What I Wore When We All Had Too Much Fun

NEW all had too much

Does anyone else need a break from all this fun? I sure do. The tattling has risen to new heights in our home. I’ve been taking walks three times a week to get some exercise and some time ALONE. I walk laps around our circle, and I can hear my kids at all times, they can see me 90% of the time, and they know where I am. Last week my son actually got on his bike and rode to the end of the circle to tell me his brother was mimicking him. Sigh. They are in sports all morning every morning, and two of them have additional soccer in the evenings. Surely they are burning off enough energy to not have to aggravate each other this much.

What do you have in your closet that technically is a fashion no no, but you make it modern? True confession: these are straight up old lady walking shorts. Pull on, comfy as yoga pants, no zipper or button, high-waisted, but they are the perfect length and color, and are so unbelievably comfortable I could perform for Cirque du Soleil in them. The trick is in how I style them so they don’t LOOK like I raided my grandma’s closet. I for SURE don’t wear them with anything tucked in so you don’t notice the lack of zipper, belt loops, and that they come past my belly button. I pair them with more modern and edgy elements like my jewelry. As if Bermuda shorts aren’t dowdy enough, I made it even harder. *I also have them in red.* P.S. old lady is a state of mind, not an age. I know girls in their 20s who dress for a retirement home, and women in their 70s who could rock the runway. I plan to be the latter. Don’t give in to a number. Tee (similar here, and on sale!). Shorts similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Necklace similar here. Bracelet similar herehere and here. Sunglasses herehere and these are only $12! Sandals similar here.

What is the most versatile item in your closet? I love gingham and all the ways it can be worn. It is typically super preppy, but today I wanted it to be edgier, so I paired it with destroyed denim, stabby jewelry and edgier accessories. You know, more Rizzo and less Sandy. Top similar herehere. Shorts are actually a pair of jeans I cut off, but similar herehere. Sandals similar hereherehere. Purse similar here and here

Which do you like better? The silver sandals or the brown? In the brown I feel like I look barefoot. In the silver my outfit feels finished. I feel that way about any shoe that is close to my skin color. Of course it is different for everyone. Chambray popover (so lightweight and fabulous). Shorts similar here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here.

It seems my Saturdays are always booked? I have a busy day of momming. Soccer camp, birthday party, hair appointment (that didn’t happen). The boys are going on an outing with dad to a professional soccer match, so I have to come up with something equally impressive for the girls. Tee similar here and here. Shorts here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here.

What do you wear on days you want to be left alone and retreat from the world, or you just don’t feel well? I wear black. All the black. This maxi dress is elegant, but as comfortable as a nightgown, and I love it. It is straight and doesn’t have any extra fabric swishing around my legs. It’s like wearing a comfort blanket…even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Dress similar herehereherehere and here.

What is your favorite pink? Mine is punch-you-in-the-face pink. It’s the boldest, most saturated pink out there. It isn’t sweet or precious. It can be edgy and dangerous, clear and crisp, very versatile. This pink means business. Here I’ve paired it with white and silver, so it’s more classic and regal, but next time I might pair it with a moto jacket and destroyed jeans. TeeShortsShort necklace. Long necklace similar here

Today has been such a busy one that I didn’t have a minute to take pictures until dinner time. The hectic schedule also means I didn’t want any accessories. The bold stripes are enough today, and I couldn’t stand the idea of putting one more thing on my body. Does that happen to you? Tee similar here. Shorts here. Sandals similar herehere and here.

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