What I’m Using To Regrow My Hair After Hair Loss

Regrow hair after hair loss

With tears streaming down my face and heart pounding, I stared at the handful of hair that had come loose as I rinsed the shampoo out. “I can’t do this again,” I cried. “Please.” As though my body would hear and heed my pleading.

That was the first handful, and they continued to come. By the time I saw my stylist 3 weeks later, half my hair was gone. Again.

My Hair  years ago

I’ve never had mermaid hair, thick, glorious locks to be envied, but I had enough. I liked my hair. Looking back now, I love my hair back then. 

The first time my hair fell out was almost 10 years ago after I gave birth to my fifth child in three years (add a set of triplets and the math works). I was shocked and sad, but just as everyone said, it did come back in the normal-ish postpartum hair loss recovery timeframe.

Then it fell out again nearly seven years ago after my sixth baby was born, but I lose even more, and after patiently waiting and waiting and waiting…it didn’t come back. I struggled for years trying to figure out what caused it, and after improving my health it finally grew in…slowly.

My hair still wasn’t as thick as it was before, so when my hair started coming out by the handful last summer, I was devastated. Since I never had uber luscious locks to begin with, I didn’t have any extra hair to spare. 

I was also growing out a pixie cut, so it was already awkward with all the various lengths. The worst hair loss was at my hairline and my crown, all the most visible places. The front top sections fell out and left a big missing section right by my face.

Hair loss pictures

Knowing what was coming made it even worse. This wouldn’t resolve quickly, and it would get worse (and fast!) before it got better. For better or worse, I knew how to disguise it the best I could, and I employed all my best strategies: creatively parting my hair, using colored sprays to fill in the widening gap of my part, taking all of my outfit pictures from the side with my bangs, growing out my bangs, and buying every volume boosting product on the market. 

Every Sunday I made sure to sit on the back row at church so no one was looking at the back of my head for an hour. Keeping my back to the wall became a full-time job.

For the first time in my life, I got extensions to ease the pain while the layers of my pixie were growing out. I couldn’t do awkward pixie-grow-out hair AND hair loss at the same time. Three weeks ago I had the extensions removed because my hair lengths have all caught up and are even. My bangs are halfway there.

Having gone through this before, I couldn’t do it again. I could not go years like this. After obsessively researching my options, I remembered I had heard great things about the HairMax device and decided to try it. 

I didn’t take actual before pictures because I had no intention of showing anyone all the scalp shots, but I’ve had good results, and I know so many of you struggle with the same thing, so I decided to share.

HairMax Before and After

After 6 months, I have a lot of hair growing back in. Hair regrowth is hard because it comes in phases and stages. Not all of your hair is growing at the same time, and it takes a long time to see results. 

Having done this repeatedly, losing and recovering my hair, I can tell you that I’ve never had my hair start growing back in this soon or this fast. I’ve been going to my stylist for 6 years, when my hair loss was at its worst, and he can tell you the same. I go in every month for a color, and he gets grilled every time. “Where is it growing? Where are the baby hairs? Is it getting thicker?” And he patiently shows me.

Hair fuzzies scaled

The Details


  • Super easy to use and fast
  • Lightweight and comfortable

What does it do?

  • Average increase is 129 additional new hair per square inch after six months
  • Delivers theapeutic light energy directly to your hair follicles with 82 medical-grade lasers to treat hair loss and promote hair growth
  •  Stimulates hair growth, reverses thinning, energizes hair follicles, revitalizes damaged hair, and hair grows in denser, fuller and healthier

How to use it:

  • After I wash my hair, I apply the Acceler8 Hair Booster to my scalp. Then I slide it on like a headband and let it sit at the front for 30 seconds, then it buzzes and I slide it back. I actually do my whole head since I lost hair everywhere. But for most people it’s 3 sections of the head, 90 seconds total, 3 days a week.

Who is this for?

FDA cleared for men and women in early to moderate stages of hair loss

HairMax is the only non-drug treatment for post-menopausal hair loss offering full scalp coverage. 

Where to get it and exclusive discount code:

I reached out to HairMax and they gave me a discount code for you. They also sent me the shampoo, conditioner, Pro Scalp Treatment, more Accelerate hair booster and their rapid dry towel.

10% HairMax discount code: INFAPRIL10 (The discount is good only until May 8,2020.)

HairMax LaserBand 82 – amazingly, the LaserBand devices come with a 24 week money back guarantee (less 20% restocking fee)

HairMax accessories:

HairMax Stimul8 Shampoo:

HairMax Exhilir8 Conditioner

HairMax Density Acceler8 Hair Booster (to grow faster) 

HairMax Density RSN8 Pro Scalp Treatment

HairMax Rapid Dry Towel

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