What I Wore When We Had The Plague

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Me: “Georgia why are you using that toothbrush? It’s not yours.”

Georgia (4 years old): “All the toothbrushes I see are mine. I use them ALL.”

And that, folks, is why the whole family has been sick since October.

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. HIDE YOUR TOOTHBRUSHES! If you need me I’ll be out buying new toothbrushes for the whole family. I think we might need some daily disposable ones.

This winter has been brutal, hasn’t it? We haven’t had any really serious illness, but we’ve had the plague circulating through the family since October, and some of the kids keep getting it on repeat. My 4-year-old has had it the worst (and has been spreading it as generously as possible). She’ll get better for about a week and then she’s back to fever, congestion and coughing. She’s missed a lot of school.

I have miraculously avoided it until a couple of weeks ago. My little one was sick AGAIN. She had a fever for 6 days, was piled in my lap the whole time, and coughing right in my face. This time she succeeded in infecting me. I succumbed. (This WIW is a little out of order because I got behind while we were so sick). So this is what I wore when we had the plague.

And this is how I rock an edgy cardigan. Leather patches on the sleeves and zippers on the pockets. I had to paint all the hardware silver from bright gold. I also made the jeans into bootcut from skinny. I’ve missed these jeans. 2 more pair coming up! In case you missed it, I shared a tutorial of how to do this last week. This is outfit #1 from the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide with a cardigan instead of a trucker jacket.

Sweater similar here. Tee similar here. Jeans I altered these. Boots. Necklaces similar here.

The hardware on this sweater was brass, and I couldn’t stand it so I painted it silver this morning.

Sweater on major clearance. Jeans. Boots similar here. Necklaces similar here.

This is a variation of outfit #42 from the Stunning Style Winter Wardrobe Guide that I wore yesterday. This white and black striped turtleneck sweater is maybe my favorite in my whole closet, and I haven’t worn it bc it hasn’t been cold enough until now. I can’t wear this silver coat without a joke or 10 from my husband. He gives himself the giggles.

Coat, also here. Sweater. Jeans I altered these. Boots similar here. Sunglasses.

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Today is the day I woke up with a very sore throat, enormous tonsils and burning eyes. I spent most of the day in bed and wore yoga pants and one of my favorite sweatshirts.

Sweatshirt mine is sold out, but there are a lot of other colors and patterns here. Yoga pants.

I really don’t wear skinny jeans anymore…except with dresses. I don’t know how I will ever part with these black snake skin jeans. Wearing a knit dress and these jeans is a lot like pajamas, which is so needed today when I’m sick. My new desk finally arrived, and I did put my office together in the most minimal sense. I moved the basics. And now I’m going to bed until I need to pick up the kids at school.

Dress similar here. Jeans similar here. Boots. Necklace similar here.

Confession: I wore my slippers all day, even to drive kids around to their sports all afternoon. Some of my symptoms are better, but I still feel super drained. This cozy sweater, comfy jeans, and velvet slippers were just what the doctor ordered.

Sweater similar here. Jeans I altered these. Slippers.

I got a much-needed haircut today! I was in the in between stage where I could pass for one of The Beetles.

Coat, also here. Sweater similar here. Jeans. Boots similar here.

ScreenShot  at

And here is a winter manicure. I can’t believe I’ve never done solid black polish. I’ve done a lot of navy, but never black, and I love it!

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