What I Wore When I Rewore My Favorites

“Oh look, you’re wearing that same outfit on your Instagram last week.” A new acquaintance had pulled up my social media account after learning what I do for a living. And there I was wearing the exact same outfit 5 days later. Busted. I could feel my cheeks heating up and turning crimson.

I felt a flood of excuses surging up. “Well I was actually wearing something different today, but one of my girls wiped her chapstick all over my sweater just as I was leaving to come to this, so I quickly changed into this outfit because it was so fresh in my mind from last week, and I felt really comfortable and confident in it, and I always feel so uncomfortable in these meet-new-people situations that it made me feel better to wear something I knew I’d feel great in rather than come up with a whole new outfit that I may end up questioning the whole way over here because I haven’t taken it out for a test drive and then I would be doubly uncomfortable here, and that’s why I’m wearing the same outfit twice in 5 days.”

There seems to be this idea that as a style blogger I’m not allowed to repeat outfits, but folks, I do. I have my favorites, the ones that I just love, the ones that make me feel super comfortable or super confident, and I’m not going to NOT wear them just because the whole interweb will know. This whole concept of excess equaling affluence is very much an American idea. Where did it come from? Most other countries in the world don’t operate this way.

Let’s take many of the European countries. They are some of the world’s best dressed people. They value quality over quantity, they buy the best they can afford, their wardrobes are cohesive, they have a defined style, and they wear their items over and over (which is why they need good quality items). It’s basically a capsule wardrobe, but they don’t call it that. They don’t call it anything. It’s just their clothes. It isn’t a craze or a trend, it just IS. And it always WAS.

In the United States we act like we invented the concept of a capsule wardrobe, but it’s how wardrobes have been since Adam and Eve got their first fig leaves. Because once human kind abandoned leaves, clothing became highly laborious to make, and therefore expensive. Mass production and cheap labor have made cheap, disposable clothing and large wardrobes a possibility, but at a high price to everyone.

My mother grew up in an affluent family, and every season she got 5 blouses, 5 skirts, a pair of shoes, and new socks, even though they could afford much more. She still dresses this way. She has a core wardrobe of pieces that she wears over and over again. It suits her life and her style. She’s not a minimalist, she’s just doing what she has always done, what most of the world has always done.

My closet is full of a lot of basics, and I have a few uniforms that I wear over and over. There are only so many possible variations on these without getting crazy. This week I decided to pull 7 of my favorite outfits and wear them all in the same week. It was like Christmas! I got to play with all my favorite toys! It also made my week so easy. No creativity required. All I had to do was put on an old favorite.

If you hate coming up with new outfit combinations, The Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide is your solution to looking effortlessly put together and stunning. It is a collection of 34 classic pieces and all the shopping links, along with 100 outfit combinations. All you have to do is pick one and get dressed! It can be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe or a foundation to a larger wardrobe. You never have to go to a store!

I’m not judging you if you enjoy having a large wardrobe. I have more than 34 pieces in my spring wardrobe. I’m saying that if you feel the pressure to have more than you want, to wear something different every day, let’s just let that go. Wear what you like. Wear your favorites over and over. They are your favorites for a reason. If that means you repeat outfits every 7 days, do it.

Do you have favorites that you wear over and over again? Do you worry that someone will notice? Do you try not to repeat outfits because of social pressure or because you enjoy the variety?

Here is what I wore when I rewore some of my favorites.

Jacket similar hereSweaterJeans. Boots similar here.

Navy and white stripes with my favorite dark wash jeans? Pretty much my favorite uniform. I threw on this jacket when I was running the kids around.

Tee here, similar herehereJeans. Jacket similar here. Necklace similar here.

Are you noticing a comfort theme? A striped tee, a leather sleeved cardi, destroyed jeans and booties? Perfectly easy. This was a day I had a lot to get done. I also painted the zippers and buttons on this cardigan from bright gold to silver. I shared a video tutorial how to do that here.

Sweater similar here. Tee similar here. Jeans I altered theseBoots. Necklaces similar here.

A button up, sweater, jeans and flats is another uniform of mine. I wear it all fall, winter and spring. Add stripes and a punch of color, and we are in business. This necklace is the mate to the earrings I showed you in the Vegas shopping haul video. I won’t wear them together, but I like each of them separately.

