, so I’m going to lump all of July so far here together. I’m still thinking about how to do these posts in the best way for all of you. What would you like to see? Weekly roundups? Twice a week? Three times? I do share my outfits daily on both my Instagram account and my blog Facebook page, so follow me there as well!

My summertime dilemma is that the clothes are far less interesting. As much as I hate to be cold, I miss the options of cooler weather outfits: jackets, cardigans, layers, boots, gloves, scarves, socks, more substantial jewelry. I also have a really hard time bringing in the edginess I need in my wardrobe. Zippers, leather, studs, rips, tears, textures, layers and angled patterns just don’t scream SUMMERTIME!! My goal this summer is to keep my outfits interesting and maintain the edge.

Since I don’t wear anything shorter than knee length, that limits me to Bermuda shorts, and nothing has the potential to be as dowdy as mom shorts. It is really hard to elevate them to anything that would be called stylish, but I’m trying! In my book, capris are even harder, so I skip those altogether. So, here is what I’ve been wearing n July. Let’s see how I’ve done.

Confession: I went platinum for 3 weeks…and I hated every last second of it. I literally had a raging fever the day I did it, and I should never have been allowed to make a major decision like that while delirious. People either loved it or hated it. I hated it, and today I got it fixed. All is right in the world. A simple t-shirt dress is so easy for summer. Throw it on with some sandals and you’re dressed for just about anything. Dress, similar maxi version here. Sandals similar here and here. Sunglasses similar here.

Do you enjoy dressing in holiday-themed clothes? For me it depends on the holiday. You’ll never catch me in a Christmas sweater, but I do love to dress for the 4th of July, down to the bayonets on my earrings and bracelet. Today I was fierce for the 4th at church. To make my outfit more interesting I have a keyhole detail in my blouse, an assymetrical zipper skirt with bold stripes, bold patent shoes and bracelet and earrings. Blouse similar here and here. Heels similar here, here, and if you are feeling super fabulous here. Skirt similar here. Sunglasses similar here. Bracelet similar here and here.

The patriotic outfits continue. I could seriously wear red, white and blue all month. I love my country. Bold colored stripes, a patent red belt and sneakers make this outfit more interesting. Tee similar here and hereShorts – they are more like juniors sizing and very stretchy. I’m wearing a size large. Sneakers similar here, here, here, here. Belt similar here and here.

What says all American to you? For me it’s red, white, blue, gingham, and stripes. Also cookouts, hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, popsicles, ice cream, strawberry shortcake, fireworks, boating on the lake, bike rides, and spending time with my family. Voting, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the American dream, and choices. Happy Independence Day! I’m so very grateful for my freedoms and the men and women who protect those rights. I’m grateful for those who fought and won our independence, and to those of my ancestors who came to this country. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Gingham and bold red shorts make this an interesting outfit. Top similar here, here, Shorts similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Sunglasses similar here.

Anyone else suffering from a holiday hangover? Not from alcohol, but from the flurry of preparations, the work involved to have so much fun, the rush of excitement from the festivities, and the ultimate crash after it’s over. I’m pooped. Super pooped. I need a coma. Alas, real life continues, and I’m counting on this bold orange to energize me enough to get through the day. Bold orange, a super stabby statement necklace, destroyed shorts and textured, woven sandals make a plain tee and shorts noteworthy. Tee similar here. Shorts are actually a pair of jeans I cut off, but similar herehere. Wedges similar here, here, and here. Sunglasses similar here. Necklace similar herehere.

This t-shirt dress is so easy to wear and I can change the look just based on accessories. Today it’s a little sportier and more casual because of the shiny silver sneakers. Sandals or wedges would dress it up a little more, but today is a busy day, and sneakers sound perfect. It will a long time to find sneakers with the right shape for me, and these are perfect. Bold stripes stand out, and the statement necklace and shiny silver sneakers are less dramatic, but still add laters of interest. Dress similar here, here, here. Necklace similar herehere. Silver sneakers similar herehere and here.

My go-to summer neutral shoe color is silver. Nude, blush, bashful, and tan are not good colors for me. A navy striped top takes on an edgier look with an upward chevron pattern. I paired it with bold pink shorts and some simple accessories for a busy day. Tee similar herehere and here. Shorts similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Sunglasses similar here. Necklace similar here. Bracelet similar here and here.

All dressed up for a hot date and…we’re not going. Our babysitter fell through. I guess we’ll try again next weekend, and I’ll wear it again. I spent the day playing in dirt, aka gardening, in triple digit heat, so I was ready for a nice dinner and a cold movie theater. Pajamas, take out and Netflix to the rescue. The bold pink shirt is the star of the show, but the crisp white shorts and substantial silver accessories showcase it even more. Portofino blouses here, similar color blouse hereherehere, herehere and hereShorts – they are more like juniors sizing and very stretchy. I’m wearing a size large. Wedges similar here, here, and here. Sunglasses similar here.

I know maxi dresses have been all the rage for a few years, but I can only wear very specific styles like this one. It’s straight all the way down. This one has side slits to allow for walking. I can’t handle the kind with lots of fabric billowing around my legs. The bold pink color makes this dress different. Simple silver accessories make it shine. Dress similar herehere, here and here, navy striped version here. Wedges similar here, here, and here. Sunglasses similar here.

Do you struggle with boring summer outfits? How do you spice them up? I love the warm weather, but I miss all the options for adding interest to your outfit in the cooler months. We are having triple digit heat, and you couldn’t pay me to layer. I’ve been trying to make my outfits interesting without suffocating. Today I have the lattice detail in my tee, destroyed jeans, bold earrings, a bracelet, and red sandals. Top similar here, herehere. Shorts are actually a pair of jeans I cut off, but similar herehere. Sandals similar herehere, here. Sunglasses similar here.

My wardrobe staple colors are black, white and blue. I wear some combination of those just about every day, and I sometimes add in a punch of color. Most often red or pink. Today I made my summer outfit interesting with a patterned tee, bold shorts with the zipper pockets, silver snake skin sandals, a geometric necklace and earrings. Tee similar herehere, and here. Shorts similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Necklace similar here. Sunglasses similar hereDo you ever feel blah in summer clothes? How do you add interest to your summer outfits? Share your ideas with us below!

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