What I Wore When I Was A Barden Bella

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when i wore all my favorite pitch perfect outfits

Top 5 favorite movies in no particular order:

  1. Mean Girls

  2. When Harry Met Sally

  3. Pitch Perfect 1

  4. Pitch Perfect 2

  5. Legally Blonde

What do they all have in common? They are extremely funny and quotable. And I quote them all the time.

In my real life, on my blog, I would quote them in a box, I would quote them with a fox. I would quote them here or there, I would quote them everywhere. I can’t count how many times we (oh, yes. My husband loves Fat Amy as much as I do) have watched these movies.

When Pitch Perfect 3 came out, you know we got tickets to see the Farewell Tour (but is it really? I mean, I thought it was over after Pitch Perfect 2). So how was the movie? The music was great, but the dialogue and story weren’t as great as 1 and 2. I haven’t quoted it once. But I will definitely watch it again when it comes out on demand.

However. HOWEVER! THE CLOTHES! It’s like the wardrobe director came over to my house, raided my closet and put together some brand new insanely amazing Pitch Perfect outfits. The whole movie I was making mental notes of outfits. “oymygosh I have all of that. And that! AND THAT!!!! I can wear all of it!” I wanted to pull out my phone and start jotting down notes and taking pictures of the screen, but I’m a strict no-phones-on-in-the-theater kinda girl. That’s just rude and ruins the movie for everyone.

So instead I started a mental list repeating the outfits to myself over and over because wearing these outfits is the only way I’ll ever be a Barden Bella. First, the Bellas are not real. Ok, stop crying. I didn’t mean it!! The Barden Bellas are real! I was just kidding. They’re real. What I mean is, the real reason I’ll never be a Barden Bella is I can’t sing. Well I can, but you wouldn’t want to hear it.

I could fill this entire post with movie clips, but I will refrain.

Since I can’t BE a Barden Bella, at least I can dress like one. By the way, I’m definitely Beca Mitchell. Strong. Surly. Silent. Straight-faced. Stoic. Snarky. Sharp-tongued. Solitary. Sarcastic. SERIOUS. If you can make me laugh out loud, you’ve accomplished something big. My husband laughs through the movies at how alike we are. Don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me. Actually, do me a solid and just don’t even look at me. I’m not a warm fuzzy kind of girl.

So here we go. This is what I wore when I was an honorary Barden Bella. I mean, I honored myself. They haven’t discovered me. YET.

This tiny picture is the only movie still to show this outfit, so you’ll have to go see the movie and/or take my word for it. When the Barden Bellas get on the party bus/van toward the end of the movie, I think it was Ashley who wore this outfit. She is second from the left next to Chloe. All black with a cobalt blue moto jacket. I couldn’t wait to repeat it!

Jacket similar here. Sweater. Jeans. Boots similar here.

Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, came out with her own plus-size fashion line through Torrid, and she wore a lot of the pieces in the movie. When I saw this combo, my first thought was, “I’ll be wearing that tomorrow.”

Coat similar herehere. Sweater similar here. Jeans. Boots similar here.

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Pure burgundy is my unicorn color, as I talked about here. I’ve been hunting burgundy in general, and have specifically wanted a burgundy jacket, but I haven’t had any luck. I did find this perfect burgundy sweater this winter, so I reversed the combination and wore my pink coat with the burgundy sweater. I noticed there weren’t many accessories in these outfits. I added the pink necklace because it needed something.

Jacket. Sweater, pink similar here. Jeans. Boots similar here.

It’s like we’re twins, right? This outfit was meant to be. Destroyed jeans, a sweater, and a moto jacket? It’s my uniform. Beca Mitchell’s jacket has patches on it, and mine has zippers. I wore a chevron necklace to mirror the chevron patch on her jacket.

Moto jacket similar here. Sweater similar here. Jeans. Boots similar here. Necklace similar here.

And here I am in my Barden Bella Farewell Tour uniform. I combined Beca’s and Lily’s outfits to create my own.

Shirt similar here. Skirt similar here. Boots. Jacket similar here.

Beca is wearing a black button up with a jeweled collar buttoned all the way up underneath a burgundy sweater. I couldn’t remember what she had on her bottom half, but I chose black velvet jeans to finish the luxe outfit. I’ve been hunting down these movie stills for weeks, and I just found this one this morning, so now we see she wore jeans. Since I don’t have a jeweled collar, I chose a stabby jeweled necklace to mimic the effect.

Sweater. Shirt similar here. Jeans similar here. Boots similar here. Necklace similar here.

I love Cynthia because she is so tough and direct. She is wearing one of my other uniforms: a button up layered under a sweater. I went with navy cords instead of jeans and added a simple necklace.

Shirt similar here. Sweater similar here. Boots similar here.

Honestly, I could probably do another week of Pitch Perfect Outfits straight outta my closet. Maybe I will just for fun. Because, after all, I am an honorary Barden Bella.

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