What I Wore When I Loved Jackets

Hello, my name is April, and I’m a jacket junkie. If you’ve been hanging out around here at all, you know I love outerwear. I have A LOT of coats and jackets, and I love to change up my outfits with them. A coat doesn’t have to be one hundred percent utilitarian. Sometimes outerwear is truly for warmth and protection from the elements, but I make sure they are still part of my outfit and make a statement. Sometimes jackets are layering pieces that I treat like a cardigan. The lack of jackets and coats is the only reason I dislike summer wardrobes. One of my favorite categories is missing!

Three seasons a year I love pulling out my various coats and jackets to make different statements. I love to buy classics with a unique twist when possible. I always make sure they have a fairly tailored fit so my figure doesn’t get lost in there. Since I love to keep them for years, I also avoid really trendy details like a cropped fit, oversized, embroidered, ripped, boyfriend or weird sleeve lengths and washes. Bonus if it’s also very stretchy and comfortable.

Each of these outfits could have been basic and boring without this outer layer, but one extra piece makes the outfit come together.

Are you a jacket junkie too? What is your go-to outerwear in the spring? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.

This is another bonus outfit from the Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide. A classic denim jacket is fresh and springy when it’s white. It really lightens and brightens the whole outfit. If you love jean jackets, but aren’t a fan of the denim on denim trend, a white jacket is the perfect pairing for your blue jeans.

Jeans. Similar wedges. Similar earrings. Links to similar tee and jacket available in the Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

This was a day I didn’t want a lot of color or detail in my outfit. I kept the column of navy interesting by wearing the shiny navy metallic foil t-shirt. I paired it with a turquoise blue quilted jacket with brushed nickel hardware, and woven silver wedges and statement earrings. Even though my outfit is a monochromatic blue, adding the different layers, sheens, and textures keeps it interesting. If you want to see more on this topic, I wrote a post with 8 tips to be perfectly chic dressed in all black here. The same rules apply to navy.

Jeans. Similar tee here. Similar wedges. Jacket similar here. Similar earrings.

This is another bonus outfit from the Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide, but I substituted a denim jacket for the navy anorak. If I had an ideal spring outfit, this would be it. A classic navy and white striped dress, a classic dark wash denim jacket, and silver wedge sandals. Add a bold colored necklace, and the combo just sings. I rolled my cuffs up once to make it a little lighter without being too cold for my arms. I could wear this everyday for just about anything. Errands, out and about with the kids, a casual dinner, a lunch date with a friend, a bridal shower, or brunch. I’ve had this jacket for probably 13 years. It’s the perfect classic dark wash color, and it’s so comfortable and stretchy. I love it.

Necklace here (choose the Louise necklace with the magenta magnesite and rhodium metal). Similar wedges. Links to similar dress and jacket in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

This jacket makes my heart beat fast. I recently purchased it during my Vegas shopping trip. A navy leather jacket was at the top of my list of things to find, and after searching for months hadn’t found anything worth the spend…until this beauty jumped into my arms. The metallic sheen is so special and unique, but the but and style are still so classic. It elevated this simple t-shirt, jeans and flats to a whole new level.

Similar tee.  Jeans (I made them bootcut). Similar shoes. Jacket. Earrings similar here.

I love how this fresh green jacket brings to live a simple navy and white striped outfit. Throw in a bold blue purse and it’s a great everyday look.

I want to also point out that I was experimenting with a new makeup look this day, and the colors ended up going warm instead of cool. Compare my face to the other pictures on this page. Do you see I look muddy and sallow? If you never saw me any other way you may not notice, but compared to the other makeup looks on this page, you can see the huge difference when I stick to my cool color palette. You can find my makeup tutorials here.

Jeans. Necklace. Links to similar tee, jacket, purse and flats in the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide.

My daughter was baptized last Saturday, and as I mentioned in this post, I wore the blurple sheath dress with my turquoise accessories on her special day. She was so excited and happy. It was super rainy, but a beautiful day for our family. She is a treasure, and we are so glad she is ours.

Blue dress (choose cobalt blue). Shoes similar hereherehereClutch. Necklace similar here (choose the Louise necklace with the turquoise magnesite and rhodium metal).

Because we were out of town on Easter, I wore my Easter ensemble a week later. I finally found the perfect pink heels, and I couldn’t be more in love. They are so elegant, classic yet a little different, patent, and the perfect sexy-yet-sensible height. Be prepared to see these a lot. So yes, I wore this dress two days in a row, but it was styled so differently, that it felt new to me.

Blue dress (choose cobalt blue). Shoes here. Pink coat similar hereNecklace.

This is the manicure you’ve seen me sporting this week. I love it.

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12 thoughts on “What I Wore When I Loved Jackets”

  1. You’re an inspiration and I’m so glad I found your blog. Only thing I don’t love is the distressed jeans, but if you do, you do. Would be difficult to pick a favorite, because all the outfits are so RIGHT. Keep the posts coming. Your daughter is beautiful.

  2. Your looks are always classy, classical and interesting. Congratulations on your daughter’s Baptism. Her dress is gorgeous and she looks like an angel.

  3. Thank you Diane! The baptism was beautiful. She looks like an angel, but she is a firecracker! A happy, loving, affectionate, spunky firecracker. She keeps me on my toes for sure.

  4. I too love outerwear! I have more jackets than any other item in my wardrobe 🙂 We live on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest, semi-arid area. Spring can be lovely one day and windy, cold and feeling like snow the next, so I alternate between my winter jackets – either my Patagonia or North face, or on the nicer days, my go to is my black leather jacket 🙂 I am looking for a wind/rain trench style jacket to help with these transitional seasons 🙂

  5. I like these outfits. I like jackets too. Once I had a white jean jacket and it kept turning slightly creamy yellow. I wasn’t sure how to keep it bright white. I was thinking bleach might change its color. How do you keep your jacket so bright?

    1. Thanks Sandy. For me there are a few keys. One is I wash it alone. Two is I use bleach only when necessary because it can cause clothes to yellow. Three is to wash only when absolutely necessary. Most white clothes are DYED white, and bleach, hot water, and excessive washing remove the dye. To combat the creaminess you could try bluing.

  6. KJ outerwear is such a great way to mix things up. I just love it. Finding the perfect one for transitional seasons can be hard. I’m from the South, so I get the humid, rainy, windy spring. I miss all the trees and flowers that go with it!

  7. I have to admit, red
    face and all, that I only owned 2 jackets until now, and they were nothing with a positive memory. Now I have several, and I’m loving it. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I love these additions to my wardrobe.

  8. Judith for years I also had 2 jackets. I’m from the South, and there isn’t a whole lot of need for outerwear very much of the year. Now that we live somewhere with 4 extreme seasons, outerwear is a big part of my wardrobe. I even find myself wanting jackets on summer evenings here.

    I’m so glad you are enjoying jackets too, but they aren’t for everyone. My mom and sister would rather get hypothermia than wear a coat. So would my son. So dont feel bad about not having more.

  9. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been feeling guilty about owning so many jackets/coats, but this makes me feel a lot better. I also love to switch them out depending on what I’m wearing.
    I recently found a purple North Face jacket similar to your blue quilted one and had to wrestle with my conscience before deciding to buy it. But I’m glad I did. I love it and have gotten so many compliments! Thanks for reminding us that feeling good in your outerwear is important too. 🙂

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