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If you saw the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide Q&A, you know that two of the key points is to shop your own closet for what you already own, and personalize each outfit to match your style. We are in the midst of the Classic Style Closet Series, and on Monday I shared how to dress Edgy Classic. So this week I’m sharing how I made the Summer Wardrobe Guide my own by shopping my own closet, and how I personalized it to match my personal version of classic.

The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide is a seasonal curated capsule collection that includes shopping links and 100 outfits. It’s perfect for a capsule wardrobe or as a wardrobe refresh.

As I encourage you to do, I shopped my own closet for most of the items here, so my version will automatically look different than yours. To help you see the edgy classic in action, I’ll point out the edgy details in my outfits. My hair is my number one edgy accessory because it’s piecey, angular, textured and pointy, and that makes a big difference in my look. If I had soft flowing curls, a light bouncy ponytail, or a sleek precision cut, it would give my outfit a different vibe.

I hope you enjoy the video and the dissection. Keep a look out for the Easter egg in this video. A special guest decided to jump in and join the fun.

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So I didn’t even include an all black outfit in the summer guide because I figured that doesn’t require much imagination, and that’s not what you want help with. But for me, even in the summer, I love all black, and sometimes I just NEED it. I bookended with silver accessories, and brought in a punch of color with the purse. The edgy details are the stabby jewelry: the hammered metal texture and the leather fringe on the earrings, and the tiny triangles on the shortest necklace. The textured weave of the sandals, the criss crossed straps, and wearing so much black, especially in the summer, are also edgy. If you aren’t sure how to look fantastic instead of frumpy in all black, check out this post.

This is also a bonus outfit that didn’t make it in the guide. Blue is my favorite color, and for me it’s a neutral. Paired with white and silver it makes a crisp summer combo. This is my version of the blue and white patterned top in the summer guide. I’ve had it for a couple of years, and when I shopped my closet, I found my perfect edgy classic version.

The edgy details are the diamond shapes in my earrings, which are repeated in the pattern of my shirt, the stabby necklace, the zipper details on my shorts pockets, and the textured weave of the sandals, the criss crossed straps and the jute trim. It doesn’t show in these photos, but the purse also has a quilted pattern, textured leather, and a chain strap. A closeup of the purse is shown in the next outfit.

We went from 90 degrees to 63 degrees overnight, so it was the perfect chance to pull out my ankle pants instead of the black shorts. I also shopped my closet for this striped black, white, and turquoise shirt instead of the one in the guide. I confess that creamy color in the shirt drives me batty (why can’t it be white?), but I love the blue stripe too much to let it go. I also decided to repeat the blue in my sandals. This outfit is more classic than edgy, but the edgy details are my diamond shaped earrings, the textured jute in the wedge of the sandal, and the quilted pattern, textured leather, and chain strap of my purse.

The edgy details are the exposed zipper on my tee, stabby jewelry, purse details, and sandal details.

The edgy details are the stabby jewelry (I mean look at those shards of glass for earrings!), the purse, and the texture of my bag.

With 6 kids in tow, I feel like I either needs hands-free crossbody purses or totes to carry all of our stuff around. Today was a tote day. I already had this fabulous striped tote, so I didn’t need the striped bag from the guide. I also subbed in a black tee and sandals instead of navy because it’s a little edgier, and to go with the tote. The edgy details are the triangle pendant necklace, the hammered meal and leather fringe on my earrings, and even the bolder stripe and larger size of the bag lend to the edginess. Do you notice the triangle shape on my sandals? Also a hint of edgy.

To make this edgier I added my usual stabby jewelry,  including a wide, textured, pebbled cuff bracelet. I also love these earrings. They remind me of dinosaur teeth. And I like it. I know, I’m weird.

How are you making the Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide your own? What details do you add in to make the outfits your own?

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