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It’s been awfully quiet around here, right? It’s been a very intense couple of weeks, and I’ve been busy.

My sister-in-law and I could actually take over the world if we wanted. When we get together, our favorite thing to do is projects. BIG PROJECTS. Like marathon canning sessions, massive decluttering undertakings, and large landscaping projects. When she told me she and the kids were coming to stay, she asked me what I wanted to tackle this time.

“How would you feel if we painted the whole main floor of my house?” She loved the idea more than I did! I was secretly hoping she’d say no, because I’ve been so overwhelmed by the idea that I’ve put it off for five years. I should have known better. She is the Energizer Bunny. She is Pop Rocks and Coke. She is a bouncing ball of energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

In two days we did the kitchen, the family room, the foyer, the bedroom hallway, the soon-to-be exercise room, the back hallway and two bathrooms while caring for 10 kids ages 3-10, and no husbands.  When she left I had two stairways to tackle, and that took longer for me to do alone than it took us to do all the other stuff together. But it’s done!

All this means that when I had company, I gave them my full attention and gave my blog no attention. It also means that I’m combining two weeks of outfits into one post, because about half of those days I was in painting clothes, and that is not at all interesting. Cutoff shorts and Hanes t-shirts.

The stress of all the back-to-school prep, company in town, and painting with 10 little ones running around, and literally THROUGH, our paint pans, I abandoned color in my outfits. I retreated to black and white, because with all the excitement going on around us, I needed less motion and excitement in my outfits. It served me.

Do you like running around? Today is the day I’ve been dreading all week bc my schedule is so packed. I am a true homebody. I could stay home for two weeks and be perfectly content. Running here, there and everywhere is a soul-sucker for me. I know other people who crave the activity and have to get out of the house every day. I’m not one of them. Keeping my ourfit and makeup very simple today to make up for the crazy schedule. Top similar here, here. Shorts here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Necklace similar herehere and here.

80 degrees is my threshold for pants. I am so cold all the time, so I was thrilled for an excuse to wear jeans. It was a busy day with the kids, so this comfortable tee and jeans was perfect. Tee similar here, here, and here. Jeans here and on sale!! Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here.

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I finally got a much-needed haircut. It will look better when I do it myself, but until then, #itsthelittlethings. He likes to spike it and give me a fauxhawk, but it makes me look more like Liza Minelli and less like Ginnifer Goodwin. Blouse similar here. Shorts here and here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace is from the Kendra Scott color bar where you choose the style and stone colors. You can build your own here. Sunglasses herehere and these are only $12!

This is the day my black and white love affair started. Black and white is a classic, basic color combination that can be anything but boring. I love this top that is a cross between tribal and snake skin print. My sensible black heels have a reptile embossed pattern, and this classic black pencil skirt ties it all together. Top similar here, here and here. Pencil skirt similar herehere and here.  Shoes similar here. Necklace here.

More black and white simplicity today. This is the last week of summer sports, and I’m so excited! The kids have loved it though, and that is why I do it. Tee (similar here, and on sale!). Shorts here and here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace Kendra Scott (similar here). Sunglasses herehere and these are only $12!

What colors ground and soothe you when you are stressed? I’m taking the kids to buy school shoes today in between all their sport pick ups and drop offs. I still can’t bring myself to wear any color. I need the grounding power of my neutrals, which today are black, blue, and silver. Tee similar here and here. Jeans here and on sale!! Sneakers similar hereherehere and here. Necklace similar here. Sunglasses herehere and these are only $12!

I’m bone-weary tired. In the last two days I’ve painted 85% of the main floor of my house while we had a houseful of company, and this was after a jam-packed summer of travel, company, and lots of children’s sports and activity. So I went for what I need instead. I need soothing. I need sanctuary. I need basic. I need stillness and calm and grounding and peace. I need black, and it doesn’t matter that it’s 100 degrees outside or that it’s a day that calls for going all out after wearing painting clothes for 2 days. Here’s to getting what we need. Tee similar here. Shorts similar herehere and here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here.

School starts in a week and today is prep day of sorting through clothes, etc., to make sure we have everything we need. I also have to take 2 kids for shoes. It’s going to be a busy day, so I’m still in black and white. Top similar here.  Shorts similar herehere and here. Sandals similar herehere and here.

Stripes and triangles would probably be my favorite patterns/shapes in the world. Blouse similar here and here. Skirt similar here. Heels similar here and here.

No workouts the last several days because I’ve been painting my walls, and that is a major workout. I’m hoping to finish today, but I had a doctor appt this morning, so I got dressed in real clothes for that.  Also, the wind had a field day with my hair while I was trying ti take a picture, so let’s just ignore the mad scientist look. Now I’m off to change and paint two stairwells. I’m really scared of being on a ladder on the stairs, so wish me luck. Dress similar here, here and here. Sandals similar herehere and here.

Overall it was a productive two weeks, and I loved seeing my sister-in-law. I’ve missed her so much since they moved.

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