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Since we moved here seven years ago, the fall weather has been extraordinarily warm really late into the season. We’ve worn short sleeves every Halloween since we got here, and I’ve had tomatoes into October every year. That’s. Not. Normal. My husband grew up here and normal was snow storms and heavy coats on Halloween, and tomatoes until mid September…maybe. Don’t get me wrong, this Southern Belle has L-O-V-E-D it, but I know it’s not natural in this area.

I’ve had a feeling that this year fall would come on time, and I stick to that. The temperatures are starting to dip again after a spike last week. The air feels different. The light looks different. My mums started blooming earlier this year than in previous years. Fall’s coming.

Even though I’m always cold, I’m looking forward to layers, boots, and jeans. I’m a jacket junkie. Outerwear is my weakness. I prefer jeans to shorts. They feel more put together or interesting or…something. I love the texture and interest it all adds. I mentioned this summer my wardrobe goal was to spice up my summer wardrobe, and I did a pretty good job, but it takes more effort than the other three seasons. All that to say, bring on the crisp weather!

I’m adding a new feature to the What I Wore descriptions. So many of you ask me about my lip colors that I’m including what I used each day. I only use Lipsense, and I love it because there are so many colors to choose from, the colors stay put all day, and the colors are layerable, so I can get a ton of customized colors. Love, love! Are there an other features you want to see on the blog? Let me know and I’ll do my best!

It’s going to be 95 degrees today, but since it’s after Labor Day, I feel 100% justified wearing jeans. #imalwayscold That last picture is me trying to get in the good lighting. For every decent picture I upload, there are a handful of pictures like that. #keepinitreal. Tee here. This color comes in a few styles. The half sleeve version, a looser version, off the shoulder, bell sleeve, plus sizes, and even a maxi dress. Check that out here. Jeans here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here and here. Ear crawlers here. Lipsense 2x Purple Reign, 2x Kiss for a Cause, Glossy gloss.

I was up for about an hour in the middle of the night with my youngest who had a bloody nose. Her room looks like a scene out of Stephen King’s “Carrie”. I didn’t get up early to walk. I’m so tired, and instead of my usual push-through-the-pain mentality, I gave myself a break. Top similar here, here, here. Jeans here (I distressed them myself). Sandals similar herehere and here. Ear crawlers here. Necklace here. Lipsense 2x Purple Reign, 2x Kiss for a Cause, opal gloss.

I love, love, love wearing dresses with jeans. I also thought I’d get more work done once my youngest started preschool in the mornings. So far that hasn’t been the case. #gotworktodo. Dress similar here, here. Jeans here (I distressed them myself). Necklace here and here. Earrings similar here and here. Sandals similar here and here. Lipsense 2x Kiss for a Cause, 2x She’s Apples, Glossy Gloss

I got to meet up with a friend for brunch this morning because she is in town for a business convention. It was so fun! I also have a hot date with my husband/double date with our friends tonight. A great day overall. Top similar here.  Jeans here. Necklace here. Earrings similar here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Bracelet similar here. Lipsense Blue-Red, Glossy Gloss.

Monday. Bleh. Anyone else? I’m still really dragging with this adrenal crash from my painting escapade last month. I keep trying to climb out of this energy hole, but it’s slow going. Top similar here. Jeans here. Sneakers Sneakers similar herehere. Necklace similar here. Lipsense 2x blue-red, 2x kiss for a cause, glossy gloss.

I swear when I take these pictures I’m smiling much more than it shows in the pictures. My next two weeks are booked solid with some conferences I’m attending, a field trip with my son, a class I’m taking, and normal life, so I’m in overdrive getting the blog content ready ahead of time. I’m keeping it simple and comfortable today and channeling that edgy get it done side. Lots to do! Tee similar here, here, here. Jeans here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here. Earrings similar here. Lipsense 2x blu-red, 2x purple reign, glossy gloss.

Several of you have asked about the crossbody purse I’ve been carrying all summer. I bought it because I traveled alone with the kids for two weeks, and I needed to be hands free. I loved it so much I’ve carried it all summer, and have no intention of stopping now. It’s the perfect size, the leather is really nice, I love the exterior pockets, and it’s very comfortable. I love that the straps are designed to be worn crossbody, so it lays perfectly. The strap length is adjustable to get the perfect fit. It is a dream when traveling or shopping because it never gets in my way. It was sold out, but it popped up on Sierra Trading Post, so this is your last chance to grab one! Find it here.

Is the air getting crisp where you live, or is it still sweltering? To all of you in Texas and Florida, my prayers are with you, and I hope you are safe and dry.

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