What I Wore After The Kids Went Back To School

NEW kids back to school

I love my children with all my heart, and would throw myself in front of an oncoming train to protect them, but I sank into my chair out of pure relief and sheer exhaustion on the first day of school. There is no break during summer break. Year-round sports means just as much driving and transporting during the summer as during the school year AND all six of them are home all day making monstrous messes while tormenting one another and complaining of boredom. And the noise! The constant noise! Summer is even busier than the school year, and this mama needs a break.

This week instead of running all the errands I had put off the whole summer, I did my very favorite thing: I stayed home. I enjoyed five days of staying home all day every day so I could enjoy some quiet, not driving all over the place, and getting caught up on my blog. 

What would you wear to an alternative rock concert? Yesterday my husband and I went to the Depeche Mode concert with some friends, and this is what I wore. I wish they had played way more of their old stuff, and less of the new stuff, and the rest of the crowd agreed. We are here to relive the old days! Melt away the years with your music time machine! I was deciding between shoes when I took the picture. I went with the sandals, which is really risky at a concert, but it was at an outdoor amphitheater, and less crowded. I wish I had worn sneakers because I’m so cold natured that my feet were freezing.  Chambray popover (so lightweight and fabulous) is on clearance, so snatch it up now! I bought a second one to cut off the sleeves and make a short-sleeved version. Jeans similar herehere, and nearly identical here. Black snake skin slip on sneakers. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace here. Belt similar here, herehere. Ear crawlers here. Leather cuff similar here.

The only good part of the day after attending a concert is getting to wear the t-shirt the next day. And hopefully taking a nap. Love my new Depeche Mode concert tee. Jeans here. Concert tee (I’m wearing a men’s size small) similar hereherehere, and here. Earrings similar here and here

Would you rather be under dressed or over dressed for an event? I have a networking thing to go to tonight with my husband. The invitation says it’s a fun and casual social, and we live in a chronically casual place, but I would die if I showed up and was dressed too casually. I figure I can’t go wrong with black ankle pants, a striped top and t-strap wedges. Business casual and classic. Pants here. Top similar here. Sandals similar here and here. Necklace rose gold version here, similar silver version here, smaller version here. Earrings here.

What did you wear to your high school reunion? We are off to my husband’s high school reunion. Dress code: casual, which is typical around here. There were people dressed DOWN that night. When we went to mine, it was more like a cross between a garden party and prom, but that’s typical of the South. Large groups of strangers, or let’s face it, people I know, make me uncomfortable. I got sushi afterward, and my husband had fun, so it was worth it. Top here (sleeveless version here in lots of colors). Jeans here (I distressed them myself). Wedges similar herehere, and here. Sunglasses similar here. Clutch similar hereherehere.

I just love love love pink and navy and snake skin. One thing I miss about my corporate job is dressing like this every day. I could wear stuff like this all the time and feel perfect. Unfortunately that isn’t ideal as a stay-at-home mom with six kids. Fortunately I get to dress up for church once a week, and sometimes I dress up this much for dates with my husband. Blouse similar hereherehere. Skirt similar here and here. Necklace similar here.  Heels similar here and here.

Who do you dress for? This is my fifth outfit this morning because as I’ve been compiling my what I wore posts and looking at my Instagram feed, I realized that I haven’t been wearing much color, and my feed isn’t as colorful or appealing as it SHOULD be. The temperatures have also soared into the mid 90s again, and I SHOULD wear shorts. The truth is, I’m craving black or black and white because I don’t feel well. Seasonal allergies + not sleeping well + adrenal crash from my painting escapade means I’d rather be in bed than in front of my computer. I’m also freezing. My thyroid has gone haywire again and I am currently wearing a fleece jacket and Uggs on top of the outfit you see, I’ve turned the AC off and have a floor heater on under my desk. As much pressure as I feel to dress for YOU, I can’t. I have to dress for me, and that is a very un-blogger thing to do. The point of my what I wore posts is to be real and show you what I really wear day to day, and right now it’s not color. Top similar herehereherehere, and here. Jeans here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here.

Since school started I’ve been staying home as much as possible to recover from the crazy summer, but this morning I finally had to do a few errands after taking the kids to school. My youngest starts preschool next week, and my day will be bisected, just like if she were in kindergarten. I’m enjoying these last few days of being home all day while her siblings are at school. Tee similar herehereherehere. Jeans hereShort necklace. Long necklace similar here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Earrings similar here.

What was your reaction to the first day of school?

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