What I Wore When Winter Overstayed Its Welcome

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That’s what you’ve heard around here lately. I’ve been really sick. I spent most of the last couple of weeks in bed, going back and forth to the doctor, having tests run, and binge watching Gilmore Girls. I had never watched so much as an episode. I can honestly say…I don’t get the hype. Seriously. Don’t hate me.

So that means I haven’t been wearing many outfits, and when I did get dressed, I didn’t have the energy to take pictures. I went straight back to bed. I did capture a few outfits on my better days, and the rest I had to recreate in an extended photo sesh. I still don’t feel great, but I feel less bad than I did, so I’m pulling together posts when I can. Thanks for sticking with me.

I’m sure the winter weather in the month of April didn’t help my overall health. Winter lasted WAY TOO LONG this year. We had such a mild winter that this wasn’t unexpected. We didn’t get so much as a flurry until February, so snow in April was bound to happen. I was bundling up, but I wanted to at least feel like it was spring.

My number one priority during this time was ease and comfort, and that is what I got. I’m keeping this short so I can get it out before I run out of steam.

Has it finally thawed at your house?

Navy and pink is a great combo to transition from winter to spring. This t-shirt was comfortable and easy to wear with a pair of dark wash jeans and silver flats.

Similar teeJeans. Jacket

Adding a white denim jacket is the perfect way to lighten up a transitional outfit and still stay warm.

Tee similar here. JeansJacket. Flats. Necklace here (choose the Louise necklace with the magenta magnesite and rhodium metal). Similar earrings.

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It was my son’s birthday, and his favorite color is orange. I always wear my kids’ favorite color on their birthdays or special occasions, and I usually combine it with my favorite color, blue. To keep from looking like Halloween is just around the corner, I paired it with navy, cobalt and silver.

Sweater similar here. Jeans. Jacket. Flats. Necklace similar here. Links to similar purse in the  Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

Stripes are pure comfort to me. I love the leather trim on the neckline and the sleeve stripe. I added a bolder blue purse to this navy and white combo to lighten it up a bit. My littlest wanted in the picture with me. Since I’m looking so pale, I thought she added a nice burst of color.

Tee similar here. Jeans. Jacket. Similar wedges. Links to similar purse in the  Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

My birthday also fell in here, and my husband took me to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, and then to HAMILTON!!!! On my birthday!!!! I was so excited! This is the third time I’ve worn this dress in the last two weeks. Check out how I styled this dress four different ways here.

Blue dressClutch. Earrings similar here. Jacket here. Shoes similar here.

I love gingham. I love blue. I love turquoise. I love button ups. I love this shirt.

Shirt similar here. Jeans. Links to similar earrings and shoes available in the Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

I wear this denim shirt all the time. It’s one of my favorites. I carried this navy corduroy skirt and boots from winter to spring. Bare legs and rolled sleeves keep it lighter.

Skirt similar here. Boots similar here and here. Links to similar shirt and earrings provided in the Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

This shirt is more subtle, but it’s so comfortable, and well fitted. It’s perfect for one of those days I need ease and comfort.

Shirt similar here. Jeans. Links to similar purse, shoes and earrings in the  Stunning Style Spring Wardrobe Guide.

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