Myth Busting: Should You Ever Wear Yoga Pants?

Myth busting   do you wear yoga pants

So When can i wear my loungewear and yoga pants?

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a huge advocate of getting up and ready every day. Real clothes, make up, etc. As I talk about this so much, I get asked all the time, “Do you ever wear yoga pants or lounge wear?” In this fourth video in my myth busting series, I discuss how I incorporate lounge wear and yoga pants into my life. It does have an important place!

In prior weeks, I’ve busted the myths that getting ready takes too long, you can wear real clothes even if you worried they will be ruined by your lifestyle (kids, work, housework, and pets!), and that getting dressed has to be uncomfortable.  I get ready in just 20 minutes every morning because I don’t have more time than that.

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