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I’ve been battling adrenal fatigue for years. It literally sucks the life and soul out of you. I’m much better than I was even a year ago, but it’s a daily battle not to trigger a crash that can last months. What brings on a crash? Stress, highly negative emotional events, running myself too hard (which is what I’ve done my whole life), not getting enough sleep, and not taking time to recharge each day. This whole summer has been so busy with trips and constant running the kids to their sports and activities, and this week I felt so run down and tired. I needed a break, but we had yet another weekend trip planned, and I had to pack and prepare for that. I kept my outfits really simple to give myself the mental break.

Have you ever had your lashes tinted? I’m skipping eye makeup today because I have a lash tinting appointment later. With bold lips and brows, bare eyes work. It’s a very Parisienne look. Tee similar herehere and here. Shorts similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here.  Initial necklace similar here. Earrings similar herehere and here.
I needed something really easy and casual today because my schedule is so busy today. Do I look cranky and tired? I am. I love this bold pink raglan tee and shiny silver sneakers. Tee similar here. Cutoffs are actually a pair of jeans I cut off, but similar herehere. Sneakers (similar hereherehere and here).
When you feel overwhelmed by a task, do you fixate on non-essentials? I do. I have to pack our family of 8 for a weekend at the lake house. On top of that we are actually camping in front of the house as a little camping trial run with the kids. With such a large task ahead of me, naturally I’m suddenly overcome with the need to dye some shorts, clean out the storage room and shed, work in my garden, paint the main floor, you know, anything BUT pack for our trip. Today I’m wearing a new Lipsense color called She’s Apples, layered with kiss for a cause for a great tropical punch color. Tee similar here and here. Shorts here (and on clearance!!). Sandals similar herehere, and here. Necklace similar here.
We got back from a weekend at the lake house, and I am so tired. Having fun is exhausting. No reprieve, though, because the schedule for the day was packed, and it was go, go, go all day. I needed simplicity in my clothes at the very least. Black and white to the rescue. I added some interest with the moto detailing in my shorts, the croc embossed pattern in my high-shine silver sandals, subtle texture in my linen tee, and simple layered necklaces that feel and look light, but still complete the outfit. I took this picture about 5 minutes before I changed into pajamas for the night. TeeShorts and similar here (these are technically mens, but they run small, and I’m so tempted to try them in black, white and red. When I find something I like, I #buyallthecolors). Sandals. Necklaces similar herehereherehereherehere.

A tale of triumph: My whole morning went sideways. I got up at 6:15, did my core workout, got the kids fed and dressed for their sports, loaded everyone up at 7:30 to drop off 5 of them in 3 different places and…my car didn’t start. And my husband was gone. And the battery charger was dead bc my kids love to play with it and turn on the lights. My neighbor had one so I jumped the car, dropped the kids off late, and instead of going to do my workout, I went and got a new battery. And then it was time to pick some of my kids up. And then we had to stop at the store bc while we were out of town this weekend one of my kids left the fridge door open and all the food spoiled so we have no food and I had borrowed food from my friend yesterday that I needed to replace. And now I’m doing my workout before I have to pick up another kid. And then I’ll come home and get dressed before I pick up another kid, and then it will be time to feed them all lunch. I did all of that in my workout clothes, and I was so embarrassed everywhere we went. I wanted to hold up a sign that reads, “I’m wearing these clothes to actually work out, and I usually would never go anywhere but the gym dressed this way.” But I didn’t give up on my workout. I did it! That was my schedule until noon. After lunch I laid down for a 20-minute power nap and spent the rest of the hour reading for my quiet time. Then I had to clean because the camping trip threw up in my bedroom, and laundry needed to be done. I worked on this post, then I took one son to a soccer game, came home to make dinner, then took another son to a soccer game, came back and picked up boy #1, then rallied the kids to clean up dinner, then picked up boy #2, put the kids to bed, took a shower and chilled for the night. And that is how my life is most days. And that is why I have health struggles, including adrenal fatigue. A year ago I couldn’t have done this. I didn’t have the energy. I’ve come a long way, but I have to be mindful.

So, wait a second, there are only five days of outfits here…where are the other days? Well, I’m going to put out a post this week about what to pack for a weekend at the lake, and I don’t want to spoil it! So stay tuned!

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