Four Ways to Wear It: The Sheath Dress

If you struggle with how to style a sheath dress in more than one way, I have four ideas for you!

 A sheath dress doesn't have to be black to be classic and versatile. I styled a blue sheath dress four ways to show how I would wear it for four different special events I have coming up this month: a baptism, Easter, wedding anniversary, and my birthday (plus tickets to see Hamilton!!). I've got you covered, no matter what the weather is: winter, spring, summer or fall. You will love how beautiful and chic it can be. I also share 10 more ways to style if from more casual to office appropriate. Number 5 is my favorite! Come see all the ways you can fashion a sheath dress!

There are two kinds of shoppers in this world

“How many things can you wear this with? What would you pair it with?” More = more better.

When I’m shopping, these are questions I ask myself. I am a mix and match shopper. I don’t buy anything that I can only wear with one thing.

I have lots of reasons for it.

  • I love variety.
  • I love that my style is very cohesive, and if something doesn’t go with the rest of my wardrobe, that’s a red flag it’s not right for me.
  • I like the economics of getting my money’s worth through multiple wears.
  • I value versatility in everything.
  • I enjoy the creative aspect of mixing and matching.
  • I like that my wardrobe isn’t enormous and I can make so many combinations from a smaller set of clothes.

Apparently, there are a lot of women out there who don’t do this! That was a complete revelation to me. They are outfit shoppers. They buy complete outfits and pretty much wear those items together exclusively. I was blown away when I heard this. It had never once occurred to me to do this.

There is no right or wrong to either one. It’s like saying liking one type of pizza over another is wrong. There is no wrong pizza (except if it has pineapple or BBQ sauce on it. That’s wrong). It’s just different. I’m one way, some women are another.

Since mixing and matching is something I enjoy doing, my friend Laura suggested/requested I start a series where I take the same item and show you how to style it different ways. That’s essentially what I do in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides; I collect the pieces and create 100 outfit combinations for you so you have complete outfits, or inspiration to mix and match, or both.

If you don’t want to mix and match yourself, or if you are an outfit shopper, you will love my Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides! 34 classic pieces. 100 outfits. Plus all the shopping links to anything you don’t already have. It can be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe or a foundation to a larger wardrobe. Get the spring guide today!

How to style a sheath dress Four Ways

In the next month I happen to have four special occasions that call for a dress, so I decided to show you how to style the blue/purple sheath dress I got on my Vegas shopping trip. This month we have Easter, then my daughter’s baptism, then my birthday (and Hamilton tickets!!!!!!!!! ON MY BIRTHDAY. I’m a little excited), then our anniversary. I have four opportunities to wear this gorgeous dress, and four different ways to style it.

The Baptism

My daughter’s favorite color is purple, which is one reason I chose this dress. It’s blurple. On special occasions like birthdays, I like to wear my kids’ favorite color as a little nod to them, and I often combine it with my favorite color, which is turquoise. My kids really love that I do this. It’s a little way I show them we are united, and that I’m thinking of them. It’s a small thing, but it means a lot to them.

I chose my turquoise heels and necklace to pair with this dress for a church-appropriate, but elegant option to wear on her special day. The dress itself is incredibly comfortable, as it’s a stretchy crepe material, so I won’t be distracted from the important things by an uncomfortable, constricting dress.

Blue dress. Shoes similar herehere, hereClutch. Necklace similar here (choose the Louise necklace with the turquoise magnesite and rhodium metal).


Easter is the perfect opportunity to pair two bold colors and not worry about being over the top. If you’re not sure what colors to wear, think Easter egg colors: blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow. I choose the bold version of those colors to stick to my favorite, most flattering winter color palette, and still feel like I’m part of the season. Since it’s a spring holiday, you never know what the weather will be. At least where I live, it could be sunny and 70, or it could be snowing on Easter. It’s a surprise. I’ve got this gorgeous pink coat to keep me warm if I need it, but I’ll still look festive.

I do have a secret to confess. This color pink is the hardest color to purchase online because it almost always photographs like a pure hue. It looks like a hue in these pictures, doesn’t it? It’s ever so slightly a shade, and when I received it, I was so disappointed. If you look at the lining, it’s a pure hue, and you can see that the coat itself is a little shaded. But I love it. And I don’t. I wear it occasionally because I want a pink coat so badly, and I want this one to be right, but I don’t wear it as often as I would if it were the right color. I’m still on the prowl for the perfect one, but I don’t know if I can part with this one if I don’t have a replacement.

