A Quick and Easy Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial for Every Day

 If you have cool skin tones, are a true winter, clear winter, deep winter, or look best in bold, pure hues, this eye makeup look is perfect for you! It is perfect with any lip color, and any season. This quick and easy look is achievable in 5 minutes or less, and has a simple makeup palette that you will use over and over again. It's a neutral look for beginners that goes with any outfit and any lip color. In this makeup video tutorial I show you step-by-step exactly how to create this look. Come check it out!

One of the things I had planned to do for you as part of the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Winter Edition is create a makeup look to go with it and give you a complete look. The best part about this look is that it’s not only a quick and easy 5-minute look, but it’s completely neutral. It goes with every outfit and every lip color. I really decided to hone my eye makeup skills a few months ago, so lately I’ve been experimenting a lot, but until then, I had 1 go to look for YEARS. I didn’t want to change my makeup with my outfits. I didn’t want to have to come up with something new…ever. My everyday look for years and years…and YEARS was brown eyeshadow with brown eyeliner because that is supposed to be the best for blue eyes.

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A few years ago I rediscovered that with my cool skin tones I actually look terrible in brown makeup. My mom had told me that since I started wearing makeup at 12 years old, but when brown makeup became the golden standard for everyone, I believed the hype. Once I came full circle and let go of brown, I felt lost. I had no idea what to use instead of brown, so I did nothing. I used mascara, sometimes eyeliner, but that was it. I searched YouTube for ideas, and it was all brown. I finally decided to tackle it myself and come up with my own looks. If I had to choose one eye makeup look for every day, every outfit, all year, it would be this. This look would be my everyday go-to look. I can do it lighter for summer, and a little heavier for evening. It works for everything.

I shared this last week in the Stunning Style Society, an exclusive Facebook group for those who purchase the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide, and today I’m sharing it with you. I hope you love it! If you try this look, tag me on Instagram @stunningstyleag and use the hashtag #stunningstyleag, or share it on my Facebook page.

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White eyeshadow

Edgy eyeshadow: Edgy here. I actually found a much better quality dupe called ROCKSTAR here (with free shipping). It goes on much more easily, with basically two swipes instead of 20, and has better staying power. Be careful, it’s very pigmented (which means it will last a lot longer), so I just tap my brush on it once and apply.

Matte black eyeshadow

White eyeliner

Black upper eyeliner

Black waterline pencil

Eyelash primer


Concealer (Mine is the one for pink undertones)


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