I actually did an unboxing for the necklace in the Stunning Style Society Facebook Group when it arrived in the mail. They got an in depth explanation of what I bought, why I like it, and sale discount codes that were only good that day. The Stunning Style Society is exclusive to those who purchase the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guides. They get extra perks like that, so buy your guide today and join the fun!

Sweater similar hereJeans. Shoes similar here. Necklace (on clearance so snatch it up!). Jeans (I made them bootcut).

This sweater is interesting enough on its own that no layering is required. I painted the zipper on the shoulder from a dull brass to shiny silver.

I am so in love with these flats, and I love how they mirror the stripes on the sweater. They are the final splurge purchase from my Vegas shopping haul. I saw them while we were there, went back to see them again, and ordered them when I got home. I will wear these for YEARS, and they will be worth every penny. I did an unboxing video in the Stunning Style Society Facebook page (and accidentally on my personal page. I. DIED. When I realized it 2 HOURS LATER) to give them (and everyone else I know on Facebook. #facepalm) an up close and personal peak at the shoes right when I got them.

Sweater similar hereJeans. Flats. Earring similar here.

A classic black button up shirt and a bold pencil skirt? I love. I used to dress like this for my job before kids, and I loved it. I often wore a combo like this as my work uniform. I think I also finally nailed my icy pink nude lip. I don’t look like one of Captain Kirk’s go-go dancing M-class planet hotties, and I don’t look like my permanent residence is the morgue. It’s perfect for a bold eye look like I did here. It only took me 2 years to find the right one, but it was worth it.

Shirt. Skirt similar petite and plus. Earrings similar here. Trench similar here.

If you hate coming up with new outfit combinations, The Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide is your solution to looking effortlessly put together and stunning. It is a collection of 34 classic pieces and all the shopping links, along with 100 outfit combinations. All you have to do is pick one and get dressed! It can be a stand-alone capsule wardrobe or a foundation to a larger wardrobe. You never have to go to a store!

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9 thoughts on “What I Wore When I Rewore My Favorites”

  1. Rachel thank you! I’m wearing 3 layers of Lipsense Fleur de Lisa, and a smear of Pink Opal Shimmer Shadowsense in the middle of my bottom lip. I topped it with the glossy gloss.

  2. I love all your outfits, April. I LOVE the skirt and blouse, and I don’t even wear skirts! (In scrubs all the time, ugh). I know what you mean about people not expecting you to wear the same thing twice. I think it’s utterly ridiculous and not sustainable. When I have to dress for a family function on my husband’s side, he’s Indian, I have to find and spend $$$$ for these outfits, and I usually hate them uncomfortable and unflattering for a short matronly figure. No refashioning the LBD or other coordinates for these events, unfortunately. And no, wearing the same thing is usually frowned upon. I count my blessings when these events are few and far between. At any rate, I welcome your posts; it’s a bright spot in my day.

  3. It doesn’t matter if one wears the same thing everyday; there is always a way to make it unique at each wearing.

    Did you ever follow the woman who wore the same dress outfit( black dress) for 365 days a year and she changed the accessories( which were sent in by her followers) and made a totally unique outfit with the dress? I think it’s what you do with your clothes that shows style. It’s not the amount of things you have or if you wear them regularly.

    So I appreciate whatever you’re showing. I pick up new things: like lipstick shades, different shoes and much more.

    Here is a link if you’d like to read about the lady and the black dress:
    When you get to the link, click on each day of the month in the upper left corner. You can follow what she did to that dress for a whole year. Of course, other items of clothing in different colors could achieve the same flexibility. That’s where real creativity comes in.

    Let me know what you think…

  4. Rebecca thank you and thank you! I’m glad I get to be part of your day!

    I can imagine how hard it is to find those beautiful saris, but I would love a reason to wear one just once! They are incredible. I didn’t realize you had to find a new one for each occasion. No swapping with each other?

  5. Sandy, that is so true, little tweaks here and there change your basics up.

    I have never heard of her, but that sounds fascinating! Thanks for the link, I’ll check her out!

    Thank you for reading my blog. And for your thoughtful comment. I’m so glad I can share some inspiration with you.

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