My Las Vegas Shopping Haul

 I went on a fun girlfriend shopping trip in Las Vegas, and I got some great things! Come see my shopping haul. I am dying over the last one. I also answered your questions about how I shop, what my strategy is, and what factors I take into account before handing over my money.  

Last weekend I went on my annual girlfriend shopping trip in Las Vegas with my best friend. We always come home with great finds, and when you asked for a shopping haul video, I put this one together.

I asked my friends in the Stunning Style Society (an exclusive Facebook group for those who buy the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide) what they wanted to know, and the list was long. The video was long. I broke it into two parts to make it more manageable to watch. The first video goes through the wardrobe basics I bought, and the second video shows my splurges. Below are some of the questions I got:

What is your strategy for why you bought the new pieces and outfits you had in mind. Did you have a “want” or “need” list?

I do have a list of items I’m looking for to fill holes in my wardrobe. I keep it on my phone and review it before any shopping excursion. A lot of the outfits I have in mind come from my Pinterest boards or the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

What factors do you take into account before buying an item?

  1. It has to fit my style. No more buying things that I admire on others, but don’t suit me (see my closet cleanout videos for more on that).
  2. It has to be the right colors for my coloring (I’m a winter in the seasonal color analysis, and a Dressing Your Truth Type 4).
  3. It has to flatter my body type (I’m a pear, and you can see more about how that affects my clothing choices here).
  4. It has to go with my wardrobe and be able to mix and match. I don’t buy stand-alone items that can only fit into one outfit (unless it’s a special occasion item).
  5. It has to be a 10, or have the possibility of being a 10 with a little tweak. I don’t mind taking something to the tailor, painting hardware (usually), etc. If the most important things are right, and I love it, I will make small changes to take it the full distance. Think of it as good bones on a house. If the unfixable things (usually color and structure) are right, can the little things be fixed? And are you willing to do it? Really? If it’s something I really need/want, I do occasionally buy an inexpensive in between item until I find the one I really want.
  6. It has to fit my budget. I am not willing to go into debt over clothes. There have been times I’ve saved up for an expensive item. I’ve been saving my money for this shopping trip because I wanted to be able to buy the awesome finds I came across (and I did!), and do it guilt-free.

I’d love to hear if you went with a strategy.

I had my list of items I wanted, and as we shopped, I was specifically looking for those items, asking sales associates for them, etc. My shopping was very purposeful, and more productive because of it. I found several things on my list for the coming spring and summer seasons. Some of them have been on my list for 2+ years, and some are more recent. I did find some replacement items for not-quite-right things I had. I didn’t find some of the things I really wanted, but I did learn more about what I do and don’t want relating to those items. Because I looked at so many that didn’t work, I was able to narrow down exactly what qualities I’m looking for as I continue my search.

How do you mix and match when you get home?

Mixing and matching is something I love, but not everyone does. Some people are outfit shoppers. This would have to be its own post to really explain how I do it. Because all of the items in my closet coordinate, because I have a curated, cohesive style, it’s easy to mix and match. Everything I own goes together. If you don’t want to take the time to mix and match, the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide already does the work for you. It has 100 outfit combinations made from 34 classic pieces. The Guide even has all of the shopping links for any items you might not have.

How do you avoid things that are “almost perfect”.

Well it helps to take your friend, and it helps when she is honest with you (which mine is). When we are ready to head to the register, we go through our items together and ask each other questions about why we are buying it. Do you love it? Do you love it because it’s on sale? (But it’s such a good deal!!!!) Would you pay full price for it? What will you wear it with? If I’m alone I have that conversation with myself (usually silently to avoid the stares).

How do you avoid replicating and perhaps overbuying. (Perhaps I don’t need that jacket since I have a denim jacket in a very similar color)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone home with a nearly identical item. This mostly happens when I’m shopping out of season and haven’t seen those clothes in several months. This time I went through my spring and summer clothes to get an idea of what I have and what I’m missing. When that happens, I usually end up returning it, or purging the old item if it has a major character flaw that is making me avoid it. I also re-evaluate why I forgot I had it in the first place. Maybe it’s something I like on someone else, but it doesn’t suit me.


Michael Kors moccasins – sold out online. Available in store at TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Blue sandals

Pink sandals (also comes in silver, red, and turquoise)

Tory Burch Thora Thong Sandal – Sold out

Silver pumps – sold out. Similar here

Kendra Scott Bexley earrings – sold out. Similar here.

Tory Burch hexagon logo earrings

J. Crew white popover

Navy and white striped Ralph Lauren tee – similar here. Same shirt only available in Ralph Lauren Factory stores

Pink tee (watermelon color)

Blue dress

Tory Burch silver wallet

Navy Leather Jacket

Burberry jacket – sold out online

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7 thoughts on “My Las Vegas Shopping Haul”

  1. So awesome, April! You said you wear jackets like cardigans 3/4 of the year. If it’s really cold in winter, do you put a winter coat over the jacket when you go out or are you warm enough in the jacket? I usually wear cardigans or sweaters in winter because I can easily throw on a coat, but I’d love to wear jackets more often.

  2. Brooke I’m glad you liked it. In the winter, if I’m going in and out of places, these jackets are enough when layered with my normal winter clothes. If I’m going to be outside longer, I wear a proper winter coat. I do wear cardigans sometimes, but I usually prefer jackets. I also love sweaters, and wear them under my jackets.

  3. April that jacket is Sooo You and Sooo Beautiful!! I just love Elie Tahari : )
    And thank you for explaining about the navy-neutral-block-bad-suit problem, I think that makes so much sense and has been my issue. I really need a Spring & Fall weight jacket, especially now when I’m sick of down and wool coats – so I’m continuing my quest for the perfect jacket, but just not in plain navy : )

  4. Thank you Karen! I just love it! We all have our issues, right? I’m sure lots of people wouldn’t be bothered by it, but it bugs me on me. I also have a navy jacket that I love! I prefer to wear it with other things, though. I’m a work in progress as I figure out the little details of what I do and don’t love. I’m glad it’s helpful to you.

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