Blue dress. Shoes similar hereherehereherehere, here. Pink coat similar here. Clutch. Necklace.

My birthday and Hamilton tickets!!!!!

My husband and I LOVE the theater. We have been dying to see Hamilton, and we were able to get tickets ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Talk about a great birthday present! Going to the theater is also the perfect excuse to dress up. He loves it when I dress up, too, so we are both really happy for occasions like this. For this look I pulled out my crystal chandelier earrings and bracelets to go with the high shine silver shoes and clutch. High shine silver is my favorite neutral when I don’t want black.

Blue dressClutch. Bracelets similar here, here. Shoes similar here, here, here. Earrings similar here, here.

Our Anniversary

It’s a big one this year. We’ve been married for 15 years, and a lot has happened in that time, including triplets + 3 singletons in 6 years. We’ve grown and learned together, and it’s been one wild ride. I’m so grateful for how supportive my husband is, and that he truly loves and accepts ME. The real me. He encourages me to be who I am, and that means more to me than I could ever say.

For this look I went edgy and bold, because that is who I am. If you missed the Vegas haul videos, I gushed (that is an understatement) over this jacket I bought and how amazing it is. I love that it’s elegant enough to wear with this dress and edgy enough to tell my story. I kept the accessories simple with navy snake skin heels, simple silver earrings, and a silver clutch. The cut of the jacket, the snake skin, the wider ankle straps on the shoes, the pointy toes, and the chevron pattern in the purse all lend edgy details to my look without overdoing it. I’m not riding in on a Harley or ditching fourth period to smoke. I’m taking over the board room. It’s edgy and elegant.

Blue dressClutch. Earrings similar here. Jacket here. Shoes similar here.

More Ways to Style a Sheath Dress

There are definitely more ways to style a sheath dress to keep it working in your wardrobe.

  • Pair it with a bold-colored cardigan and flats for a comfortable but elegant look.
  • If you love blazers, a black or navy one keeps the look understated, and a bold-colored blazer is more of a statement.
  • If it’s chilly on my daughter’s baptism day, I have a turquoise wrap/pashmina I will grab to keep me warmer.
  • In cooler months throw a sweater on top and treat it like a skirt.
  • I also like putting a crisp white button up shirt underneath the dress, buttoned all the way up.
  • Throw a blazer on top of the pairing above for a really unique way to feminize a mens wear look.
  • To dress it down, try a denim jacket and sandals or wedges.
  • Belt it with either a skinny belt or a more substantial belt if you want to highlight your waist.
  • Wear the cardigan and put a belt on top to make the cardigan look more tailored.
  • If you are really ready to make a statement, buy a fantastic fascinator or Kentucky derby-style hat and sit in the front pew!

If you don’t want to mix and match yourself, or if you are an outfit shopper, you will love my Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides! 34 classic pieces. 100 outfits. Plus all the shopping links to anything you don’t already have. It can be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe or a foundation to a larger wardrobe. Get the spring guide today!

So what kind of shopper are you? Are you a mix and matcher, or an outfit shopper?

Which combo was your favorite? Which one will you try?

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14 thoughts on “Four Ways to Wear It: The Sheath Dress”

  1. The dress is stunning, but I’m really here to comment about Hamilton…’s phenomenal!!! We just saw it in Portland on Sunday and I was blown away by the quality. I was a BIG fan prior to seeing it, but seeing the staging and the choreography and the interaction between the characters…just WOW. The cast nailed it. Enjoy every second.

  2. Thanks Jill! I saw that on your Instagram and was going to ask you about it! I’m so excited! I’ve heard so many good things about it. Our kids are begging to go, but we were lucky to get 2 tickets. Forget 8.

  3. I love the pink coat! You look so classy wearing it too! I suppose that maybe over time my eye will more easily be able to spot the difference between pure hues, tints, tones, and shades – I can’t always tell. All I know is that the coat appears to connect and harmonize really well. I love it!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I’ve learned that some people can see hues, tones, shades and tints very easily. I’m not one of those people. I’ve trained my eye quite a bit, but there are colors I still struggle with, like purple, green, and even yellow. Sometimes even when I can’t see it, my gut reaction to something is no. It takes time.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m assuming the fit is true to size? Would you recommend for a body that is smaller in the chest compared to the thighs?

  4. These are lovely pairings. I’d love to see it with the shirt underneath. Thank you for sharing this. I think I’ll be looking for cobalt blue this spring. I bought your book and enjoying it. For the first time, I ordered something pink, but the color was off when I received it: it looked like melon. I’ll have to lean more towards the fuschia.

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