What I Wore When We Didn’t Go Out Of Town

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We traveled so much this summer that I need to stay home for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE travel, and I also love to stay in my house for days at a time. I’ve never understood cabin fever. Summer was so hectic with all the kid sports and trips that it’s a break when school starts. We cancelled some other trips this half of the year because I just. can’t. (although we have an awesome trip coming up in October that I am so excited for!!! Stay tuned for that!).

My husband suggested we go out of town for Labor Day weekend, and I nearly started crying right then and there. Do any of you reach a limit of travel? Since I wasn’t so excited about a trip, he planned a fun staycation instead. Sadly that went sideways. Between head colds and a stomach bug, all the kids were down for the count this weekend, and all his planning was wasted. He did help me get a few things done around the house though, and for me that is fun. Here’s what I wore when we didn’t go out of town.

What patterns do you like to mix? I wear a lot of solids, but stripes and snake skin may be my new favorite combination. Because the snake skin is tone on tone, it doesn’t feel too busy for me. Edgy classic is always my favorite style. Similar tee here, here and here. Snake skin jeans similar here and here. Sandals similar herehere and here.  Short necklace. Similar earrings here.

Last night this woman I’ve met three times asked me if black is my favorite color. I suppose it probably is. But look at me today! Not a stitch of black! I’m not exactly Rainbow Brite, but I rarely am. Next to black, blue is my favorite color/neutral. I love these croc embossed suede sneakers. Reptile prints are just about the only animal print I like. Blouse (similar herehere, and here). Jeans here. Sneakers similar here, here, here.

I’m also experimenting with my selfie skills to get better angles of my outfits. I like everything lined up and square, but this angle shows my hair more accurately. The other way makes me look like I have a cone head. Tee similar here. Jeans here. Sandals similar herehere and here. Necklace similar here. Similar earrings here.

My husband had planned some fun family activities this weekend since I didn’t want to go out of town. Unfortunately our youngest started throwing up, so I’ve been on lap duty all day, and am therefore quite wrinkled. Still, I LOOK like I’m on vacation right? Nothing like a little cheery resort wear at home. Sunday we woke up still sick, and I couldn’t move my neck. I stayed in bed icing and resting it most of the day, and by Monday we were all feeling better. At least no one was throwing up anymore, and that is always an improvement. Jeans here (I distressed them myself). Sandals similar here and here. Necklace similar here.

Everyone seems to be feeling better today. I know today is a holiday, but my to do list is miles long. The kids love it when we labor on Labor Day. I bought this tee in Paris, so no duplicating it, but similar here, here. Shorts here.  Sandals similar here and here.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase through my links I get a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thanks for supporting my blog!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase through my links I get a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

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