What I Wore When I Was Craving Pink And Red – Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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“I love the color of your shirt!” exclaimed the woman I had just met. “Oh thank you! It’s my favorite pink. I call it punch-you-in-the-face pink.” She flinched back and said, “You’re not going to punch me are you?” Um, no. I think the color of my shirt is punchy enough.

My color cravings tend to be very seasonal, and I know I’m not alone. We associate certain colors with specific holidays and occasions. For me, red and pink come up every season. In December red = Christmas, and in February, red and pink = Valentine’s Day. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve been craving both, and I especially love to pair them.

Of course for me it’s not just any pink and red. The bolder the better. I don’t do anything halfway. Here’s what I wore when I was craving red and pink.

Over the years I’ve picked up…and put down houndstooth items. In theory I love it, but in reality I never could bring myself to buy it. But I LOVE this sweater. Love the houndstooth, the red and navy combo, the fact that the houndstooth is framed on all sides by a navy border, the fit, and the boatneck.

Sweater similar here.  JeansBoots.

Pink boosts my mood, and I love to pair it with black. This edgy black trench with the zipper pockets and leather sleeves and collar are so perfectly me. I also love the black patent loafers. I had a pair in college that I wore to death. I was so excited to find these.

Sweater similar here and here. Jeans. Loafers similar here. Trench similar here and here. Necklaces similar here.

Pairing pink and red together can be intimidating, but if you choose the right versions of pink and red for YOU, it’s wearable for anyone.

Sweater similar here. Shirt similar here. Jeans. Flats similar here. Necklace similar here.

In December I wore this navy and red plaid in a more wintry, Christmas-y way, and in February I’m styling it to channel Cupid.

Shirt similar here. Sweater. Jeans. Boots. Necklace nearly identical here.

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I have a love hate relationship with this sweater. I love the color, LOVE the texture and the comfort. The length isn’t flattering on me. But for a day at home with a borderline migraine, it’s perfect.

As a side note, I talk a lot about getting ready every day, and how I can get ready in 20 minutes or less. Today was the perfect example. I felt awful. My head was just pounding, and I was in bed that afternoon trying to get some relief. Suddenly my bedroom door burst open and my son comes in screaming because he slipped on the wood floors and busted his chin open. It was deep and wide and definitely needed stitches. So all I had to do was put my shoes back on and load him in the car and go. I can’t tell you how many times over the course of the years I’ve had an unexpected schedule change on a day I thought I would be home all day and see no one. Then something happens, one of the kids gets hurt of sick and needs to go to the doctor right away. An unexpected visitor shows up at the door. The school calls and I need to come immediately. A friend is in town and calls for a last minute playdate or lunch. I’m always ready, and I don’t deal with embarrassment or the temptation to hide.

You don’t have to be fancy. A simple sweater and jeans is what I’m wearing here. I didn’t even want to fool with jewelry. Do the minimum of brows and lips and brush your hair. Done in 5 minutes, and it’s so worth it.

Sweater similar hereJeans. Boots similar here, here.

Head to toe Express. I have more of these Portofino shirts than is normal or healthy. Every time I say I’m done, I buy another one. And theirs are the only jeans I wear. They stretch without stretching out, lift and separate my bum cheeks (no mooshy mommy bottom), and they shave 10 pounds off. I love that store!

Shirt I’m loving this one, this one, and this one for Valentine’s Day (in the slim fit I wear a small, and the original fit I wear XS).  Jeans. Flats similar here.

Pink and red is such a great combo. I got so many compliments on this ensemble and coordinating makeup look today. I shared a video tutorial for the makeup look last week.

Sweater similar here and here. Skirt similar here. Boots similar here. Necklaces.

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