Unpack With Me: 6 Week Travel Capsule Wardrobe in a Carry-On Bag

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How To Pack A Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Inside My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Due to an unfortunate water leak, we had to have the hardwood floors in the entire main floor redone. We had to move out of our house, furniture and all for over a month while they did them, so we decided to take the family to Costa Rica for a month, then come back and stay with my parents for the remaining two weeks.

The process went faster than anticipated, and we were able to come into the house the day after we landed. We’ve been reassembling the house, cleaning, putting the kitchen cabinets and counters back together, cleaning, moving furniture, cleaning, and cleaning. There is sawdust EVERYWHERE.

So while we have been home for the last 6 days, I’ve been living out of my suitcase because I can’t get to my clothes.

I have a strict rule of packing in a carry-on only, and have done previous unpacking videos to show you what I took and what I would have done differently. The longest I’ve ever packed for in a carry-on was 3 weeks in 2 climates with no washer and dryer.

For this trip I had 5 different parts of the trip: airplane and travel, beach, yoga, adventure, and putting our home back together/normal life/prepping for back-to-school. We had access to a washer and dryer which made it so much easier.

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For the Airplane

1 Pair jeans
1 Sweater

For the Beach

Swimsuits and coverups
1 Flip flop
1 Silver sandal
1 Sun hat
4 Dresses for dinner, going to the grocery store, etc.
2 Rompers/coverups

April from Stunning Style wearing items from her travel capsule wardrobe.
April from Stunning Style wearing items from her travel capsule wardrobe.

For Adventure

1 Adventure pants
1 Adventure top
1 Water shoe
1 Water sandal
1 Hiking shoe (wore horse-back riding and ziplining)
1 Adventure hat
3 Pairs no-show socks
2 Bandanas
1 Rain jacket

April from Stunning Style wearing items from her travel capsule wardrobe.
April from Stunning Style wearing items from her travel capsule wardrobe.

For Yoga

3 Yoga pants
3 Sports bras
3 Yoga tops


For the Transition Home

3 Tops (including 1 adventure-wear top)
3 Shorts
1 Brown sandals
1 Pair earrings
1 Necklace

For All Parts of the Trip

2 Pajamas
1 Cardigan/robe
1 Coated canvas tote

What I Would Do Differently

I would have left the yoga tops home. I just wore the sports bras. I didn’t wear the water sandals, but I should have for walking down the beach to restaurants and the sailing club. The water ruined my flip flops. I should have left my hairdryer and flat iron at my parents’ house.

What I Didn’t Take

My engagement ring, sapphire pendant, and bracelet. I never, ever take expensive jewelry when we travel. I have a plain wedding band. Anything I truly value. Would I be upset about if it were ruined, lost, stolen, or broken? Then I don’t take it.

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